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Hi GermanGuy, it's such a great day indeed then.

Awaiting for the good news from the store.


Congratz to you and any others (woodcans and bmichels, I believe) who are going to get your units soon.


bmichels, yup... I agree with Ian, there's no cure... biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Ah well done!

You have some wonderful tubes to start out with!

And yes, its a disease and as long as you own a tube amp there is no cure.. I know 46 in and counting!

I really recommend pairing the Mullard 3S4 with the Siemens 1T4. I forgot what a sweet and open sound this combo makes (I am counting my Phillips as Mullards as they were made in the Mullard factory!)


I just saw a post on Facebook and Shikada san announced he in preparation to ship now #20 & #22 so if you know your serial number and it is one of those two your nearly there! I wonder what happened to #21.. Perhaps its a local sale!


AH AH AH ...  I'm happy :  I am the N°22 !


About tubes, thanks to Ian's recommendations, now I have already 2 "approved" configuration:


          - Config N° 1 : Bought From Robert:  Sylvania 3S4 + Tungsram 1T4T

          - Config N° 2 : Bought from Ebay: Mullard 3S4 + Siemens 1T4 ( alternative to Lorentz)


Is it correct ?  do they each have specific sound signature ?  Which one is the most "quiet" ? 


And... what can I do with the  Siemens 3S4  that I got also ?  what will be it's best counterpart ? 

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and what a great day ( part iii) - the galvanic kits were sent today will get the parcel latest on friday!

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Originally Posted by bmichels View Post


AH AH AH ...  I'm happy :  I am the N°22 !




Were is music to deliver one of his curses?!?!






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Gentlemen, this is so wonderful! Those of us who have the amp will have more people to play with!! biggrin.gif
GG, I am really interested in the hidden stock your seller may have, I am really looking forward to hearing what he has as am I looking forward to seeing your experiments with the pins "Heath!"
Bmichels those variations are just my preferences.

What I am really looking forward to is what your preferences in tubes and combinations of them are. For me, the way you have listed them are the way I like them.

As to the quietest, well, it is short of a crap shoot as remember, they are all NOS so there may be variances as they may come from different batches and so forth.

What I will say is you will most certainly hear a ting ting sound if you tap the case or turn the volume knob, this is not microphonics! It is simply the sound of the very fine elements, I have heard it in every tube I have listened to and even in very expensive amps like Audio Note and Nagra it is quite normal from what I can gather.

Having said that some do it to lesser or greater extents but it usually quiet's down after burn in considerably. For me a quiet tube is one that does not make the sound like tissue paper being scrunched! And that is where the crap shoot comes in!

I have two sets of Mullards out of the four 1 scrunches but again, it does tend to lessen with use but I have found it to be intrusive to the music in quiet passages. It can effect any make as well.

Having said that I have yet to hear a German of French tube make that noise and in my experience those are the most silent tubes I own.

So, scrunching sound not so great but it can burn off with use, tinging sound not a problem as it is only present if you tap the amp or turn the volume, actually, some of the airiest sounding tubes I have ting!

Hope that helps and I am so looking forward to hearing the new owners thoughts, well done all of you!

And lastly, thank you GG for all your sterling efforts on tracing tubes, inventing doohikies to clean pins and all the research you have done on information on tubes.
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whenever i read this wonderfull thread i have an additional tab open on my tablet browser with dict.cc to translate new english words like heath! - häh - what does he mean - heat? - health? - typing error - ???- what??? - ah! heath!! - i understand ......


may be i am just lazy or not interested in sport activities (remembering what churchill said) but i have a small electrically driven screwdriver i will make an adapter for the wood disk so the heath will be cleaned with the lawnmower, not with the scissor.

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Ah, my bad. I am now calling you "Heath" after Mr Robinson! biggrin.gif
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now i understand :-) - 6:0 6:0 6:0 - game, set and match for ianmedium !!!!!

Edited by GermanGuy - 7/3/13 at 1:21pm
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OK, now your speaking in tongues biggrin.gif

I am assume it is some sort of sport.. I know nothing, nada, zip about sport except cycling which I used to do when younger or Motorcycle racing which I also did when younger!
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tennis ?!

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

and what a great day ( part iii) - the galvanic kits were sent today will get the parcel latest on friday!

What "galvanic kits" ?  Did I miss something ?

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Ah, Tennis, no wonder I did not know!
The galvanic kit GG is getting is a way to gold plate the pins!!!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

spent some minutes to think about what to do with the tube pins after cleaning them.


there is a nice tool:




you can use it to apply a layer of 24 karat gold on the pins. it uses a liquid and two batteries, it's an electrochemical (galvanic) process identical to an industrial process, the result would be a gold pin tube!


due to my limited english language skills i was only able to post a german source (sorry for that) but should be no problem to find something similar after knowing the idea. 

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My army of 3s4's, awaiting their vessel. Supposedly Brimar's, but not marked. If anyone has any insight, I'm all ears.




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Well, if this isn't timely. I just go word from Shikada san that I am 021. Shipping soon! (I assume that means today or tomorrow). I suspect I will be able to listen to it end of next week or early the week after. To be honest I am really looking forward to finding out how the kaede sounds powered by this beauty.

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