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RockBox For HiFiman HM601 and for HM801

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RockBox For HiFiman HM601




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This is absolutely fascinating. It might even tempt me to buy the HM-601. However....


I don't mean to be rude... (seriously, this is quite an accomplishment)... but... it would be nice if the instructions were in clear English. As it is, they are almost impossible to understand. In particular, it seems that installing Rockbox is a software operation but uninstalling it is a hardware operation(!). I would not risk this given the lack of clarity for both the install and uninstall instructions.


If any Head-fier can provide a better translation of the Russian in the above link, that would be a real service.


Congratulations on the Rockbox port!!!!

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Would it work with problem SD cards? 

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I don't mean to be rude... (seriously, this is quite an accomplishment)... but... it would be nice if the instructions were in clear English.

sorry but i don't know english well. So - i use google translate. But i think there is easy instalation but you need to know what FW is very unfinished :) There is a lot of bugs.
So - this FW only for fans for test and etc :)

But... i use it without problem. Only one make me not happy... sometime i need pres Reset  because deice ... hung(?)



Would it work with problem SD cards?

My SDHC which didn't work on HFM FW working with rockbox w/o anu problem

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Will this also work with the 602? 

Was checking Rockbox and it looks like the port for 60x is very much a work in progress.


Am assuming the firmware posted here is the same as the one mentioned on the Rockbox site. Wonder if the status mentioned there is up to date.


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Will this also work with the 602?

some people try and say - yes

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Just got this running on my hm-601, so far no problems. Guess I'll be keeping it for a while :)

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What about the battery life? And sound quality?

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RockBox for HiFiman HM801



Install RockBox on HiFiMan HM801
(Note - the firmware has not licked the end, so that the installation is at your own risk.)
1. Download both files attached below (HM-801.rockbox.zip and HM-801.rockbox.PutOnSDCard.zip). And of course - unzip the.
2. One of the files, the one that IMG - throw to the player's internal memory and restart the player.
Then - on the internal memory to forget:) It ceases to be visible:) But it's kind of like a temporary solution. I hope something like this chip later corrected.
3. The folder. Rockbox from the second archive (the one that HM-801.rockbox.PutOnSDCard.zip) throws a card reader (or a player before installing the firmware) to the memory card you'll use the player.
P.S. And this is important! The device can hang on and it is treated only RESET (ohm), so that the pin carry - be sure:)
Well, enjoy:)

Instructions for returning to the original firmware.
1) The archive tools.rar Driver + flasher. Install the driver.
2) Run the flasher RK27_UpgradeImage administrator.
3) Turn on the player.
4) Connect via usb to the PC.
5) Go to System / System -> Debug (Don't touch!) / Debug (do not touch!) -> View HW info.
6) The program RK27Upgrade_Image opposite "Image??" select the firmware then click the "?? (U)" and wait.

Be sure to first paragraph 4, and then 5.

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Originally Posted by flipper203 View Post

What about the battery life? And sound quality?

I haven't tested from a full charge so I don't know if the battery life is any better. The sound is the same, except now you have a usable EQ and other nice features that rockbox adds. I still don't use any EQ but the interface and navigation is of course miles ahead of the hifiman firmware.

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Got it working on the 801, how about this:


Apple Lossless!


Gapless playback!


Thanks to whoever has done this, amazing stuff



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The whoever guy is Mortalis, a russian programmer. You can find his posts on the rockbox forum. With a help from the topicstarter Spanish and russian community of the player.ru forum.

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What's the point in installing rockbox on my HM-601, what will I get out of it?



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You'll get following :
1. Gapless support
2. Support the all lossless formats including ALAC
3. Parametrical EQ
4. Covers
5. Fonts
e.c. and e.c. :)



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This. Is. Epic.

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