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Yes I hav found one online for about $130 used and I may give it ago. It look like fun. The SA7 even with all the customisation and dual BA still would struggle to sell at like $400. I hope to see it appear at one stage though, it's a shame what happened to sleek with 50 cent etc.
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looks like SA6-R is gone and SA7 limited edition is available for purchase @ 350USD even though at the top of the inventory page contains this line Sleek Audio's highly anticipated SA6-R and SA7 earphones will be available in early 2012.


that limited edition text makes me feel uneasy, might have to stock up on some cables just in case.


looks like they're no longer encased in carbon fiber but a soft touch blasted silicone... as you can spy at below

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it is on sale for 349 USD! 

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Damn, I was waiting for it like forever, and I didn't even know it was already out for a month!  Needless to say I ordered it ASAP, and can't wait to try it out and compare to my UE 900.

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Here is something you don't see everyday - the old SA6 alongside the new SA7 LE.



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Just got my SA7 in the mail and I am listening/burning it in right now.  Straight from my iPod with the default ports (treble -, bass +), I think the sound is a bit weird compare to my UE900 and the staging isn't as good.  However, I really think I really need to burn this in more and change my tips to treble + to add more highs to it.  Stay turned.

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BA don't needs burning.

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post

BA don't needs burning.

Why not?

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Ok here is my review of sort for the SA7.  My bottom line is that the SA7 is very sensitive to volume and might require cutting trebles in most cases.

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SA7 20% off until Monday 15 July 2013!!  Use code "save20" for discount!

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