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Funny thing is that these speakers are designed to be stacked... just not the way this guy did it. He just put them right on top of each other with a piece of cardboard in-between. The top actually comes off and so does the base to make one integrated unit. Buuuut he didn't have the manuals and this is one time that might have actually helped. If I close that deal, it'll take a few weeks, but I'll keep y'all up to date.

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I didn't know that. Interesting.
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Was given a vintage Realistic hi-fi setup from 1979 in excellent condition.  It's the STA-2100D receiver and pair of Mach One floor standing speakers.  


I can't believe how good these speakers sound.   They are slightly warm but they have plenty of detail in the upper mids and high.  The bass is the best ive ever heard from towers though i have little experience with high end speakers.


i love them and am wondrring if there is anything i should do to maintain them to keep them operating at their best.


i will submit pictures soon.



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As long as the driver gaskets and woofer surrounds are intact (push on the woofer, you should feel some back pressure), they should be good to go. If you want to check the crossover components, you can. They sometimes drift out of spec over the course of 30 years, mine still measure fine though.

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My quest for vintage speakers continues. I'm open to suggestions as always...of course. Originally I was planning to spend about $250-$300. I was looking for:


*sweet mids (primary)

*silky darker treble

*nice tight bass but some presence (nothing boomy or loose at all)

*vintage look (wooden cabinets and 60's-70's looking grills)

*smaller in size


Through the suggestions from you guys, Trav and Rob among others, I came to the conclusion that I needed to find a pair of Dyanco A25's. And in fact I'm trying to win pair on ebay today. I'll have to spend my max budget to get them though. 


Now that  I've had a chance to listen to actually listen to some good vintage speakers, my opinion on them has changed. I have thought for years that hp's gave me the experience that I was after. Now I realize of course that "the right" full sized speakers can offer the same experience. 


So my question is, if I'm not able to win the Dynaco is there another speakers that might give me even a little more in a larger size? I might be able to increase my budget a bit.  The Pioneer HMP 100's, while a great speaker, are not for me. Great bass and awesome design. Great for being played loudly, but I never listen loudly. I listen to a lot of jazz at soft to medium levels. Lot's of vocals. A little indie pop, country, blues and some classical. 


Thanks in advance for the help guys!!

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If you're ready to front some money, the JBL L100 speakers have everything you're looking for. You might get lucky and find a pair for $400, but they usually go for $500-$950. I've gotten a few good deals on them in the past because people don't realize how easy they are to repair.

Otherwise, I stand behind my suggestions for the HPM 40's or Jensen TF3's.

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Maybe a pair of Infinity Kappa 6's or RS6B.
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I thought that the Infinity line had a reputation for being bright on the treble?

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I don't think of the EMIT tweeter as bright. But the real key there is the independent mid and tweeter level controls. You can make it sound a lot of different ways. And the EMIT tweeter and Polydome mid are superlative drivers.
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You could rebuild the crossover aka put in new electrolytics. They could be off value or dried out after all those years.

You can expect many more years of service. and if they where off by a large factor, your drivers will be back to their proper crossover points. You might even get some more treble response out of them.
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Matt KLH 6 will work too. Kloss got it all right on that model.
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Okay, I've got my radar on for the KLH. 

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Anyone know anything about the JBL Control 10 monitors.  A pair popped up on CL for $300.  From what little I've been able to garner they sound like nice speakers.   I haven't heard enough JBL that era to know their house sound.  I did read that they were designed for tv and radio station rooms, so are conducive to small space which I would need.

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The Control 10s aren't what I'd consider suited for a small space, they have pretty large cabinets. Honestly the only times I've seen them used is for PA or commercial background music installations. If you want something from the classic JBL Control line, look for a set of Control 1s or 5s. I recently got a set of rare Control 1 Plus (which I'll post about eventually) and they're fantastic bookshelves if you can find them.
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Hey guys...where might one find vintage speaker grill cloth. I've got a pair of KLH speakers that I'd like to recover the grills on. I'm looking for something that's inexpensive but that looks vintage.



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