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RE-Zero In-ear headphones Limited Edition Sample Give Away

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We will have three new RE-ZERO product sample for head-fiers. You can reply a post in this thread about why we should give you this sample. We will decide on June 8th.


RE-ZERO is the Limited Edition of celebrating our RE in-ear line 3 years history. 1000 pcs total.


Product Features

Metal In-ear Earphones

16 Ohm impedence. Good for both music players and headphone amps

Silver Coil for more real bass

3.5mm balanced headphone Plug (TRRS)

Standard 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor




9mm Driver

16 Ohm impedence

Sensitivity: 100db/1mw

Rate input: 10mw

Maximium input: 30mw

Frequency Response: 15Hz to 22kHz


Available: Jun 2010

Price: $99



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Because mine is the first reply and I'm vividly following head direct - or because I am so curious to see the build quality that so many people have been praising recently and it would be such a convenient set to take everywhere haha :)

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i would love a sample set of these.


you should give me the sample because i am a head-direct supporter; i bought soundmagic pl-50 from the store. 


also, although i'm relatively new and i have never done a full-scale review for head-fi, i would put the time and research into doing one for these. my headphone collection is starting to become big enough that i can make comparisons and note the key differences. i would be as fair and objective as possible in the review.


right now my favorite iem is orto e-q7, but if you give me this sample, maybe i will change my mind!

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Dear Nankai,


I'd certainly like a sample set as I enjoyed the clarity of the RE0 but returned them because I really did want a bit more bass...if this new set has that along with the renowned RE0 clarity I will happily tell anyone who will listen that this pair is great for everyone!


My whole strategy is to start my collection "correctly" so that I will have one of each type of headphone that represents great performance/value and also the width and breadth of Head-Fi experience.  I still need a great iem!


I have been so happy with PK1 and PK3 that my friends at work have three more sets of PK3 coming in next week...


Not having RE0 feels like such a gap.  I'm waiting for the well-reviewed Fischer Audio DBA-02, but for 2/3 the price...maybe the RE-Zero is really the way to go?


I'd LOVE to compare!  Cheers, anyway for the great customer service and your product line.  As my collection matures, I'm sure it will have more contributions from your store.

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I really love the RE252, and I've been a keen supporter of Hifiman products- Have the HM801 + Game Card, and I really love your fantastic customer service (Thanks Ms T for getting me my new adapter on rush delivery!).


I think you guys make fantastic products and I would love to have a sample of this... The added real bass, in particular, sounds extremely tempting!


PS, I really love the name RE-Zero.

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I own the RE 2,RE 1 and the RE0.I simply love the RE 0 .Its an amazing peice of IEM i have owned till date.I am a big fan of head-direct as well.Promoted head-direct in my country( India) and organized the first head-fi meet India last month.I was overwhelmed to see a lot of members who brought your products after my opinion in the forums .I am amazed to see the spec of the RE ZERO and would love to try it.


I never had issues with Head-Direct till date .I have shown my IEM's to my friends and damn they fell in love with the same and have brought them .


Head-Direct even if i miss this sample giveaway .I would still be a BIG FAN of you folks.



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I use my RE0s everyday for 3 hours except on the weekend,I've not heard any other IEM or portable headphone which could produce this much detail, the soundstage sometimes out performs my full size headphones at home,I cannot believe that such low cost IEMs could product this quality of sound.


I don't undestand why people spend so much money on Universal IEM's when the best in the business is available for about 1/5 of the price.

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RE0 was one of my more favorite iem's that I have owned previously and probably hold the title for my most bang for my buck. I would like to receive a sample since I would like to see how it is different than when I had my RE0 and how it does against other similar sound signature phones that I own which are much more expensive and see if this new RE-Zero continues the trend of being a bang for your buck product.

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Why you should Give me..?

Cause Im handsome, like a prince charming :) LOL

Im a  funny "guy", but not a "gay" :) LOL

Im a smart guy :) , but no girls want me :(

But I wont give up search for a right girls for me :)

Remember Barrack Obama, Always Say this "Yes 'I' Can" LOL :)

its a free item, I love free item :), Even a brochure, as long its free, love them :) Hahaha LOL




Cause I know you're a kind and a generous person.. We have to share with others, remember?

And RE-Zero really suit with me..


Cause when I was in a junior high school I like to sleep when my Teacher in class teaching us..

And suddenly my teacher make a test for us, my teacher wanna know are we listening to her or not..

But I don't anything yet.. So im ended with Zero score.. Im happy with that, and I dont care Hahahaha..!

Then I have to REmedial(Re-test) for the test..

So thats why its suits with me RE-Zero ( REmedial for a Zero score) :P


sorry so many edit, since i want to make the best reason :) best and unique, thats me

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I will never forget the first time I listened to Electric Ladyland at age 13 (recorded from my dad's vinyl to tape) through a pair of headphones. This was my first (and probably best) "eargasm". Ever since then I have been chasing that feeling. Every once in a while I get it - as in my recent aquisition of a pair of Grado headphones.

I would, however, love to have a more portable way of getting my eargasm fix. That tingling sensation as it creeps up my spine; the palpable raise in my heart rate; the irresistable smile as it makes it way across my face.

Maybe you can help me take that enjoyment with me everywhere I go.

I hope so.

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Although HiFIMAN does things better than ordinary DAPs technically (instrument separation, imaging), this masterpiece from Head-Direct didn't impress me. HM-801 didn't pair up well with my favourite SM3.


I need motivation from Head-Direct to take the plunge on HM-802 (or something similar) :)

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I purchased the RE0's directly from your website but honestly wasn't thrilled with the bass.  Returning them was a tough decision because everything else was so perfect about them.  In all honestly I regret my decision as they were an excellent pair of iems.  I would love to experience the new RE-Zero's!  Chances are i'll be buying them anyways... just the truth.

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I really want a pair of RE-ZEROs. The RE0 is one of the best experiences I've ever had with portable audio. However, it has a few faults (weak bass and dynamics among them - although the dynamics may be due to impedance) that are causing me to lean towards customs. I want to try these to see if they can satisfy me and convince me that I don't have to spend over $100 to get the level of sound that I want.

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no fancy pansy words ~


just like a chance to review RE-Zero may be

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The RE-Zero sample should be given to me because I have been faithfully listening to the original RE-0 which I paid for at the then bargain price. This is the one that came with the cool dragon design inlaid on top of the round leather case.


In all honesty, I just think the RE-Zero would be an even better set of IEMs than my RE-0 and would appreciate the chance to hear the difference through my Cowon S9.


In addition I have been a big fan of the EF1 tube amp which is glowing and exuding wonderful sounds into my Denon D2000.


Pretty please.

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