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Am secretly hoping for ibasso to release a new firmware for DX100, which will fix all those bugs and make the SQ better than all the current crop of players. biggrin.gif


Hey .. saves us some pretty penny getting all those new player out now right? wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by temporaryname View Post

Last time we got an update from iBasso about the API being released IIRC was when I emailed them a long email stating the communities interest in better firmware. I listed the amount of members on here who would be willing to contribute financially if it meant a better firmware was released in the long term. The result was some new information and figgie got a free DX100.


iBasso is a small company. If everyone who posts questions about when the API is being released, etc, would instead send them an email I'm sure the sudden increase of emails about the subject would bring it to the forefront of their attention, hopefully bring about some positive change in the right direction.


Whilst 1.4.2 is better than the previous firmwares (in terms of responsiveness and bugs) it's still unacceptably slow, susceptible to freezing if you don't wait 10+ minutes for it to load and buggy. We still deserve a better firmware so again, everyone email iBasso (doesn't have to be long but it helps if it is) about it and maybe they'll hurry up and release a decent firmware and additional information about the API situation.


The email is: service@ibasso.com

Thank you, mailing them right now!

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Yup...they're mailing me back my DX100 now and I sent them a reply email asking when the new firmware will be released as well.

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Just got the DX100 back today and she's all fixed! On the network and sounding amazing. Thanks to Lee730 for his MediaMonkey tips. It synced the Playlists I created perfectly and all my 24bit flacs are on and playing!

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Here's the DX100 with my Magnum 4 Grado's and Waterfield Pouch



The side view with the adapter cable installed and rubber case



Rear view showing the 128GB card. Everything fits perfectly!


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Originally Posted by TheUbiquitous View Post

Thank you, mailing them right now!

I emailed iBasso today also, thanking them for their recent, speedy shipments to me of a new battery and magnesium top cover (shell)...and then I followed up with a polite request to keep the updated firmware coming our way. I also said I looked forward to improvements in the user interface & functionality, as well as audio quality.

Tonight I heard back from iBasso, and they said "we will email you when we have new firmware available".
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I finally got my order placed and received my DX100 on Monday already flashed with the latest firmware (1.4.2).

Initially, wireless worked great. It picked up my router and several of the neighbor's. Then, the connection dropped, and when I "forgot" it and rescanned, it only detected my router, no longer the neighbors. Then after a while the connection began to cycle, until it no longer was able to detect even my own router.

I have an e-mail in to iBasso support. I was wondering if anyone here ever experienced anything like that.

I also was curious about the EQ on the stock player. It seems that when it's engaged, even with all the settings at 0, the gain decreases. It seems the gain stays the same only when the EQ settings are all at full (6). Is that correct... the EQ attenuates only?

For playing MP3's, do most of you use "Native" bit-for-bit mode... or do you upsample to 192?
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Hi there,

A few of us have had similar problems and unfortunately the "fix" was sending the unit back to China for repair. Luckily, they send it back really fast!
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Allnight... dont rush to return it. Like Icefalkon says, some do need a fix, but the fact you had it working then it stopped sounds like you DX needs a reboot. Often happens when new and you've been checking out settings and downloading updates. Try this first.


Insert the power cord and while the device is switched on, press the reset with a pin to reset the device. Then restart the DX. I've done this from time to time when I've had wireless connection issues and software doesn't seem to be behaving as expected.

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I have tried:

- Powering off by holding down button on side, then restarting by pressing button on side.
- Pressing reset with pin when device is powered on and attached to cord
- Factory data reset via Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset

None have any effect on wireless problems.
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Wait, I thought the FAQ solution was channel locking? Don't depend on auto channel selection?
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Which FAQ do you mean, this one? I don't see anything there about channel locking. Could you post a quote with instructions?

I don't really plan to use the Wireless for music, but I did want to install some of the recommended apps, which I can't do without wireless. Plus, this is supposed to be a reference device. For ~$900.00, it should not have flakey (or now, in my case, non functioning) performance in a feature like this, IMHO.
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It's a reference device for sound wink.gif but for wifi, it's meh lol

You should set your router to use single channel (e.g channel 6) instead of auto smily_headphones1.gif
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I see. I take it that means 2.4 ghz only.

I tried channel 6 on both standard (20 mhz) and wide (40 mhz), both with and without 5 ghz enabled.

Had no effect!

iBasso service asked me to send it back, and they will send me a new one right away if I send them a scan of my post office receipt.

They gave me their address in English and Chinese.

I am guessing the Chinese address should go on the outside of the box and I should fill out the paperwork at the Post Office in English.

What have others done when sending their units back? Any tips?
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I see, my wifi router is a bit old, it only shows 2.436ghz for channel 6 and 36mbps
as rate. you can try also other channels up to 11 if i remember it correctly

make it basic as possible - standard and no 5ghz

apparently the last two units in this thread had wifi issues, iBasso should tighten up their QC lol
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