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Lol I saw a girl wearing a pair of D2000 walking around campus last sem beginning Lol


Well I'm sure you won't mind coming by and join us, if we are to host something, right?

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Would love to, I will bring my humble gears as well. Hopefully the timing is right, it will be fun :-)

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Yo S2 is coming, hope everyone passed while wasting time on headfi.


Anyone wants a second meet? I've got a MSPro to show y'all :D

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haha, i was thinking of getting a MSII+, but then scored a pico DAC real cheap, it'll arrive this week with my stepdance so might be fun to have a listen to the two dac's. still never got my HD600 yet though.


i'd probably be keen, though my exams are in about 10 weeks, but what's one evening right?!

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Lol exams in 10 weeks... Sad truth even if we are just starting the semester


I sold my DAC! I am running all my music out of my E17 -> my two amps now!!! It feels like a giant seriously armed (my headphones), has a body forged in hell (my amps), a clear mind (my music) but a tiny teeny heart (DAC!)...


Feeling so insecure now, even more so with a literally empty wallet/bank account.

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haha oh dear adrian. 


all my stuff is now here, so i'm good to roll.


i can now bring:

- Pico DAC

- Meier Stepdance with 15v power mod

- HPP1


would be interested in comparing the stepdance with the O2 and the Pico with the newer MSII+, i cant remember which amps you had now... but arecording's stuff must be in attendance! 

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Haha I'm trying to side/upgrade my whole source/amp chain :P Eyeing at some Audio-gd, maybe the nfb15 or the nfb5 but maybe the nfb10...

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Originally Posted by Lillee View Post

Not much, just a Fostex HP-P1, Shure SE535reds (with 6 sets of cables lol) and DT1350's. I also have an old crappy pair of HD150's but I doubt anyone wants to hear them. Also have some really old Shure E2C's too...

Hey there!

I have the SE-535 and am in need of a new cable! If there is a meet coming up I'd be keen to bring HD800+HA-160DS if I could try a couple of cables?bigsmile_face.gif

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I recently sold them and most of my cables except 1, they are solid silver cables by Chris_Himself. You are welcome to try that, they may be for sale too as I have no use for them anymore... ;-)
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that would be cool mate, where about's in Syd are you?

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There is a CanCon next weekend in Epping. I hope you guys on this thread are planning on attending??? I will be there

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Sounds good, I didn't realise there where organised meets close by. Thats awesome, I'm in.

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Hey guys, anyone keen for a meet in the next couple of weeks? or is it heading too close to exams now for most people?


I've just offloaded my stepdance and HD25's but can still bring my 2stepdance, pico dac, HP-P1, TF10, RE262 and HD600 + cardas cable 


I'm free monday, tuesday, thursday nights.


Let me know!

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I won't mind next Thursday 18/10, after I have submitted my assignment.


Got a MSPro :D And congrats for the sales! I saw it on the FS forum, also congrats on the HD600 and cardas~

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haha oops, i'm seeing mumford and sons that night, lol, i'm not good at this planning thing. 


See who else is available, if it works i might be able to pop in early.  the MS pro looks great, but the cables needed to run it confuse me. 

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