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the q701 i heard were pretty good, slighty better than the k701/2 surprisingly... even though they were celeberty endorsed headphones... hopefully these will sound good too, and hopefully akg wont rip you off

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Well lets see thus far AKG has recently put out the K550 headphone the K3003 earphone and now there's this news about a Tiesto line of headphones. Busy year for AKG

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my god how can be there people so ignorant and stupid. poor one, yeah POOR but  POOR of mind ... poor sucker

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Originally Posted by girlskiller16 View Post

my god how can be there people so ignorant and stupid. poor one, yeah POOR but  POOR of mind ... poor sucker



And what's happened to the release date? Weren't these supposed to come out last month?

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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post



And what's happened to the release date? Weren't these supposed to come out last month?

Yes, they were. Too bad reality didn't agree.

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I've been thinking:  hasn't AKG been encroaching onto Audio-Technica's territory for a while now? First with the K701 on the A900 and recently with the K550 to outcompete with the A900X. Maybe this their forary to compete with Audio-Technica's Solid-Bass Lineup? I mean, when discussing studio monitiors the ATH-M50 and the K240/K271 always pop-up side by side.

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Global DJ and Producer Tiësto Teams With AKG for New Headphone Line Delivering Sonic Performance, Advanced Design, and Superior Comfort



April 2012

In an introduction that marries creative inspiration from the world’s leading DJ with advanced audio and technical design from the preeminent headphone manufacturer, HARMAN today announces the “AKG by Tiësto” range of headphones that feature tuning and styling directed by legendary DJ and producer Tiësto.


Comprising three high-performing professional-grade headphones, the Tiësto Series will appeal to a broad range of end users, from studio engineers, to artists, fans and Tiësto himself - whether in the studio, at a show or on the go.

The AKG by Tiësto headphones will be released globally in June 2012. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates including headphone specifications and the official on sale date.

With more than 300 million total views on YouTube, 11.5 million+ fans on Facebook and over 1 million followers on Twitter, Tiësto is one of the most influential DJ’s in the world. His achievements have ranged from playing at the opening of the 2004 Olympics to an audience of billions in 2004, to Grammy Award nominations and the coveted title of ‘Greatest DJ Of All Time’, bestowed on him by Mixmag. As well as running his own label, Musical Freedom, Tiësto is constantly travelling around the globe playing over 250 shows a year to millions of fans.

“AKG is rooted in the passion for music at the same time as having a unique eye for design and style,” Tiësto says. “Together we’ve created a line of headphones that are perfect for those who want the best quality of sound, but don’t wish to compromise on style, whether you’re looking to mix in the studio, perform live or even listen when you’re on the move.”

Commenting on the announcement Thomas Stubics, product marketing manager, AKG noted “The AKG by Tiësto headphones will convey an entirely new level of performance to the DJ profession. Every aspect of the Tiësto headphones encompasses the style, emotion and heart Tiësto provides his audiences, live or on a record. Working with Tiësto allows AKG to extend its reputation of quality and reliability directly to the DJ himself, ensuring shows and albums are at peak performance.”

See AKG by Tiësto at EDC in Las Vegas on Facebook!


AKG by Tiësto
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These needs to be released already, in fact it says 3 headphones in this series making it even more interesting, just hope they all won't be on-ear which being a DJ-oriented series might not be out of the question.


EDIT: I really haven't followed this thread so don't know if it's been posted or not but I suppose this is one of the models? Good news is that it's a over-ear which do look quite good, a bit Hifiman style in an alu housing.




Some of these pics on facebook are just... err... see for yourself lol



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Based on those photos, my hopes just got lower for the series.

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Is Tiesto the guy with the fish shirt?

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543529_10150887592068546_1578343450_n.jpg 534300_10150887592133546_8752801_n.jpg


OK I better stop here. :P

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Sorry someone mentioned a fish, but doesn't this look nice..fish-and-chips.jpgreal fish and chips

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Wow, clothing in raves really is trough the roof. Almost as crazy as your average day in tokyo.

And in all this shameless try at astroturfing, at least one person had the brilliant idea of trying them.

I hate beats not only because they are overpriced, but because of the massing astroturfing surrounding them. How many times have any of you stumbled upon an article or forum post that had for sole purpose advertising beats? If AKG goes that route with these tiesto headphones, they won't get much love from me.
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Everyone in those ads looks dressed 10 years too young for their actual age.

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