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The Jeans-fi thread

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the sexiest piece of clothing ever invented.


i ve recently got into some real jeans.

bought my levi's 501 few months back.

what brand of jeans r u guys into...
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victronix (swiss army)
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indigo Nudie jeans...i love how they get more beautiful with age... they wear out really nicely
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I wear whatever brands they sell at Sears cause I'm cheap. Also my big butt looks even bigger in jeans, not sure if that's a plus.
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Odd timing, this thread. I'm trying to figure out if it's because of the brand of jeans I'm using (Levi), or my butt really does poke out this much.

But I do think that it's because I have short legs...even a length of 30 is too long for me.
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selfedge dry bones for me
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Apc rescue's at 7 months, 1 wash (I spilled some chlorine on these *wipes tears away*)
Unworn esef sky's, 21oz and made in japan.
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Diesel, or AE. Even Calvin Klein at times.
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Levi Strauss or Lucky's.
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Just 501s here. I've never seen the point of megabuck jeans - most of them are so tarted up I'd never wear them.

Though it's a rare day when I'll wear jeans, anyway. 95% of my free time is spent in shorts and sandals. Jeans are verboten at the office, so it's either wool slacks or chinos there. Corduroy passes the dress code, as well. If I'm going out, I usually run with khakis or cords - they're a little dressier.
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Levis 550s, straight leg, regular fit.
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Levi's 501 Capital E, Premium and Hesher. They are nice and soft. I had never liked Levi's until I discovered them.
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Levi 501 shrink to fit guy here.
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APC Rescues and Samurai 5000VX
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Originally Posted by csommers View Post
APC Rescues and Samurai 5000VX
Hum , i have to GOOGLE these ..

I got me fiew X-RAYs, and i love it - and couple True Religions ... Awesome !
I am looking forward for some Affliction too ...

Still in love with Good Old 501 ...
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