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I challenge everyone to make this the largest thread about nothing in the history of Head-Fi.

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The concept of nothingness is in my ignorant view the only one worth of an eternal/endless conversation as intrinsic to it's meaning is the idea of infinity.


As an absolute object/entity of meaning, the word "nothing" has the same logical value as "everything". (not that logics is of any importance here, not trying to dissect the laws of nature...What the Heck?!)

So we can talk about whatever we want to and keep this thread growing forever...


With such an amazing lack of subject or meaning dictatorship, it seems to me that only 2 things can have an influence on the growth and direction of this pointless endeavour:


 one's own Free Will (Is the human being really gifted with Free Will?) and/or Sanity...


 know how this (anti?)communication room will flourish----------

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        " I'm nobody! Who are you?
          Are you nobody, too?
          Then there's a pair of us
          Don't tell—they'd banish us, you know.
          How dreary to be somebody!
          How public—like a frog—
          To tell your name the livelong June
          To an admiring bog! "


                                             Emily Dickinson

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The everyday use of the word nothing speaks of a void; however, the nothing word can't shake the need for it's own thingness. One can plainly see from the construction of the word that the nothing is dependant on thingness for meaning: It is a no-thing. The word first directs our attention to the thing and then does it's work, a negation, a flip: ~Thing.  


~Thing. The thing stands out as possibility only to be pushed back into the shadows by the negating nothing. As the thing is negated, the pregnant possibility of some-thing arising into the space created by the negation is revealed. This opening is freedom. 

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There is no nothing, as classifying it alienates its entire concept. It is, within itself, a fallacy, the mere recognition of which crashes the entire illusion down upon it.


That which is unclassified absence is also not nothing, as a lack of something cannot be classified as anything. Perhaps that fits the true definition of nothing, but it is still not an existent state.

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At an abstract level, we could think of it as an irresolute cycle of confirmation and negation of it(self?), of it's own reason.


nothing/isn't    ... what? isn't    ... what? isn't    ... what? isn't    ... and so on through infinity.


Or just isn't - Now imagine that "isn't" is the meaning of a dimensionless point in empty space. The contradiction here would render the point impossible to be, non-sense, as it refutes itself. This negation of it(self?), however, is the confirmation of it's own meaning.


do I make sense? who cares in a non-sense thread?!


At reality level, nothing, is indeed a lie...

But for a lie to be there has to be a truth, and that truth is reality... THANK god IT IS!


Now that the show-----------------

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" Now that the show is over, and we have jointly exercised our constitutional rights, we would like to leave you with one very important thought:

Sometime in the future, you may have the oportunity to serve as a juror in censorship case, or a so-called obscenity case. It would be wise to remember that the same people who would stop you from listening to Boards of Canada, may be back next year to complain about a book, or even a TV program. If you could be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you could be told what to say or think. Defend your constitutionally protected rights! No one else will do it for you. Thank you. "

                 Boards of Canada

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More words.

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IT really depends on what you mean or will define as nothing but we in the anime thread although talk about various topics just alk about.....VARIOUS TOPICS really. It always goes back into anime and jpop and what not though. We are Number 3 on all time so we qualify maybe?

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No introduction of any topic is allowed on this thread.

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Haven't we established that by declaring there cannot be a topic, we have created a topic to follow? Are we contradicting ourselves by saying there can be no topic when in doing so, the topic has been created, thus directing us to attempt to not make a topic?
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I like Mudkips, what do you like about mudkips purple dinosaur?

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Purple dinosaurs? Did you mean dragon? I think you meant dragons... Spike thinks so too.
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Ahh that cool aid was very nice. Had a sweet tangy type of smell with luxurious sensation

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