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Haute Schiit! Bifrost is world's most affordable fully upgradable DAC

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Hey all,


It's that time--time for a whole new line of Schiit! It starts with the first DAC from Mike Moffat in over a decade: Bifrost.


Bifrost changes the game in entry-level DACs, starting with full upgradability. Both the USB Input Card and DAC/Analog Card are snap-in replaceable, making Bifrost virtually future-proof. Don't throw your DAC away—upgrade when the time comes!


Even without considering upgradability, Bifrost offers exceptional value. Consider its AKM4399 D/A converter and fully discrete analog section—like those found in DACs costing several times Bifrost's price. But perhaps even more important, our advanced bit-perfect clock management system allows us to deliver all the original music samples straight to the D/A converter, rather than destroy them through upsampling.


And USB? Forget antique USB 1.1--Bifrost's optional USB input is high-speed 2.0, running asynchronously, supporting bit depths and data rates up to 24/192. It's one of the most advanced USB implementations available. Of course, Bifrost also offers two SPDIF inputs, one optical and one coaxial.


Bifrost is available for pre-order now. Bifrost retails for $349 without USB 2.0 input, and $449 with USB 2.0 input. The target ship date is August 31, 2011.


Here's the press release: http://schiit.com/news/63011-schiit-announces-bifrost-dac/

Here's the product: http://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=7

Here's a FAQ about Bifrost: http://schiit.com/schiit-faq/about-bifrost/


Bifrost is the first in a line of 3 planned Schiit DACs, with a step-up balanced model and an all-out assault on the state of the art following within the next 6 months. All will offer exceptional value and upgrade paths for future-proofing.


All the best,


Jason Stoddard 





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Nice product. Are the spdif inputs also 24/192? I notice the casing is the same as your amps, is this merely to keep the same look or do these run hot also? My DacMagic runs fairly warm.

edit - I see on the site all inputs are 24/192. Very nice.

Looking forward to checking this out at RMAF.
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Sounds and looks very interesting!!!

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Looks very nice! Can't wait to see the next 2 DAC's.
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Woo-hoo!! This should be interesting... If this offers the same kind of value proposition that the Lyr offers, this puppy (and it's subsequent brethren) should be a world-beater!! I'm particularly excited about the top-of-the-line model... Any hints about pricepoint on that one, Jason? wink.gif


Also, kudos for getting the announcement in within the June timeframe quoted earlier! biggrin.gif

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Looks like a very interesting product.  With this the first product, will you be able to upgrade to the higher level DAC's as they become available.

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Really like the contemporary and minimal design. I expect great synergy with the Lyr and eagerly await the early impressions.

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I'm a little disappointed that the USB option costs $100 extra. That makes me feel a bit cheated when the non-USB is $100 cheaper, but getting the basic non-USB makes me feel like I got an incomplete product. This really places my value perception of the product in a strange place that I cannot resolve.


Is there a reason why the USB costs $100?! I find this a bit ludicrous considering you can actually whole USB DAC/Amps for $100 already.

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Very good point. Without really thinking too much about it,  I guess I felt the same way. I figured USB 2.0 was fairly standard these days. Hmmm....

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Hey all, some quick answers:


1. Yep, all inputs are 24/192, including SPDIF.


2. A Bifrost without USB is certainly not "incomplete." It's simply an option for people who don't need USB. As far as the price goes, look at what good-quality 24/192 USB 2.0 costs, and then let's talk.

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I don't think not having USB is that bad. 


Also looking forwards to the next models.

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hmm... lol

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Definitely some interesting technical options for this DAC.

I see most of the buzzwords are checked in the press release.

You left out "galvanic isolation" for the USB input though, what about it?


Can't wait to hear what this DAC can do.

Reading from the specs, the pricing is definitely in deep value territory.

Any chance we see some combo DAC/Amp pricing deals in the future?


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I have a few questions if you will. I am trying to figure out the size from the picture. Is it fairy small? I like that it has no big light or screen the only meters I want will be on the laptop. Will it come in black?

Is the AKM4399 in the same league as the Saber chips? Thanks


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Originally Posted by Mochan View Post

Is there a reason why the USB costs $100?! I find this a bit ludicrous considering you can actually whole USB DAC/Amps for $100 already.

Which reminds me, I see headphones less than $10 every day. What gives Audeze, Sennheiser, etc.? mad.gif

Keep in mind the V-Link is $170, is 24/96 limited, and other asyncs quickly escalate up from there.

Jason, is the preorder price the expected retail, or will that change?
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