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Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC Meet: January 28th

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Hello all,


We will be having a meet! Due to a lack of availability at the most recent venue, the the meet will be at the previous location (George Mason Regional Library. In order to keep count of gear and attendees, please post if you plan on coming and be sure to include a list of what you're bringing. If you have any recommendations or requests, I'll try to be accommodating. 




George Mason Regional Library

7001 Little River Turnpike

Annandale, VA




January 28, 2012



Please bring your own powerstrips!

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I am planning to attend assuming work doesn't send me out of town.  I have a bunch of stuff I can bring (take a peek at my profile for a list) but rather than choose now, I think I will wait and see what others are bringing and what there is interest in before making a selection.  Some stuff I'd like to see/hear would be LCD2, T1, RSA Apache, DACmagic Plus, Phonitor.  The list goes on and on as I'm sure yours do too but those at the forefront of my potential shopping list atm.


Looking forward to it and to meeting you all.

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I'll be there

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Thank you guys for the reschedule so that I can make it.

I will bring most products of hifiman, that will be HE6/500/300, Hm-801, hopefully the EF6 and Ef5 amplifier. And also I will bring my own cd player meridian g08.2

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I'm planning on coming as well. Sennheiser hd25's and iBasso D-Zero usb-dac/amp. 

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Hmmm, I am only 1.5 hours (about 70 miles) from this, and would love to go to a meet - I never have before, and I really, really need to try some more headphones so that I know which direction to go with future purchases.  


I'd only really be able to bring a benchmark DAC1 and a Denon AH-D5000 unless I buy something else before then -- and I think I'd be petrified by the thought of bringing those out of my apartment, haha!  


I'll have to think on this, it could be very good. The idea of driving even 70 miles with my precious headphone stuff in my 1997 Saturn has me more than a bit nervous, though...

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Come without bringing anything.  There will be plenty of gear there.

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I won't complain if you bring the D5000 though.  wink.gif


I'll probably be there.  I can bring any of my stuff if wanted: Pro 900, HD-600, HFI-780, SR-80i, XB-500, RP-HTF600, E7, E9, E11.  I may have more by then, we'll see.


I'm curious about all the typical higher end gear, HD-800, T1, LCD-2/3, Darth Beyers, Thunderpants, HE-500, SR-009, HE-90, etc., lol.  I know very little about amps, so anything decent will be an education for me.


Edit:  Since this post Head-Fi has been making my wallet hemorrhage like crazy, but I I now also have an SR-325is, DT-770 Pro 250-ohm, SRH-940, and should have an AH-D5000 within a few days.  Not sure how much of all this I'll actually bring.

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Thanks for organizing this.  I should be there, and I'll have most of the gear from my signature with me.  By January, I also plan to have Beyer DT1350s.  I would love to hear any Stax, the HE-6, or any high-end DACs/amps.

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Hey, if I did show up and bring some stuff, how is that handled? I've never been to a meet before, does anybody's stuff ever go missing? If nobody else has a DAC1 there, for example, it would certainly be cool to bring that, as I am a big DAC1 fanboy and would love for everyone to have the opportunity to hear its supreme, glass-sharp clarity.  


What about the way people try out each others' headphones? I'm not a super clean freak, but like, nobody shows up and puts on your headphones who hasn't showered in months, right?  


This meet seems like a great idea to finally help me decide which new headphones I want to buy, by actually seeing and feeling and hearing them. Is there a general meet FAQ, that talks about how meets usually go, meet etiquette, etc?  


If I wore a name tag, would it have my name or my forum handle, or perhaps both? I have no idea about anything. The only convention I've ever attended was a forum that my company put on for our client companies a few months ago, and I just don't think that's comparable to what this meet will be.

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I've only been to 2 meets (both in NYC), but in my limited experience Head-fiers are generally a very considerate and decently well-groomed bunch.  Especially at a small meet like this, I don't think you have to be concerned with people jacking your stuff.  You just want to keep track of small things like cables and CDs.


As for your other concerns, erikzen in NY wrote a pretty good guide to meets.  Here are the main points:


"Members are encouraged to bring their headphone gear to share with the attendees.  You can bring anything you want but keep the following in mind:


-People will be handling your stuff.  Head-Fiers are extremely respectful - bordering on reverent - when it comes to gear so your equipment will be in good hands.  But if you're not comfortable with people wearing your $1500 headphones, leave them at home.


-Likewise, if you are handling other people's gear treat it as if it were your own (or better).  Don't switch out gear or borrow a pair of headphones to try in another rig without getting permission first.


-Try to keep food and drink out of the meeting area to avoid accidents.


-Although this is a social gathering please keep conversation low and to a minimum if possible.  We may try to enforce a couple of "Zen Time" sessions where everyone is encourged not to talk for an hour or so.


-Personal hygiene is important.  Not sure this needs to be said but we always do.  Avoid colognes or perfumes.


-Bring power strips and extension cords.  Sources also seem to be at a premium sometimes."

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Thanks for the write-up, it is very helpful.

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I am planning to come. I will bring the following gear:


Source: AMB gamma 2

Amps: Beta 22, Alpha 10 pre amp, KGSSHV

Headphones: HD600, LCD2, SR007 mk1


Just another reminder to everyone to bring power strips! I know for my gear alone I will need 5 outlets 


I would like to hear the DAC1, and also looking forward to hearing the hifiman stuff.

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Alright; unless my car breaks (it shouldn't but there is always that fear when you drive an old one), I will be there, and I will bring my DAC1 and Denon AH-D5000 -- possibly more if I by chance get anything more before the meet. I *might* even bring a friend who has a Sony MDR-V6 and a Nuforce Icon HD, but that's far from certain, as development ramps up where he works right around that time of the year and he could be stuck with weekend work.

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As it stands right now I'm going to be bringing HF-2's, a LD MK3, and a Gamma1...and probably my desktop again. 

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