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Sony has new headphones, MDR-1R

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A bunch of new toys from Sony.


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If it sounds decent (i.e. anything like a 7506 or 7509), I could get used to the Series 9 Monitor in brown...

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MDR-1R.... has got some serious sex appea. I like the design scheme, Serious but with a neat touch with the fork shape extending to the cable...: 


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Really looks nice...must check out the pair...


Sony is the only commercial brand i really like....






Will wait to demo :)

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I'm really excited to hear about the SQ coming from the bluetooth model

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Those look really nice, looks like that might be a magnesium shell?

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With's with Sony having reasonably priced products all of a sudden this year?

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would love to try a pair of those

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They look gorgeous.  Another interesting competitor in the $400 range.

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Oh man, those are beautiful. I'm down for anything new from Sony. biggrin.gif

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Really beautiful design! Hope that shiny part is some metal.

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Oh those look nice... 

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I'm a Sony fanboy so I want one or two. biggrin.gif
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Uffff... the brown and gray/silver... I LIKE!!!


Doesn't say when they come out though... right?!? :-(

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"Sony engineers and music artists identified the critical 30-40Hz sub-bass region that is signature of today’s music styles and developed an enhanced Beat Response Control design for the new MDR-1 headphones, featuring a closed back for maximum isolation and exceptional bass response. With enlarged air vents at the back of each driver, music lovers experience a quick and rhythmic low frequency response."


and price and release date:


"will be available in November 2012 at Sony Stores, including online at http://store.sony.com, and other authorized retailers nationwide at the following pricing: MDR-1R, about $299, MDR-1RBT, $399 and MDR-1RNC, $499. "




Hmmm... after buying the sub-bass "lacking" (in comparison to their older brothers the Dx000) Denon D600s, these could be on my list (along with the V-MODA M100)...

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