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Originally Posted by Mooses9 View Post

a YEAR,12 months,365 days,24 Hours a day,60 Minutes a hour, 60 seconds a minute


that is CLEARLY dropping the ball by all standards. thats too long to owe someone something.


even if he eventually answers, there is no excuse to prolong such a event like sending out a cable.


these cables arent made with unicorn mane stranded wires. come on.


just saying...


I could not agree more.



I have to say, I personally find what some of these "Member of the Trade" get away with kind of bizarre. a regular member would not be able to do the same. I mean, if a member would receive a payment for an item they have on sale, and not send the item within a reasonable time, not replying to email, etc. etc., they would probably get banned. but if you're a "Member of the Trade" you can just make up some lame excuses and all is fine.


I'm all for tollerance and understanding, and I know shiit happens, but a line has to be drawn when abuse is clearly going on. there should more rules for MOT's, if just to protect members, especially new ones, form getting ripped off. imo

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So I guess if a few mistakes make up our entire reputation, excuses don't matter. So in that case I have no excuse.


In fact, I don't in this case. 


However in one quick note, this has nothing to do with these postings since I have gotten past (all of us have) them, this is why Im currently not a Sponsor.

I dont "get away" with anything. In fact often I learn from them and figure out how to fix it. We are not multi million companies. In fact I make no money, but again that is not an excuse. 


I learned from this and figure out solutions so Im happy to understand the issues. 


No one gets ripped off. Thats for sure!!!



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bottom line is, if you're still a MOT, you should behave accordingly... if for whatever reason you're not able to be a MOT anymore, you should not continue like you do. end of.


nothing personal.

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We "think" we have located your cable. The label arrived to us torn. The package arrive in the same condition. But I looked back and see what needs to be done. I will have this out tomorrow.


My sincere apologies. 



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Hi Craig
Please check PM!!
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Hey guys, I finally got a reply from Craig and he's seen all the previous emails etc.


It's been a really long time but at least finally something is been done. Craig has been really helpful and friendly since finding out about this issue and I really hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again. To anyone.


Craig, sent you a couple emails to ties things up regarding my issue. Please check and respond when you can.


Thank you for your time. 

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well that is good to hear.

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Hi Craig
Please Check PM and update status orders
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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I've been waiting for 6 months without any replies either on head-fi or through email, and now that I am getting a new pair of Roxannes, I figure I won't need the cable I ordered anymore. How can I contact Craig for a refund? Paypal didn't work for me as it's been 6 months. Thanks in advance.

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I don't see any email. Sorry of I missed it. We are getting very much caught up too. 


Lemme check my PMs 



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Thanks Craig for your reply and PM!

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I have been waiting for 5 weeks with no response from this company. I think i would take forever to receive my cable.

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