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By all means.   Although it would be better to have it like a round in the steve hoffman polls, smeggy offers five choices, we whittle it down to one.



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Hey, I'm interested in joining the group buy. I finish school next month so I feel like treating myself.
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I'm in.

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I'd be interested if the first in the run were sent to Tyll for testing to ensure it's as good performing or better than Ontherivet's, and I would need an additional $75 discount and be able to send mine in that's already been tested to have it converted over.  I really want to see a before and after for a specific t50rp unit, and since Tyll's already going to do his up himself and he's got my t50rp's measured, that would complete the circle.  It's either that, or I go with the eventual recommendations on this thread:




The Denon's measured bass performance doesn't look as good.

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I'm in provided I can send in a TP50RP & get the 75$ discount. They've been sitting around untouched since underwhelming impression of the first week of listening, hopefully this will salvage the pair.


Don't care about the woods, do care about the pads and would be willing to chip in the extra for the O2 pads, or whatever other pad option that may be recommended.


Good luck to the builder, this is gonna be a tough set of orders to sort out confused_face.gif

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I'll throw in a friendly suggestion. I think one of you should take point and make a google spreadsheet  listing each of your orders out so Smeggy doesn't have to deal with all the confusion. Make it easier a for the builder and in effect all of your orders turn out the way it is supposed to.

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Hey guys.

Ok, so I've been pondering this for a bit and here are my latest thoughts.

First, I'll need to cap the group buy at 15 sets, if there are that many wanting them. There's only one of me to do all the work and I still have a backlog to catch up on smily_headphones1.gif

Given that $450 is cutting things close to the bone considering how much work and material is needed on each phone I'll need to ask that you don't choose super exotics as they are too expensive for the discount level, having said that, I'm happy to open the field to accommodate as many wood choices as I can within reasonable limits. I have a number of woods here and more available at reasonable prices. These include, but not limited to the following

East indian, bolivian, honduran rosewood
maple, hard, curly, spalted and quilted
etc. etc.

Some of these require different finishing to others depending on how oily the wood is, so not all finishes are available for all woods.

The phones also take a while to make as these are not a simple 'woodie'

The only pieces I keep of the original phones are parts of the headband, sometimes the pads and the drivers. I have to make everything else, cups, baffles, hangers, wires and so on. I use quite a lot of parts to construct these and it's all bought in and modified to suit. I'm constantly trying to improve them one way or another so a good part of my time is spent on R&D. Even Jude's set isn't optimal now.

Pads. Ok, the stock Fostex pads are quite nice but they recently changed their construction for the worse. The inner lip ring that holds them to the cups is two pieces that are not glued at the ends and so have a tendency to peel away with the ends poking out. Not very pretty and not very flexible so removing and refitting can cause the lip to fail. They're not very deep so need packing at the rear for ear space. It's still workable but you should know the issue, and there isn't much I can do about it.

Other pad options at additional cost are as follows. Prices approximate.

Beyerdynamic, leather, pleather or velour for those wishing for a little less isolation ($30-40)
Audeze LCD2 pads, oversize but work very well (about $80-ish)
Stax O2, soft and comfy ($125-155)
Denon, I don't know how easy to get or price.
Possibly AKG pads as well.

I don't make any money on the pads, they go to you at cost.

Again, the less hoops to jump through, the quicker and easier it will be. Just letting you know the potential options.

Hopefully this will help you decide, if you could get your wood/pad preference added to your names on the list it'll give me a better idea where we stand.



Yes you can send in your own sets @ $75 less as that's the cost of the Fostex.

Oh, I also have a couple of pieces of 50,000 year old carbon dated ancient New Zealand Kouri. (NOS wink.gif )
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Originally Posted by smeggy View Post

 I'm constantly trying to improve them one way or another so a good part of my time is spent on R&D. Even Jude's set isn't optimal now.

Just wanted to chime in here and say I've listened to the latest revs at Smeggy's place, and was stunned.  


If someone wants to volunteer their set to come through the lab, I'll measure them and send them off to you quickly.


Keep up the good work, Smeggy!


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Count me into the group buy.


I do like the Macassar Ebony .



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1) Radio_Head [amboyna burl if you have it (I'd pay the extra cost on it), otherwise Koa or quilted maple. + 02 pads]

2) Draygonn

3) Hennyo

4) SLaRe

5) LFG530





10) craigerson

11) zowki



feel free to add or subtract yourself by quoting this list if I misjudged your level of interest.

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I'm in the process of creating a form where people may submit there preferences/information.  I'll edit this post with a link when it's ready.






Update:  The form has been created.  You may input your information here.

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Cool beans, thanks!
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Long time lurker, first time post.  Can't think of a better time to get started.  I would love to be a part of this opportunity but lets try to keep things easy on smeggy.  It sounds like he's going to very busy.

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I'm definitely interested.. 


Once the payment details, etc. are worked out.. I'll know whether or not I can do it.


I'm leaning towards Mahogany, Walnut or Maple.. I think the darker woods look really classy.

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I'm breaking my very long head-fi hiatus for this thread.  I'd like to get in on the group buy please.  I'm probably alright with whatever wood gets chosen so definitely sign me up, please.

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