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UE sf5v2 in Custom Shell

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by Stage93 Singapore:

PICT0570-1.jpg PICT0575-1.jpg PICT0582-1.jpg PICT0587-1.jpg PICT0589-1.jpg

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Initial impression as posted on average_joe's thread :P


Got my UEsf5v2c biggrin.gif They were sent (From Manila, Philippines) to Stage93 of Singapore via DHL on 14 November and Eldrid got it on the 16th. They were sent to China and came back to him on 19 December. Just got them today with my friends help - hand carried from SG > PH. I actually liked the waiting biggrin.gif


Fit: like leather gloves! Snug and tight and I am quite surprised coming from the EM3Pros that I sanded to fit my ears :P the isolation is very very good. I'm still learning how to pry them off my ears in a convenient manner.


and the

Sound: Just as I expected! The bass improved due to bone conduction and it sounds more balanced now. Before the reshell, the highs were 'leading' and the bass is overwhelmed. In the custom shell, even the highs seem to sound more polished. The mids remain unchanged - I think. Still have to compare with my other IEMs (K2, SM2, EM3Pros). I still can hear the cohesiveness of the sound with the single driver - one main reason why I decided to reshell the UEsf5v2. I am so glad it worked as expected etysmile.gif


For now, here are some pictures taken with my Nokia N82 :P






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Thank you for the nice pics dogears, I don't think anyone knows what UEsfv5u2 is or what the value of these IEM's are.

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Those look good, they are clear it looks like glass!

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@kiteki, thanks for dropping by.

The Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 [v2] is a single custom balanced armature 'top firing' IEMs which was priced at $169.


anythingbutipod: 'Fun', 'exciting' sound signature, slight loudness curve character; Very good soundstage for an earphone

techpowerup: The 5's strong suit is the mids no doubt about. They faithfully reproduce the mids with really good definition. The presentation is lukewarm and slightly forward, which makes this earphone good with lots of different types of music.



It's now discontinued but I think it was rebranded/renamed as Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset


which is now ~$138 but can be had for lower price if you google around.



@KimChee, thanks. Post-processing really works wonders, haha!

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The UE sf5v2 single BA driver in my custom shell, underneath is the ear impression:


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Updating my lonely thread biggrin.gif

The Chris Himself cables have arrived beerchug.gif

2617237 ebfd8e9e_CHC_P1050810.jpeg

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Pretty! Do they sound any different with the (I think) silver cables?

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Looking good, I like the low profile look.

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So pretty.  Congrats.  Always nice to see someone get a budget custom with great results.

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Originally Posted by dogears View Post  Updating my lonely thread biggrin.gif The Chris Himself cables have arrived beerchug.gif

How long did you have to wait for it to get to the Pilipinas?


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@Ishca, the cable is kinda stiff. I have yet to A/B it with my DIY mouse cable but initial impression is quite positive specially on the highs.

@Kim/Lurk, thanks much.

@Tom, I can get my orders from US to get here within 2 weeks but this one was almost 2 months since I ordered other stuff that went with it and took a different route biggrin.gif

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