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YAQIN have finally released their replacement to the much loved CD2 tube bufer - the CD3. Aesthetically, YAQIN have disgarded the design of the old CD2, giving the CD3 a much more modern look. Technically, the CD3 dispenses with the 6J1/EF95/6AK5 family of pentodes and instead utilises the 6N8P/6SN7 family of dual triodes.

Prices start at around £100.
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The tubes look like they are comfortably ensconced in a modern version of the "Egg chair" hailing from the late 60's

Looks cool though. Did you order one of these Godkin ?

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Not yet, but most definately on my shopping list.
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Neat looking little doo-dad. Tempting to pick one up, even though I really have no clear use for it
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
Neat looking little doo-dad. Tempting to pick one up, even though I really have no clear use for it
All the more reason to try one
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I bet some SP (like) adapters could expand the tube choice possibilities to an insane level of rolling goodness......damn I have a fully modded X10 V3 + X-PSU and I want to buy this little jewel....there is no cure for this disease

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If you buy this one, you get a pair of Sophia Electric 6SN7's for $90 - that is cheaper than you can get the anywhere else:

Yaqin CD3 Tube Signal Upgrade TubeBuffer (TJ)6SN7 Tubes - eBay (item 260534337609 end time Feb-06-10 03:48:15 PST)

Uh oh...I feel a hole in my wallet coming on...help...must...resist...buying...stuff...I...d on't...need...
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Holy hell Sky that is a terrific deal.....must resist urge to double click link.....


EDIT: Gah...couldn't resist. Looks like the Egg chairs come off .....oh man.
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There are a couple of upgraded 6SN7 packages from this seller.

Skylab, you've got a lot of experience of the 6SN7 tube, what would be a good quality, but reasonably priced, alternative to the stock 6H8C tubes. Are the Russian tubes any good?

Congrats on your buy, Peete.
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I don't like the Russian tubes, no. But the basic Chinese tubes are worse still. Even a basic NOS RCA or Sylvania 6SN7GTB will smoke them, and you can get those for $10-15 each, easily. There are a zillion 6SN7 varieties, at all kinds of prices. I like the NOS tall-bottle Tung-Sol 6SN7WGT, which tend to go for about $50 each or so - but beware of the current production Tung-Sol "re-issues", which are Russian made, and not real Tung-Sols.
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Some other goods ones beyond what Sky has talked about are Ken-Rad 6SN7GT VT231 Black glass staggered black plates, RCA 6SN7GT VT231 Grey Glass, staggered black plates, 6SN7GT Tung-Sol - "mouse ear" micas, gray plates,6SN7GT Tung-Sol - staggered black plates,6SN7GTA GE - side getter, clear top,6SN7WGT Sylvania JAN - chrome dome, brown base, black t-plate with 3 rivets.....that should be enough to get a feel for the sheer variety of this tube.....it's almost endless.

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I've made an offer on one - went with the one with the cheap Chinese tubes since I have so many nice 6SN7's. Let's see if the seller accepts my offer
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....haha I made an offer too.... seller is in no rush to reply!
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Once the old bank balance recovers, I'll order one too.
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Interesting progression:

CD1: 6N1/6DJ8/6922/7308 tube (1)
CD2: 6J1/EF95/6AK5 tubes (2)
CD3: 6N8P/6SN7 tubes (2)

Are there inherent advantages of any of these tube families over the others?
Is there any inherent advantage of using two tubes vs. only one?

Remember, we are using this as only a buffer (sonics, impedance matching, etc.), with no gain.
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