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Indian music is also good.

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It is. I do wish more people would post things of that nature. There is a bloody metric ton of "Asian Music Threads" floating on the internet (no seriously, there are more than one of these) that seem to enjoy entrenching itself with K-Pop/anisong because that's all the posters are exposed to and that's all they seem to think of when the word Asian music is brought up, and I like this thread too much to want to see it fall victim to that as well.


I do believe that nick n was planning to post a large East Indian collection one of these days, but it seems as though he'd never gotten to it. I think his stuff would fall more along the lines of classical but there are one or two metal Indian bands that I could scrounge up and post later.

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I'd like to hear more Gamelan albums. I have one, but it's not very well recorded/mastered unfortunately.

There are papers explaining that some of the instruments used in Gamelan go beyond the 20 kHz region. Interesting stuff.
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So nick can't log on it seems. I'll try to see if I can forward the stuff.


Meanwhile I can't find the metal but I do have some fusion tucked away in the playlist.



I don't have the best tastes, especially when it comes to a more unfamiliar language, so perhaps someone more versed (like nick!) will chime in sooner or later here.


Also came across some polynesian fusion but ended up sounding like 80's Japanese beach music. Which ended up divulging into some other stuff (Japanese, it's a crutch).


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Love this song:


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Album is like year old but I discovered this duet two weeks ago. Very underrated in my opinion.


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We need some soul up in heya




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9Muses is one of my favorites. I'm glad someone else here appreciates fine wine. :)

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Been enjoying this lately:



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Okay grown up time now.






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