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Seoul, Korea Head-Fi Meet!

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Is anyone interested in the possibility of a Head-Fi meet in Seoul, South Korea this June - July?  


I was thinking of meeting at the famous earphone shop?




The last thread died, hopefully this one comes to fruition?

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If I have free time in those months, it'd be cool to run out there and get listen to what others have to say about gear..
Though Yongsan might be more central... (There are a few good headphone shops there as well, along with Soundcat for IEMs.)

Dragging gear around might be an issue though since most of us here don't have a car.
(Though the subway/bus is quite nice. Carrying heavy bags aside.)

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I guess the location really depends on where the majority of South Korean Head-Fiers would be!  And luckily the Korean subway is extensive and very nice for quick transportation.


Also what are these other headphone shops in Yongsan that you speak of? Can you send me a message with details?  

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Bump! :D

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Aw, I guess this isn't happening.  Gosh shucks golly gee whiz dag nagbit.

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I'm sure there's a bustling head-fi forum in Korean on Naver/Daum somewhere...

If you can speak Korean, I'm sure you can get something going there, I guess there's just not too many Head-fi'ers here in Seoul.

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I guess I could.  It's just that as a Korean-American, I'd like to have a meet where there are people who can speak English fluently.  The English taught in  high school isn't necessarily the best.  It's like me taking AP Spanish in HS, sure I learned a lot of technical details, could I hold a fluent conversation for 5-10 minutes in Spain, hell no :P.

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Hahaha.. Yeah, I have quite a few "gyopo" friends... I understand.
I teach the high school students their English. ;^^
Oh well. Tme to check out the 'worlds best headphone shop' up Hyehwa. (hurrah!)
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