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Seoul, South Korea Head-Fi meetup?

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I'm going to be staying in Seoul for a week in October, would love to meet any local head-fiers. It looks like the previous Seoul meetup possibility fizzle out; maybe it's time for another try?

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I'm up for it!

Not sure how many head-fiers there are out here though.

... at least, ones who speak English and read through head-fi.;^^

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There have been a few active head-fiers from Korea in the past, but I don't know how many are still participating.


Here's what little I know so far: I'll be available the week of Oct 22, I'm staying south of the river and mostly doing the tourist thing: Yongsan market, museums, etc.. Any excuse to wander around the greater city will be a good one.


If the meetup is only going to be a couple people, that's OK but it might be worth meeting at a table at a cafe or other quiet space, unless there's an audio shop that wouldn't mind. I'll have a portable system with me but I'm not sure what I'm bringing yet.

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Alls quiet on the forum front, it seems.


I'll be at work (8-5) most days, but if you want to listen to something in my list, let me know and we can meet up. The Dragonfly is pretty cool. I do recommend going to the physical location of and checking out the demo units they have there. They even have a few different amps and the Byer A1 amp. They have a bunch of mid-fi headphones and the 700/800/T1/Ultrasone/etc there. They just added some universal Roth LS- demo units. Good place to check out, even though it's quite far north of the river.

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anything happening?

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