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Check out my amp and Amp comparisons...help

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Alright I know this is head-fi but I am sure I can get some insight on amplifiers other than headphone amps as well. 

I currently want a new amplifier for my computer system and headphones. Currently I was looking at the Glow audio amp one and the Woo audio amps (something close to the price of the amp one). 

My dad's business partner builds tube amps as a hobby and has been doing so for many many years. My dads current high end system was built by him ( i think he has monoblocks and a preamp... not sure what tubes). and sounds wonderful. 

I don't know too much about amps ( more than some people thoughtongue.gif) but where I am going with this is I have this tube amp he built a long time ago. I probably have had it for 10 years.


I would like you guys to take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think. Is this as good, worse, or better than the amp one or woo audio. It is a pre and poweramp with no headphone jack. I am wondering if I could have him build one in. The tubes have also not been changed in who knows how long so that would probably be something I need to do. I am also thinking about having him build me a nicer amp as well for my stereo system. 


Anyways, here is the pictures. If you need any others to help let me know...

The tubes from what  I can see are: 6by5, 8bq5's and in the preamp 7au7's






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You might get better response in here: http://www.head-fi.org/f/6/diy-do-it-yourself-discussions, there are a lot of peeps there that now more about the schematics of amps in general. :) I personally think it's impossible to judge the performance of a tube amp like the one you posted compared to another based purely on pictures. 

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I've moved the thread. smile.gif

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I've moved the thread. smile.gif

thank you

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8BQ5 is an EL84 w/ a different filament voltage. Similarly, 7AU7 is as 12AU7. I'd wager that the long skinny one is a class AB push-pull EL84 amp. One (or perhaps two) of those tubes is likely for gain, one is probably a cathodyne phase splitter. Nothing very fancy about it, but should perform well for speakers.

By it's nature, a push-pull amp will reject much of the power supply and heater noise. However, getting an amp to be quiet on speakers is somewhat different from getting it quiet on headphones, so you may get a little residual hum. Also, there is no choke in the power supply, so it might sound a little edgy.

To use this for headphones, put a high wattage 8 ohm (or 4 ohm if that's what the amp is designed for) resistor across the speaker terminals and then wire the phones in parallel. Might work just fine.
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