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VentureCraft Go-Dap GD-04 for iPhone 4

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The next iteration of Go-Dap specifically designed for the iPhone 4 is now announced at CES. Still about twice as thick and now it seems that all the buttons and indicators are shifted to the left side. There is also a button for selecting the sampling rate/gain at 48k and 96k/24bit when output the signal through the optical. 








This is still pretty much a prototype and hopefully the production unit will be thinner when releasing in April.

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My first thought was, this thing is big. But then you consider how much futures it packs: DAC, Amp and a battery, then it feels very resonible.
I'm definatly going to have my eyes open for this one when it comes out!
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Posted originally in another thread - spring headphone festival from Fujiya Avic in Tokyo (http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/548917/headphone-festival-2011-in-tokyo-may-7th-2011#post_7457238): 


Listened to go-dap 4 prototype for iphone4, the design is really cool but apart from tightening up the bass with my iem (Sensaphonics 2-XS), there wasn't sufficient gain in SQ to justify the added weight / size. I even thought it might be a tad too warm sounding for my already quite dark sounding iems... The price sounds about right (35,000JPY) and it includes SPDIF optical out so you can use it as a transport. It works at 48 or 96kHz, 16 or 24 bits. I assume it can read 96/24 stream from the ipod. 

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Any news on the availability of this beauty??? popcorn.gif

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Originally Posted by nywytboy68 View Post

Any news on the availability of this beauty??? popcorn.gif

It is scheduled to be available in June and MSRP is about.... 430USD eek.gif


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It's unclear to me if this re-digitalizes the music to the digital out or is it straight digital out from the iPhone like the CLAS?

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when is someone going to release something that is just a transport, rather than including a heap of features that many that want high end sound will simply bypass and pay for for no reason

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There's some weird stuff going on here, but I LOVE the idea...It looks great.

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Is this product out yet? The website of the company is only promoting the 3GS model.

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We apologize not to inform you about the progress on our new model for iPhone4 for such a long time.

Since we are not in a sponsor at Head-Fi currently we would like to make an announcement about our latest model here instead of Sponsor Announcement and Deals.


We are still working on developing our new model, Go-Dap Unit4.0 (previously named GD-04) and its official release for a market would be likely this summer in fact.

The spec of Unit4.0 would be changed from the specs that we informed you before at the exhibition at CES and our promotion video.

The latest spec will be as attached catalog below.






Width: 63.40mm
Height: 127.75mm (main unit)
Depth: 23.00mm
Weight: 139g
Technical specifications---------
Battery: lithium-ion
Capacity: 1580mA/h
S/N ratio: 95dB or more
Charging method: USB cable (USB 2.0) (included)
Maximum output: 50mW + 50mW (32Ω)
Distortion rate: 0.009%(10mW)
Frequency characteristics: 20-20kHz
Adaptive impedance: 16Ω or higher
Output terminal : 3.5mm headphone jack
                      : 3.5mm toslink digital output


We just exhibited some trail pieces at Fujiya Aciv Headphone Festival in May in Tokyo and hold a demonstration to the visitors which only ended up showing mock-ups at CES 2011 at Las Vegas.


VentureCraft table at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes in Tokyo




We are going to exhibit the Unit4.0 at CE Week Line Show at NYC at 22-23 of June and hopefully we can do some demos there as well.

VentureCraft Table No: T41


Drop our table and try our Unit4.0 with your iPhone4 if you have a change to come over to NYC during the above period.



The price for the Unit4.0 will be decided later.

We will renewal our website along with the official release of the Unit4.0 and you will be able to purchase the item through our website firstly.


Please give us a little more time to finalize our high-spec model and wait till we make an announcement at our twitter, website, Head-Fi or Jaben around this summer.



Thank you for your support,








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Though, LOLOLOOL at that promotion video! :D haha


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I'm really interested in this product still. If you can make it sound great, and charge my phone too, I'll love it. 


I've been interested in a charging case for quite awhile, and this would be perfect if it sounds good.

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retail price?

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I want this so bad!!! popcorn.gif

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Very interested. Please advise me on the following questions:

1) Is this unit only for iPhone 4? Not for 3gs, 4th and 3rd Gen iPod Touch, and iPad?

2) Does the headphone output take the analog signal from the dac of Go-dap or from the dac of iPhone?

3) what are the dac chip and the opamps?


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