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Any good desktop mics, for gaming

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I'm transitioning away from wearing a headset (my setup is/was an Astro A40 hooked up to an HT Omega Claro sound card (DDH/DD)).  
I bought the Sennheiser IE80 IEMs for use on the go and for pc/console gaming, i.e. it replaces everything. Still hooked up to the same card.  
This means I don't have a headset mic anymore. 
I bought a Logitech Desktop microphone and received it today, for a so called noise cancelling microphone, it picks up waaaay too much sound. It picks up my keystrokes, clicks, the TV which is 30m away, my brother ****ting in the bathroom, and so on.  
Every other table mic seems to be designed the same way, as omni-directional mics, they pick up way more than I need as they are all built mainly for podcasting and conferencing.  
Any suggestions on table mics that kinda act like a headset mic? I.e. only pick up whatevers facing it? I compared the Logitech and the A40s microphone in Mumble and looked at what they were picking up, the difference was pretty huge. A40 mic is mute until I actually say something while the Logitech has constant pickup. Played with the volumes and whatnot as much as I could.   
This typically isn't a huge issue, but I can't stand Push to Talk and want to stick with voice activation.  
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What about giving a look at Mod mic?



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Those look great but I'd have nothing to stick them to, what I'm using are in-ear monitors.

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Many people love the clip on mics




I've heard mixed reviews on them. Most say they are fine for gaming but some say theres too much static or somthing?

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Yeah Ive been reading all sorts of reviews for the zalman. Check this out, might end up going with a 2$ mic


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Originally Posted by warxsnake View Post

Yeah Ive been reading all sorts of reviews for the zalman. Check this out, might end up going with a 2$ mic



If you are looking to save money and try something then whatever is fine! :) Just giving out some suggestions for you to look at :)

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I appreciate it! I watched a review of the modmic and i like what i hear. Now to figure out how or where to mount it lol. 

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I'm in a similar situation to you except I am looking for a mic that doesn't need to be attached to anything. I use speakers for my audio and am looking for a good mic that will pick up as little background noise as possible while not being attached to a pair of headphones. Any suggestions?

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My solution for the past few years has been to get a USB webcam, go into Windows and set your mic input as the webcam.


Currently I have this one http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/lifecam-studio/Q2F-00001, which you can find well below the MSRP. Never had a complaint about sound quality, and I imagine even the starting range of webcams have background noise cancelling tech built in.


I have tried the zalman mic and found the extra cord quite cumbersome. The microphone also picked up alot of static noise.

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I use a usb logitech area mic, it can pick up a lot of things but I either have it setup for push to talk for games. And I have it setup on noise sensitivity for skype. For me I have had no complaints, something to look into if you didn't do it.

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Hey, I've got a question about the ModMic. Does it use a suction cup to stick?

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I use this cheap trust desk microphone for gaming/skype

For the price it does pretty good.

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The best mic I ever used for gaming was a $10 mic I picked up from Walmart.


It was an older version of this mic.


I was really impressed that when I used it, it only picked up my voice and had no static or background noise.  Friends could hear me perfectly through VOIP.


Much more impressive than I expected it to be at that price.

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God I've been looking for this as well. 

I got myself a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 pros and I need a proper mic with it since I'm almost always in a Skype conversation when I'm behind my computer.


If anyone could give some suggestions that haven't been made yet, feel free :).


I'm looking at the modmic now, and I have to say it looks pretty good, just have to see if it's noise cancelling, since that's something I NEED to have.

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sorry didnt see the date lol

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