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NEW iQube V3 is coming!!!!

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New iQube V3 soon to be introduced!


Proudly we can announce that we are in de last phase of designing a new iQube Version 3.

The new iQube V3 will be added to the products already available (V1 and V2).


The following is the preliminary spec:



3.5mm analog

3.5mm (4-pole) SPDIF

Coaxial SPDIF input (via provided accessory cable)

Optical SPDIF

Mini USB digital





Automatic digital detection on the 3.5mm input

and a rear side switch for selecting between 3.5 – USB or optical input

Several USB sample rates conversion, max up to 48kHz

Full Hi-Res SPDIF inputs, 192/24

Tentlabs ultra low jitter special clock design. All clocks (including the Class D clock) will be synchronized for optimum sound performance

The mechanical specification is the same as V2

The unit can be charged through mini USB, independently of input selection

Non user-replaceable AAA chargeable batteries used

Volume knob indicator

Digital signal lock indication via ON/OFF LED


Further it will be the same electrical specification as the present iQube since they share the same class D amplifier stage.


Several improvements were made with regards to enhance the overall performance. Amongst other we have selected new digital components and we have changed several capacitors to better specced ones in the  analogue circuitry.

An on-board microprocessor has been added with own customized software for several control functions. For example to better control the charging cycle and the USB recognition of the iQube by both MAC and PC. The front LED’s are also controlled by the µp and it controls the ON/OFF switching behavior.

The 3.5mm input connector is a 4-pole mini and where the 4th pole is for the digital SPDIF input and the other 3 the analogue input. An accessory SPDIF cable 4-pole to female cinch comes standard with the iQube V3.


The sales price target is 575 euro inc VAT, 483 euro ex VAT for international sales.

Introduction October/November 2011 time frame. Keep in touch with qables.com for the final, confirmed start sales date.


We will for sure announce an introduction promotion deal!!!



Here are some computer render pics.

assembly iqube v3 front.jpg


assembly iqube v3.jpg

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Very interesting!

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Looks very nice.

Question, is there any 'improvement' in the headamp section? I, for one, would expect something different because the v1 and v2 are pretty much the same beasts.
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Yeps there is. We have played around with different caps and some adaptations in the output buffering.

Also the general background noise behaviour has been improved.

We have also improved the on/off switching behaviour. The V1 and V2 were real 'beast' in terms of plopping sound etc. That has fairly been eliminated.

So yes we have indeed been making efforts to upgrade the V3 performance wrt V1 and V2.




Rgds Hans.

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Excellent smily_headphones1.gif Good to hear that.

I had a great time enjoying the v2, might be tempted to get the v3 too,
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will there be any changes in terms of volume pot? The only down side of the v2 that really lets me down was the use of the alps which causes serious channel imbalance at low volume.

and it'd be nice if the dac section is upgraded :)

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I am interested.


I have got no portable dac/amp at the moment and this thing sure popped out at the right time =)

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The sales start has been set for October 20th.

There will be a pre-order period with discount and some other benefits!


I will soon publish that here.


Rgds Hans.

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Deeply interested in V3 !!

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dimensions?  I would consider if the footprint was similar to the ipod classic, but if its the same size as V2 its a no go for me.

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I am afraid it is the same footprint as the V2, also the same weight.

Little we can do about that, it contains double amount of parts as in the V1 and with all the caps and batteries we need the PCB space as it is.



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I had the original one and I loved the size and feel of it.  It felt very timeless and durable!  The two things that really bugged me about it were the replaceable battery compartment (now fixed) and the volume control which didn't do so well at lower volumes (hopefully fixed).

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I am just curious, why don't you make the battery user replaceable or, at least, sell the replacement battery??


As with all rechargeable batteries, they have a limited lifespan but I would like to keep my iQube with me forever without the need to send it back to Netherlands every few years (especially if I use it everyday). It is pretty far and costly.


Yup I too hope that the low volume imbalance issue will be resolved =)

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About the user replacing of batteries. The housing assembly is a complexity of 8 parts which all simultaneously must be assembled and then screwed.

The possibility of damage as well cosmetically as electrically are too great to our opinion. Hence we declare non-user replaceable.

However! First, we have chosen a very moderate (not aggressive and fast) charging policy. This takes longer to fully charge the batteries but increases the life span of the batteries. The lifespan is many 1.000's of charging cycles which mostly is many user years. Naturally depending on how much it is used.

Second. most electronic shop owners have enough technical experience and feeling to be able to do the replacing. So there is no real need to send it all the way back to NL. Also all our local dealers and resellers can perform the job since they are instructed by us how to do that.

ps the batteries are standard 1000mAh NiMh AAA batteries available anywhere around the globe.


As for the pot imbalance. Alps is known for it we must say. Try to find a pot manufacturer that specs its pots within 10% or even lower. I don't know about them.

So you can only prevent this by testing and selecting each and every one pot. Hardly undoable, more so very costly. We decided not to anyway.

If it is really unacceptable to you please contact us/me directly and we will arrange to send it in and evaluate and if truly it falls far out of the range we will select a better performing unit.

We hope that sounds reasonable.


Rgds Hans

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