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Originally Posted by schawo View Post

Can DA8 play DSD over SPDIF?


I don't think so, so far DSD is only playable through USB.  At least at foobar dsd asio proxy setting, we have to select the interface for dsd playback.  If it is through SPDIF, the interface is not recognize by windows.  I connect the SPDIF interface to RME HDSP Hammerfall PCI sound card in my desktop, and it doesn't support DSD.


Not sure if other manage to play DSD over SPDIF, not that I know.

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Originally Posted by Soundwave76 View Post

This is an even better article to send them. :) It is also from Innerfidelity and it's about amp measurements. Even if Mytek has enough power to drive all sorts of headphones, it does not mean the amp is still good. Sadly the evdidence seems to suggest it is not.





Thanks for the link!

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I have that article and others as well, I think they are fine for discussion . But in using that method in real listening test,s the findings are different . There is a thread here on speaker amps for headphones, I suggest you read it . It is real people with real speaker amps used for headphones. The results completly contradict what the article so pain stackingly describes. It's great reading. . The lowest headphone non IEM I have is the HE6. So that is what I used for my own tests . And in using a headphone amp, attenuation is commen place.

Example output of amp would have a ten ohm and two ohm in series across the output. Headphones go across the two ohm resister. So in this case the amp see,s about an 8 ohm load and the headphone see,s 2 ohms . Now if you need more attenuation as some people do they would use a 100 ohm in series with a 2 ohm . Given more atenuation to the heahones . But in both cases it has no I'll affect in the sound quality. So as you can see there is evidence that it does not have the effect the article misleads you to be leave it does. In fact I find it hard to be leave the mytek company would blItenly do something to there product to hurt it's use. I met them , really smart guys not morons. And there understanding of how the product sounds when used for headphones is solid . I even brought up the fact the preamp and headphone was lacking in good quality of sound . They new that and said if used in bypass as the product was intended to be it is a totally different product. So they know .

Al. D
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Originally Posted by earfonia View Post
Now I listen to Yulong DA8 most of the time, the headphone output is so much better than my Mytek.

What do you think about rear XLR output (Mytek vs. Yulong using speakers or balanced headphones)?

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I haven't explore much the line out, I will test it with headphone amplifier, Violectric HPA V200, and share the impression.

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Mytek->Violectric->headphone versus Yulong->Violectric->headphone? Correct? 

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The mytek xlr output is the best way to use the dac. The diffeence will apparent as soon as you listen .
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Yesterday I ordered a Violectric V200 to go with my Mytek DAC (and Fostex TH-900). Very interested in your impressions with the xlr vs rca connections. I was just asking myself if I should go and buy new xlr cables.

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save your money for now. get the new equipment burn it in use it . get to kknow what changes it made ro you. then maybe get them. if you change to many devices all at the same time, it muddys up what really made the change.

just an observation , from what i have done and how i would do it now.
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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post
The mytek xlr output is the best way to use the dac. The diffeence will apparent as soon as you listen .

I would like to know his opinion about the Yulong vs. Mytek :L3000:

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I do too just putting in my 2 cents here. No worries
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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Well it is only 1 ohm . But at least it will sound its best now. The amp has a noise floor issue to, but it stops when music starts. I asked mytek but i have not found a cure for it.


Yeah, I've noticed the residual noise floor using the JH13s, which bothers me when the source is not loud enough to mask the noise.

Have you connected your JH16s directly to the XLR outputs via an adaptor?
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No , i do not use the preamp or volume control in the DAC. Always bypass
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and I use the RCA outputs for my tube amps and the XLR for the GSX MK2. Love the GSX MK2/Mytek combo! Flat neutral transparency without sounding lifeless.

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Originally Posted by Esprit View Post

Mytek->Violectric->headphone versus Yulong->Violectric->headphone? Correct? 


Finally I got time to carefully observe the 2 DACS: 


Yulong DA8





The setup:

Desktop PC > USB > DAC (Mytek & Yulong) > Balanced Cables > Headphone Amplifier (Violectric HPA V200) > Headphone (Sennheiser HD800 and Philips Fidelio X1)


Desktop PC with Foobar 1.2.9, with WASAPI driver.  

USB Cable: Pangea Audio USB cable - PCOCC & 4% silver - 2 Meter x2

DACs: Mytek STEREO192-DSD and Yulong DA8

Balanced Cable: Wireworld Equinox 6 XLR

Headphone Amp: Violectric HPA V200

Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 & Philips Fidelio X1


Both DACs are connected to the Desktop USB ports (side by side USB ports, same USB controller), so I used 2x same model, same length, of Pangea USB cable.  This is to simplify switching the DACs, what I need to do was only to switch the balanced cable and playback device in foobar.

I use WASAPI (event) for both DACS, so this time only PCM is observed.  DSD is a bit troublesome as I have to modify the foo_dsd_asio everytime I change DAC.

PCM Filter on both DACs were set to slow.

Both DACs were set to bypass the volume control, operating in pure DAC mode.



2L Free High Resoltion Samplers (24/192)

Blue Chamber Quartett - First Impressions

Chesky The World Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recording



I would say the Line Out quality of both DACs are in the same high-end grade.  Far better than other DACs I have at home (DACport, Dragonfly, Dr. DAC2 DX, and some other cheaper DACs).

The differences between the two are small, not night and day kind of differences.  Both sound clean and detailed, and have very natural tonal balance with 'analog like' quality.  Both have excellent stereo imaging with pin point accuracy, excellent instrument separation, and spacious imaging.

So it is not about which DAC is better, but which one suits better with the recording and the overall setup.

Note: Mytek output voltage is higher than Yulong. With Fidelio X1 for example, at listening volume, volume position at 9 am for Mytek and 10:30 am for Yulong.


Mytek is a bit leaner on bass to mid bass.  Bass quality is excellent, detailed, tight, and punchy, much better body compared with Mytek headphone output, but still a bit leaner compared with Yulong. 

Mytek sounds slightly clearer, slightly more transparent, thus increase perceived detail. 


Yulong is a tad warmer, bass to mid bass body slightly fuller compared to Mytek, with about the same quality.  Yulong also a tad smoother, less grain.  Vocal is smoother, warmer, and more intimate on Yulong.  Yet, details and spaciousness are also excellent, a very unique combination.


From Pro Audio perspective (as I do a little bit of recording and in charge for my church audio setup), I think Mytek Line Out sound signature is slightly more natural than Yulong, and less forgiving.  Yulong maybe more appealing for home audio, and is 'slightly' more forgiving on recordings compared with Mytek.


For Sennheiser HD800, as you might guess, Yulong suits HD800 better, more bass and midrange body, smoother, and more musical overall.

For Philips Fidelio X1, which has darker, warmer, and smoother sound signature than HD800, with more bass, I like Mytek better, the bass is slightly tighter and more detailed on X1.


On recording, vocal is a tad clearer on Mytek, but I prefer Yulong for vocal.  Yulong has all the good characters for vocal, detailed yet smooth and a tad warm, with good body and depth.  Vocal simply beautiful and engaging on Yulong.

For classical orchestra & instrumental, Mytek might be better, but also depending on the recording quality.  some modern classical recording add too much spot mics in the mix, that make the recording sounds unnatural and aggressive.  For that type of recording, Yulong is more forgiving.



So, with a good headphone amplifier, I can live with any of them.

For Pro Audio, I think Mytek is a better option considering the wealth features it has that might be very useful for Pro Audio application.

But for home one box DAC + Headphone Amp solution, Yulong DA8 is the best.

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