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AKG Q701 Simple Mod Increase Bass and Decrease Soundstage a little

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This will work on the K701/K702 as well providing that you can make your own foam or buy the AKG Q701 foam found under the "Q" headphone back piece. You also would probably need the Q701 back piece for this simple mod...





1. So get your Q701, use a sharp metal screw (I used the wall screws that has a very sharp tip) or small tweezers and insert into the "Q" back plate mesh of the headphones opposite to each other.


2. Then turn it counter-clockwise until you see the mesh back plate is loose. (The left side of the Q701 will have looser back plate mesh, and the right side will have a pretty TIGHT back plate. MAKE SURE YOU APPLY A BIT OF FORCE to take off the right side of the mesh back plate.


****You will NOT DAMAGE the mesh back plates even if you use brute force since these are made of extremely tough PVC material****)


3. After that, find a piece of Micro Fiber cloth (the ones you use to clean the LCD/Glasses/MacBook Pros etc)..


***I used an old piece of cloth that came with my iPhone 3G***



4. Get scissors and cut the microfiber cloth into a piece of square with the size approximately the same as the circular "Q" logo.


5. Cut TWO (2) pieces of the cloth for BOTH sides of the headphones. Four pieces in total.


(You can cut circular pieces if you like, but it will take some time... I was lazy so I cut into squares...)




6. Put back the AKG Q701 dampening foam that came with the headphones. Carefully lay the 2 small pieces of Micro Fiber cloth in the center on top of the dampening foam.


7. Align the "Q" mesh back plate, and use a sharp metal screw (I used the wall screws that has a very sharp tip) or small tweezers and twist it clockwise until it clicks.


8. Repeat STEP 7 on the other side of the headphones.







By doing this simple modification, I ran my soundstage test and realized that the soundstage is not as wide as before.


Also, the bass frequencies are boosted, and there are a bit more impact... (Mid-bass is improved)


Also, the Q701 do not have too much sound coming into the headphones... I think by cutting the Micro Fiber cloth and fitting it between the "Q" part of the back plate (which it is bulging out part of the mesh plate) closed a bit more gap in between the Q701 dampening foam pad and the solid piece of plastic where the "Q" logo is located.


I have yet to test the headphone leakage due to being alone at home right now. But I think the leakage is not improved.


((((((****This is the reason you need the Q701 mesh back plate and the foam if you want to mod it on a K701/702. Because there are all holes, and putting the Micro Fiber cloth in there would not really seal any air...****))))))


I cannot test this with my K702 since my Mini-XLR connector is busted, and housing has some cracks on it...




Try it on your Q701 or K701/702 and let me know your results.... (Audio is a personal thing, so let your ears give this a listen, and tell me what you guys think)



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Anyone tried yet?


if so, give me some of your inputs.

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You mentioned a soundstage test. What are your methods for measuring that?


Also, how did you confirm that bass frequencies increased?

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Photo's please, 


Nevermind, got it done, thanks. Will test

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Let me know how to simple mod work out for you bowie006

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I'm a bit curious in this. I'd like a bit more low end in my Q's, but at the same time I'd hate to sacrifice their incredible mids for it. Can't wait to hear Bowie's thoughts.

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The mids are not really affected

You will still have that smooth low to mid transition

But you will get more bass impact ( the bass will not become boomy and will definitely not muffle the mids)

But you will lose a little bit of soundstage ( this is because the headphones are nownsemi-open rather than completely open)
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I would like to hear other people results if anyone else had tried this..


Let me know guys.

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Bowie let us know your thoughts
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Be careful, because i've found it very easy to damage the round inner grill. At least on my K601. Instead of using scissors, screws or a knife, use tape! Nothing too sticky.

I actually used a priority mail tag/label that doesn't have much adhesive on it. Place it over the grill and turn it left!


I didn't try this mod, but I did completely cover the inner grill with Creatology foam. That's basically closing it off. Made them have more bass perhaps, but the mids were too shouty and fatiguing.


I'll have to experiment with different foams. I'm perfectly happy with how the stock Q701s sound. The bass, treble and everything.


BTW the Q701 without the inner grill and foam sounds terrible.

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When I opened the grille on my Q701s, I used a pair of toothpicks.


Opens with no hassle at all and of course, the toothpick cannot do damage to the plastic grille.



With no mod, the bass reproduction is good on the Q701s, but I cut a piece of microfiber cloth and it sounds even better.

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Can you post a couple pics? I don't think I will be modding my Qs anytime soon, but really curious how you're doing this mod. Thanks

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I tried the mod and didn't like it; I used just one piece of cloth instead of two.  While you do get more bass, the mids become to pronounced and muddy in my opinion.  Furthermore sacrificing soundstage is taking away this particular headphones greatest strength.  The stock bass while not head rattling as still accurate and pleasing as is.  In summary I feel like this mod makes the headphones sound like they are suffocating.  I think you would just be better off having a second pair of closed back headphones for times when you want that sort of thing.  Still even so this was a clever mod and applaud your attempt to improve this wonderful set of cans.

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