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Vsonic GR07 Review (R07)

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Vsonic GR07 Review




First impressions:  It’s a pretty box, I like the inner box too, it’s not as well done as some others but is pretty nice nevertheless.  The manual is all in Chinese bar the odd word and it seems to list a bunch of stuff it will work with, weird.  Any way, they look really nice when you see them, all very black and matte, I somehow thought they would be more glossy but actually they look the classier for it.  The cable feels lovely, reminds me a bit of Sennheiser’s IE range.  What is a little surprise are the tips, they appear to not be random generic tips that we have all seen a million times before.  Not that there is anything wrong with generic tips, the “fake” hybrids are some of the nicest tips around but it’s very interesting to see something new. 




First listening I’ve got to say, this is going to be a pretty positive review.   For a dynamic that’s fresh out of the box it has just fantastic openness and clarity.  I can really see why this has been getting such glowing reviews from others and I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet it’ll be getting the same from me.  Still it’s only fair that it gets a little burn in time so away with you.


Okay 15 min later I still haven’t taken them out and I’m telling you now, this is going to be an overwhelmingly positive review.  These are majorly good.



Source HM-601 and Studio –V and 1G iPod Shuffle with a 75 ohm adapter added and an HM-601




Lows:  BOOM!  Okay so they aren’t what you would call boomy in the low end but they have so much more power than I first thought.  The GR07 is so beguiling, it slowly draws you in with its smooth sultry gentle low end then you play a big slamming bass track.  The bass begins to power it out at you without skipping a beat, so dismissively, so effortless just who the hell knew it had it in there?  Fantastic depth too, it just keeps on going all the way down.  Granted to be all that it can be it does really want some power behind it and while the 601 and Studio both could make it roar like a lion the little Shuffle wasn’t so convincing.  This is what happens though when you start playing with higher end stuff boys and girls, there comes a time when the little DAP that could just can’t cut it anymore.  Still I’m not entirely convinced they sit at a price which commands the big amp either.  Anyway, the bass on these when driven well is fantastic, it’s so timid and well behaved until you tell it not to then it comes alive and has tremendous depth.  Such abundant depth and vociferousness you know it’s got to be a dynamic but it’s so tight and precise.  Simply stunning bass.  I know it won’t have the quantity or dominance some coming from the bottom end of the scale may wish but let me assure you this is very, very capable of doing whatever the sound engineer intended.


For something that isn’t bass dominant it’s both prodigious and supremely capable when driven well.  Top marks!




Mids:  Excellent.  I’m not going to say they are the best out there because they aren’t, but you won’t get better and certainly not for the money without making sacrifices.  They are slightly on the rich and warm side of things but not overly so.  They can do dry and airy voices more than adequately, all together not dissimilar to a dryer Klipisch Custom 3.  However I have had the occasional touch of tending toward sibilance.  It never goes over the edge and ear stabs me but you can tell its thinking about it.  It’s the only real downside to the mids here as otherwise they really are fantastic and offer superb balance and value.  Still I find myself that tiny little bit disappointed but that’s only because they are overall so stunningly good.  Quantity wise they are pretty balanced and in line with everything else.  On vocal heavy stuff the mids stand out, on bass dominant it’s the lows and treble happy stuff it’s the highs.  Really all just what a well balanced IEM should do.




Highs:  Once more, excellent.  Again I can’t say they are the best you can get as the crazy RE-0 is pretty much unbeatable for highs but the GR07 is getting pretty damn close.  A little Owl City and the GR07 have not the slightest trouble belting them out, all that shimmering treble everywhere with the odd vocal and deep low thrown in there.  They feel so nonchalant.  Yeah whatever, here it all is.  It’s so effortless and casually done it’s like the GR07 are daring you to find ever more demanding music to throw at it.  The extension on them though is perhaps the teeny tiniest bit lacking compared to the best out there and there is the slightest peak in the lower treble that makes its self just a little too noticeable.  Really though I’m splitting hairs, for the money you cannot possibly even think of complaining.  These have shimmer, control, abundance, delicacy, power, sparkle, seriously pick a word and these have it.


The RE-0 and IE7 both very different but do it better however, the IE7 rolling off and staying smoother while the RE-0 extends on all the way up with such effortless control and delicacy.  The GR07 compared to them is a little sparkly and gritty.




Soundstage:  Not really their forte but comfortably largeish sounding.  It does however have great positioning, while things may not sound as though they are a million miles away they do all sound from where they should be and you can tell what’s close and intimate and what’s further out at the edge of the room.  Directionality is very good as is the instrument separation.



Fit:  Their weird square shape gave me pause but it really wasn’t a problem and they have adjustable nozzles.  Not that I really felt the requirement to make use of that but I ask this, why are all IEM nozzles not adjustable?  They really were a case of shove in and done.




Comfort:  Once more their shape worried me but it wasn’t an issue, maybe partly down to those adjustable nozzles?  Either way I was happy wearing them all day.



Cable:  One of the better cables I’ve seen in my time.  It really does remind me of the one on the IE8 but maybe a big part of that is the colour of them.  The cable is a little more ridged than would be ideal but I’m nit picking.  The cable is nicely textured, not rubbery or clingy and pretty flexible.




Microphonics:  None.  Well you will get a little if you sit and tap the cable but really there is nothing to complain about here.



Amped/Unamped:  While there were no night and day differences to be found I’m telling you right now these are good enough that they deserve what an amp can do for them.  They clean up all round.  The little Shuffle, while it is a beast of a little DAP it just didn’t have the power to let the GR07 shine.  Sure they sounded really good but moving up to the more powerful players like the Studio-V and the HM-601 it was quite evident that as you upped the scale the GR07 would scale up too.   These are good either way but clearly and noticeably improve when driven well.




Isolation:  A little above par for a dynamic.  It’s not going to set any records and isn’t what I’d buy if isolation was all important to me.  Still it would be enough to get you hit with a bus because you didn’t hear it coming but like I often say, not really what you’d pick for that nonstop flight to New Zealand.



Value:  At present the only place I can find these to be available is lendmeyourears on ebay at $158 (I’m taking those to be US$) so that’s at present circa £95.  Hmm it’s a pretty competitive area and while there is a bunch of stuff that beat the GR07 in any given area I really can’t think of one that beats it all over.  The only thing I can think of that’s as much an all rounder as this is the Brainwavz M3.  The M3 may be the closest but side by side to each other you can hear where the extra $50 has gone.  There just is no all rounder as accomplished as this without going into far higher money and even then I’m still not completely sure.  The IE7 too is competition and comes close to the GR07 everywhere if not beating it but its a much more relaxed sound.  Personally I love the IE7 but some find it a little dull or boring and that really can’t be said of the GR07.  In short, its great value.




Conclusion:  I can say without any doubt the GR07 is one of the best IEM’s out there.  Don’t mistake that statement for claiming the GR07 is a “Top Tier or Top Table” IEM, it is not.  It has flaws, most notably the slightly sibilant edge in the upper mids and the sometimes shouty lower highs.  The upper highs too don’t really go all the way on up either.  Still I am audiophile nit picking and comparing the GR07 to the absolute best that is out there.  It takes audiophile levels of quality, throws in a dash of soul and passion, stirs in a little drama and liveliness and then ever so carefully layers on a helping of monitor like balance and technical ability.  It a stunning all round package. 


The cable is very good.  The fit is very good.  The comfort is very good.  The bass is very good, borderline brilliant.  The mids are very good.  The highs are mostly very good.  The balance is very good.  The dynamic vibrancy is very good.  Its monitor like even-handedness is pretty good.  I think you get the idea.  There is just nothing the GR07 really falls down on but likewise there is nothing it truly excels at either.  However unless you have very clear requirements or want to have a half dozen or so IEM’s there just isn’t anything that is likely to please everyone.  Sennheisers excellent IE7 is the closest I can think of but it has more of a richness to it that is often described as “the Sennheiser veil” some love that but many don’t.  The GR07 takes all qualities and nails them right in the middle. 


It is said you can’t be all things to all men but Vsonic and the GR07 has got to be pretty damn close.


edit: forgot to add this below


Vsonic GR07 Quick Review


Brief:  Vsonic gets serious, seriously good.


Price:  US$155 today that means £94.


Specification:  11mm CCAW high dynamic transducer with multi-layers bio-cellulose diaphragm (how fancy does that sound?)  Rated Impedance: 50Ω +/- 10%   Sensitivity: ≥105dB (@ 500Hz)  Frequency Response: 7Hz—30,000Hz  Distortion: <0.2% @ 105dB (20μpa)  Channel Imbalance: <1dB (@ 500Hz) / ≤1.5dB (@ 20Hz12.5KHz)  Max. Input: 50mW


Accessories:  5 pairs of tips, some ear guides and a case.


Build Quality:  Very nice, apparently handmade too.  Cable could be a little wore flexible but it feels nice and sturdy.


Isolation:  Its reasonable, it’s a dynamic so it’s not flight to New Zealand level of isolation but it’s pretty good and would be fine for day to day.  Enough to get you run over if you’re not looking.


Comfort/Fit:  It’s weird square shape did give me pause but when I used them they actually were fine.  Fit too was fine with their new tips and their adjustable nozzle I would think most people should get on really well with them fit wise.  Comfort and that shape may be more variable but was fine for me.


Aesthetics:  Pretty, not stand out pretty more of an understated, classical sense of pretty.  It’s dark, matte and discreet and I like it.


Sound:  Just excellent.  It’s got crazy depth and power low down, fantastic articulation in the mids and very good sparkle and detail up top.  It’s not a miracle IEM that does everything perfectly and there are a bunch of stuff that can beat it but little costs this little and is so adept at everything.  The GR07 can do fun just as well as it can do monitor which is no mean feat.  I can think of nothing that is so good, so fantastically versatile, so evenly balanced and frankly, so cheap.  Its only real failing is it can get a little shouty and sibilant in the upper mid / lower treble range.  Even then it’s not something that’s universally present; it depends on the source and as always depends on the track.  It also is something that diminishes when you listen more quietly but don’t feel you have to.  I really am nitpicking.  While I’m at it another nitpick would be that the treble is a little sparkly, a little gritty and doesn’t have the greatest shimmery extension when compared to say the RE-0.  Like I said though I really am nitpicking, overall the GR07 is a stunner.


Value:  Just excellent.  For circa £100 this offers a real taste of the good stuff.  The same money just isn’t going to get anything as all round accomplished as the GR07.  Yes you can beat it in certain areas if you have very specific requirements or know exactly what you want.  If you want something that can do everything then this is it.


Pro’s:   Stunning sound from an excellent all rounder.


Con’s:  Hard to actually get one, tiny bit sibilant and can be beaten by others in particular areas.



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Great review!  I love your style.


Great to see the GR07's getting more reviews, there haven't really been many yet, other than from the higher profile users here (like you!).  I quite like the sound of these.  Coming from my PL50, it was quite a shock to see how good IEMs could get. :P


And yeah, I do find them somewhat similar to my HD595.  Could be that these have a touch of that "sennheiser" sound to them.  They do look quite similar to the IE8, too. :P

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how many hours of burn-in does yours have? These seem to require a very large amount (about 200hrs) for that sibilance to be tamed, has to do with the driver being a bio-cellulose. I really wonder how it will sound in the long-haul though. 

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Nice review. I'm a bit bored with my old Super Fi Pro 5s and although I really want customs, there's more important things I need to buy first. Perhaps these would be a good stop gap, and reviving that 'an IEM upgrade for my mum lol' thread I made, perhaps these would suit her too!

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Do these have a chin slider on them?  Can you possibly post a pic of them in your ear?  Thanks again for a great review Mark.  I love my M3s, but the lack of a chin slider bothers me and wearing them over the ear is tough without one (not a fan of the guides).

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The funny thing about them is that the cable tends to tangle nicely below the chin and naturally does the same thing for me. Not that the cable easily tangles, it's almost tangle-free. 

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Er there's a chin slider on them for sure. they slide easily n they do twist a little but not a problem.

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Originally Posted by dbdynsty25 View Post

Do these have a chin slider on them?  Can you possibly post a pic of them in your ear?  Thanks again for a great review Mark.  I love my M3s, but the lack of a chin slider bothers me and wearing them over the ear is tough without one (not a fan of the guides).

The ear guides that come with the GR07 are excellent.  Very low-profile and quite functional.  It definitely has a chin slider, and it works very well.  It stays in place once you push it up.  It is a bit annoying, though, that the cable tends to twist around itself under the chin slider after it's been in use for awhile.  Not really sure why it tends to do that.  Not a big deal, but it bugs me nevertheless. :P

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I just got my GR-07 yesterday and I love them too! Upgraded from the RE0 (split housing mad.gif), and while the VSonic is not as bright, it is definitely has more depth on the lower frequencies, which I thought was lacking. Comfort and cable is awesome too, and the sound is not as fatiguing as the RE0 due to being less harsh on the higher frequencies.

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Excellent review.. quite accurate, imo.  I've got about 200 hrs on these and I don't hear any sibilance.. I heard a slight amount around the 50-70 hr mark.. at 150 or so, it tapers..


They're most certainly amongst my favorite IEMs.. when it comes to layering and all around performance in a universal, I'm not sure there's anything that competes under $250 to $300.  I love the fact I can listen to them the entire day cause they're so non fatiguing.. but will please the detail-freak for the most part.

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Thanks for the review, Mark. Dynamic transducer has certainly came out on its own since last year. Unlike two years ago, most of the really impressive IEM I tried lately are all dynamic based.

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nice to see you mark.excellent review m8.i'll have to agree with everything you said except that sibilance doesnt bother me.maybe because i am used to the sparkly highs of my jh13.

regarding ergonomics,it is indeed like the ie8 shape and cable of the best cables i have seen.

my only small caveat with them is their soundstage depth is so-so.otherwise pretty darn fantastic iem for the value.

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Thanks for the review Mark.


How do you compare the treble of these with that of RE-ZERO ?

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Originally Posted by nizarp View Post

Thanks for the review Mark.


How do you compare the treble of these with that of RE-ZERO ?

Well, he compared it to the RE0, so I'd imagine it'd be pretty similar.

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Originally Posted by DaBomb77766 View Post

Well, he compared it to the RE0, so I'd imagine it'd be pretty similar.


I have read that treble quality is almost the same for RE-ZERO and RE0, but there is significant difference in quantity. Just wanted to know because too much treble is trouble for me.. :)



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