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some new edition to my collection :P.....hisoundaudio studio 3rd anv. edition and vsonic gr07 mk2.... epic combo :D

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You'll really love the GR07 MK2. I think they're great.

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Yes they are great smily_headphones1.gif
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Has anyone managed to procure a replacement cable of any sort that will work with the VC02 at a reasonable price? Remember reading about something alone those lines earlier in the thread. The stock cable has way, way too much memory for me. There are already numerous kinks along the wire that are tripping off both my pseudo-OCD and concerns about the long-term reliability of the VC02s. I may either attempt to ask for (or buy) a replacement stock cable as a spare or get a cheap solution like the UE stock CIEM cables, if they work.


Still enjoying them, though the sexy new wood-metal Astrotecs have turned my head and make me slightly regret paying full price for the VC02s when their discounted price is only slightly more.

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I've read somewhere that TF10 stock cables would work. I believe the pins are the same size as the VC02 cable. Haven't tried it yet though.

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I wanted to try the am800 as well I think I might in two or three week:)
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20 new products comming out from vsonic after feb.18 :0.... I'm going to stay poor is an earbud called the uu02.
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where is a link to all the vsonic news?

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Buy the way , did you check out the earbuds and did you order them?
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

fx40 is a v-shaped signiture and not as cohernt as the vc02 , i have most of the iem on the discovery thread. the vc02 is awesome. it is much higher quality sound compared to jvc, the vsonic house sound is much of better the jvc as i know because i have alot of iem xD.

How would you compare it to the ATH-CKN50 ds and others are trying to sell me on?

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I don't have the ckn50 but waiting for the ckn70 in blue which will be nice to have but I'm mostly a vsonic fan boy and love all there offering they have. biggrin.gif. Tell me what sound signiture you want so I can try to guide you in the right direction. I use to be in the discovery thread until I learned what I like about my peference which all the vsonic offer for an outstanding price.and more greatness are going to be released by them in feburary. Like the ultimate gr07 edition with a special driver they call the m110 , which I found out is electroless nickel coated driver and it is going to surrpass the sony ex1000s liquid crystal polymer drivers :0.
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My VC02s have finally reached 100hours... 

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Mine one is at 303hrs and sound much more transparent then on the 150hr mark. Just my .02¢
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Just tried the VC02s out of the DACPort LX. Whilst it is in fact a line-out DAC, Centrance has gone on record (albeit on Headfonia) with comments about the LX being able to drive headphones due to the presence of the same headphone amp as the normal DACPort without the volume pot and a higher output impedance yet still working well. Attenuation in the digital domain compresses dynamic range, but not to any alarming or audible measure in 24-bit. In short, VC02 + 2nd hand LX = budget nirvana. Especially since the VC02s has a linear impedance characteristic, which makes high output impedance a non-issue regarding its FR. Back to listening to those sweet and transparent mids.

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