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Scann-Tec from Celestial Dragon Records,  it is a nice listen

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x2 Facial Memories by Scann-Tec


I have most of the Celestial Dragon stuff, their compilations (Future Sound Theory 1&2) are so cool....

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We should start posting on this thread again, it was a good one. 

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Besides a lot that have already been mentioned, here's some of my most favorites:

Entheogenic, Zero Cult, Saafi Brothers, Makyo, Side Liner, Zero One, Dr. Atmo & Ramin, Perpetual Loop.
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I have been listening to Brujo's Bowl, and Trifoninc's new album .

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I know they've been mentioned earlier but Kuba, Bluetech, and Hibernation are the cream of the crop for me. Everything they do is a gem. 







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Kick Bong does some great things, as well. 


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I'll keep this alive a bit longer...


Seahorse Transform






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Entheogenic - Entheogenic (Full Album). Amazing.






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Sure, I'll keep posting... It's difficult to get a comment in with all these responses... Haha.


These are amazing, by the way:







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Radioactive Sandwich












You also have the ones you probably already know: Shpongle, Ott, Younger Brother.


And I can't be bothered to carry on searching for videos but you have: Shantifax, Soulacybin, Kalya Scintilla, C.J. Catalizer, Chronos, Zero Cult.


Not sure if these are entirely relevant


Paper Tiger (those from Ashville NC, because there are a few), Papadosio, Phototaxis (pretty unknown, just getting started), J.Viewz.


Oh, and Electrypnose (www.electrypnose.com) has many shades of electronica form darkpsy to chillout. Worth looking into


Hope this was helpful

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Oh and Yggdrasil have been rebranded as Kurbeats. New album out. Of what I've heard so far it isn't as good as the first

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Man, has Papadosio gotten that big? I still remember when they were passing out "Magreenery" CDs at Hookahville, but I've seen them being mentioned quite a few times on the internet now.


Thanks for the info on Yggdrasil, I will have to check that album out. It would be kind of hard to top their first album....EDIT: Just pre-ordered a first batch CD, looks like the album is out in 2 days.

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Would love an update on the Kurbeats album hear some else's opinion, somebody who has heard the whole thing in high quality audio and not short sampled clips.


And Papadosio came out with Magreenery 5-6 years ago...... That's a long time

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Yep, back in 2007 I think. It was my intro into livetronica/jamtronica.


I got a link to download the full Kurbeats CD last night, I should have time to download it today and then listen to it tonight or tomorrow. I'll post my impressions.

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