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How DI-V3 in comarison with AP2? 


I had an AP2+PP and sold it soon. Found it too much aggressive and bright sound.


How sound a DI-V3?

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I like the DI V3 with my Calyx DAC better than my AP1/PP set-up. For whatever reason, the AP1/PP seemed to produce a sound out of the Calyx that was a touch more clinical and less musical. Hard to say if that will correlate with your DAC however.

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I'm already placed an order for Musical Fidelity V-Link-192. I found much very nice positive feedbacks. 

Hope it will work out with my system.

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Originally Posted by Ajwaldo View Post

I have a DI-V3 and are trying to run it with the SBT with the  EDO, though the SBT says it is running asynchronous the Metrum Octave DAC will not lock on to the signal. I am running the #4 firmware in the VIA 1731 DI-V3, the question is Where do I find the EDO with the #4 kernel as I would like to try it? The unit runs Ok with SPDIF output from the SBT but will not lock on any file over 96khz...? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Try to contact Triode who made the EDO app over on Slimdevices forum:



Please let us know if you have any luck.

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Getting a bit lost with the technical talk and I don't plan on using S/PDIF... if I buy a DI V3 (w/the PSU and upgraded clock), will it just work off the bat with the SBT and EDO app via USB?

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If you ask Kingwa to pre-install the kernel firmware #3, yes it will.


With the newer firmware (#4) I cannot say for sure it will work. It didn't work properly on my NFB-27 (lots of distortion).

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Thanks. I want something hassle free but I'd rather not pay what's being asked for the Audiophilleo or the Legato 2, and at the cheaper end it's really between this and the HiFace 2, and I like the fact I can order the PSU (as to not run off USB power) with it.

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Hi all,


I'm using a Nuforce DDA-100. I'm thinking about adding a usb-spdif converter because DDA-100 doesn't support 24/88.2k and 24/192k files though usb. Do any of you happen to know if the audio-gd digital interface goes well with the nuforce please? Thanks a lot!



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guys, tell me one thing please:


every converter in the market uses a 12mhz clock for usb receiver chip and 2 separate clocks (24.576 and 22.5792 mhz) for clocking the PCM audio stream.

one of the biggest difference between these (all other) converters is the clock quality and how they are implemented.


the maker of from Art Legato claims to select the best clocks by measuring lots of the same type, the maker of Offramp (as i remember) claims the same.

Berkeley audio use a special ordered Crytek clocks, Bel canto's marketing of the new usb-converter line is mainly based on the quality of the clocks they use...


and at tha same time....Audio-gd's DI has NO CLOCKS for PCM audio stream.

the only clock it has is a 12 mhz which only controls the receiver chip.

i mean - that's really weird.... (even though i enjoy my DI-DSP)

but how possibly can Audio-gd's design can superior to anything?

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The VIA has built in PLL

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that's what i'm talking about

in my understanding there's absolutely no way PLL can win over a decent implemented XO

i thought that PLL and low jitter are... well, antonymes

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Originally Posted by kr0gg View Post


that's what i'm talking about

in my understanding there's absolutely no way PLL can win over a decent implemented XO

i thought that PLL and low jitter are... well, antonymes



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I have had the DI-V1 for a long time. Just got the DI-V3 today and love it from the first sound because the improvement is evident. The same setup (A-gd Ref One DAC > LD MKVIIIse > HD800) but the sound is much more coherent and real. First impressions are really great! I hope that is not a new-toy-placebo effect and the SQ will stand for a long time :)

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Did you do some A/B tests to feel the improvements a bit better ?

I've the DI-V1 in my setup (DAC19 + C2) and wanted to upgrade to V2 but the V3 defeat it and doesn't suffer from the driver issues so I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the V3.

I'm quite affraid about the V3 being too bright as somebody else said something like "a veil has been removed but at the expense of a little more brightness".

I already find my setup bright sometimes so I don't want any more brightness. Just more clarity, possibly less brightness, and more bass extension as I feel it to be a bit weak.


Could you elaborate a bit more your feelings about V3 vs V1 please? I mean in terms of differences in tone accuracy, frequency extension (highs and bass), coherence, soundstage, etc.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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My direct ABing was rather short and just FYI: I had the DI-V1 with the TCXO upgrade and have the DI-V3 with the TCXO upgrade as well...


At the moment, I can provide a little bit more experience after ca 25 hours with the DI-V3:


1. Many instruments sound more real, eg. saxophone, violin, piano, cymbals... and human voice too. Sound fidelity has improved a lot. Everything sounds better/much better in terms of accuracy.


2. Yes, it sounds like a veil has been removed but not sure about the "little more brightness". This is very tricky to describe: There is an overall increase in detail and fidelity everywhere but not at the cost of a shift to the treble. Bass is still there in a very good volume and I believe that it is extended and more detailed. The same with highs - extended and more detailed. Frequency balance is OK. I think that the overall sound can be perceived as "a little more bright" but this is rather due to the overall accuracy and detail increase and not due to a shift or a change in the frequency response. But my headphone amps are not bass-shy at all and I am unable to estimate possible effects of DI-V3 in different setups. The synergy with the following headphone chains is definitely great:

DI-V3>A-Gd-Ref1>LD MKVIIISe>Senn HD800

DI-V3>A-Gd-Ref1>A-Gd Phoenix>Senn HD800


---> I think that my DAC (A-Gd Ref One) loves better digital input. This turned out in the past and DI-V3 is a great step towards its full potential.


I hope that everything can be understood :) ... also hope that this will help you... and 'am curious about the experience of others...


One last note: I think that "the brightness" can have some relation to the TCXO upgrade itself. I had this feeling when I upgraded to the TCXO in my DI-V1. But do not take this too seriously, this is rather a speculative opinion based on my unreliable memory from quite distant past.

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