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Took a ride to Bear Mountain this morning.

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finally got around to taking the yammy out on a proper ride..first real ride on a super sport for me..got nice and comfortable as the day wore on..


leaned it over further than it ever was and got rid of my chicken strips ..railing through 40 mph corners at 85-90..130 on the straights..fun times


fantastic group of people..great weather and a real nice ride





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Congrats on your purchase.  Was there a very sarcastic tone with the picture that caught the words "Weight Limit 18 Tons"?

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thanks!! haha..i was wondering if you guys would notice that.. :D

I need to shed some weight personally (: start working out and drop at least 30 pounds over the next few months) and replace the ridiculous stock can on my R6..thinking of putting a moto GP style shorty if I can find it within my budget. That should shed a lot of weight too.


Installing R&G sliders this weekend, maybe even DIY a fender eliminator.


New weisco piston kit, new pro taper fat bars, skid plate, front tire, tube and bearings going on the KDX dirt bike.


Looking forward to tons more rides and shredding on the trails

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oh and by the way..switched to country financial for my insurance..360/yr full coverage on my R6..100/300k per incident limits..i couldn't believe it. No one else came remotely close with that price. 

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Originally Posted by stingx View Post

Took a ride to Bear Mountain this morning.


 I wish you would have told me…I love Bear Mountain. Gotta get up there before Memorial day and all of the Winnebago's start to clog the arteries worse that Fettuccine Alfredo.


Biker's paradise. And don't get me started about Perkins Memorial Drive. 

A great place to kick tires and tell some lies.


I'm going next saturday with a Harley neighbor if you'd like to join. I know that place like the back of my hand…now if only I could find my hand. tongue.gif


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This guys good. A 450 lb. Supersport. He's my Japanese Idol.


Of course all the oil goes to the back of the pan, and you have to wait at least 10 minutes before riding it hard again otherwise you can kiss that mother, "Goodbye".

Stock pipes and sneakers, nonetheless.

Yes folks, that's what the bottom of a 205 h.p bike looks like.




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NIce!!..that you ??


a coupleof better pics from yesterday's ride.




"The Shredders"



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All you youngsters with those rockets. I'll Keep my oldtimers Road Glide on the Blue RIdge Parkway.  Ahh, maybe if I was a little younger and not so beat up. , Of course Tail of the Dragon isn't too far away

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Video from yesterday's ride. That stock can on my bike looks humongous haha



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I'm only 38, but I still enjoy leaning through a 30MPH curve.

Fast bikes are wonderful, but being on two wheels is incredible. I don't have to push the envelope to enjoy it. Maybe that means I'm a crusty has-been, I love being on a bike.
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38??   blink.gif  Uncle E, that is just as unbelievable as when I thought immtbiker was doing that wheelie!

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Definately another world. About the closest I came to sport biking it was going through the Tail of the Dragon on my earlier bike (Harley Wide Glide) blasting Sammy Hagars Heavy Metal through my earphones. On this one I put a 150 watt Amp in the fairing.

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It had to be asked. Besides when we and our wives enter our 60's, what to you guys thing of the Camrods instead of a Goldwing or a Ultra Glide Classic.

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I'll get to the Tail of the Dragon some day. Though we have Tortilla Flats out here and some nice backroads. smily_headphones1.gif
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