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High-End Headphones for Everything Movies/Games/Music

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I am absolutely new here on forum and also new to "high quality headphones" .


I am looking few days for some High-End headphones for my PC usually for Music(Nearly everything from Taylor Swift to Marilyn Manson except Hip-Hop)/Movies/Games (in this order) and I have absolutely no idea which one should I buy, there is so many of them.


My maximum budget is around 200$ maybe more.


I'have got offer on used AKG K 701 for 150$ which after reading some reviews appears to me as quite decent headphones but I also found out that I should use amp. and probably some high-end sound card if I am right.


Could some of u audio "Pros" help me out little bit pls ? With question like : Are AKG K701 fine for me or should I buy something completly different ? 


Any advice/opinion would be great. Thanks in advance.


ps: My past experience was with low-end crap like iPhone In-Ear headphones etc. and last few months I was using CM Strom Sirus 5.1 which are much better than 10$ in-ear headphones but for sure it's not perfect, basses are terrible imo and so on.

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take a look at the new SoundMAGIC HP200, or the older HP100 (still fairly new)


both would work great for your needs

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Oh, and also forgot to mention I have offer on used Sennheiser HD650 - 220$ if those would be better.

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I think both would be great choices, I think the sennheiser is more amp dependant. Also it is slightly warmer and laid back.
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Originally Posted by Flisker View Post

Oh, and also forgot to mention I have offer on used Sennheiser HD650 - 220$ if those would be better.

That's a ridiculously good deal...

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I don't have any amp. now. Main question I am thinking about is ... Will those headphones like HD650 HP200 or ATH-50M provide really much better sound for me from PC without amp etc. ? Or should I just buy something like ATH-T500 for 55$ ? I mean how big is the difference, is it worth investing 4+ times more money ? 


Can't spend something like 500$ or more for cans, sound card and amp right now.


I feel so lost confused_face_2.gif


ps: thx for all your time randomkid, really apreciate it.

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I was watching movies the other day with the k701s and found them really enjoyable. I was thinking about how comfy they were for the length of a movie. They totally need an amp though. Many a member gets them amped with some old vintage amp laying around. They do need juice to get to their zone.


They can be lean on base too, where many a headphone is going to surpass them in low end rumble. The 701s can bring many a lower power amp to their knees, with the resulting pffft sound where you are suppose to here bass. 



The HD 650s are really going to need an amp too. 


As you read the threads there are many stories which tell of long relationships with both headphones. They are both going to have great soundstage for movies and games. The k701s are maybe not total rock headphones but they do vocals, jazz and classical well. The prices you quoted are great and you would be able to sell them again if you didn't like them after buying an amp of course. That's just how it is. Headphones like these really need amps to reach a fraction of their potential offered.

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The HP200 is not picky with amps at least
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How much does cost decent amp. ?
Could anyone of u guys link me one please ?
Do I need both - external sound card for my pc and amp or just amp ?
Main question - Is there really big difference between something like ATH-T500 and HD650 HP200 or ATH-50M considering all of them without amp. ?

Thanks for responses.
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I used the nuforce icon hdp for the akg k 701 and the hd650. It worked as a combo and I enjoyed them.

Costs 449 dollars on amazon. Maybe you can find them at a retailstore in your country.

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Jesus 449$ for just an amp , that's a lot for me as complete audio newbie frown.gif

Also I forgot to mention I was thinking about Sennheiser HD555 too, can have these used for 75-85$

I would be willing to go up to 250$ for whole audio thing right know, just can't figure out which way is the right one. (anyway 450$ for amp is out of my league right now)
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O2 + ODAC is $300 from JDS Labs.
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A Fiio E11 will suffice for the HP200, also M50 are not good for your need.
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You could stick with a FiiO E7 for the AKG's then get a better one later onbiggrin.gif

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I guess I will start slow. Because investing all money to just headphones and leaving myself non for amp and soundcard isn't probably good idea.

What do you guys think about Fiio E11 with ATH-T500 ? It would cost me something like 100-110$ only (I enjoy trading and found good deals on these)

Would it be decent starting set ? Will Fiio E11 help T500 or is T500 too "low-end"/mainstream" ? I mean does buying these two makes sense ?
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