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Hello there! need headphone suggestions For Studio+

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hello everyone, my name is kyle and as you can see i just registered,
i have come to a dilemma, i'm currently an active musician in college and i have just set up a mini recording space in my room, been where i'm i can't exactly use my amp everytime i wanna throw down couple of riffs on my guitar. so i went out and bought a multi effects pedal which connects to my computer and acts like an amp.

here is what i'm having trouble with.(EDIT: new listing)
i have narrowed it down to

they are relatively the same price on amazon. as far as i have researched i can tell the HD 555 has better sounds while leaks and the 280 is completely sealed.

my requirements are pretty much standard, long period of time, comfortablility(if thats a word) and clear clear sound, sound enclosure or noise cancelation would be nice to have since i do have annoying dorm mates and during band rehearsal these bass drums WILL give you a headache after 10 minutes.

alright, that should sums it up.

P.S i do play games on my pc like mass effect and fallout 3, thanks alot in advance!!
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M-50 @ $99 free shipping on ebay. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/goo...mixing-419205/
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DT100/DT48/240 DF/171. Will need to buy used to fit your price range.
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idk how much a difference between mixing+dj and guitars. but i'm pretty positive there are some. i'll stand corrected if someone can confirm i'm wrong. sorry but i'm a total newb when it comes to model numbers and references. but i did google it and i got beyer dynamic? is that the one you're talking about? again thanks for the info so far.
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Sony V6. It's in your price range, and has been around for years for that purpose.
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yes i just finished reading some reviews about the sony v6, honestly i quite like them despite the mixed reviews,

so i guess it still narrows it down to 3 choices,
sennhesier HD 280pro
sennhersier HD 555
or the sony V6.

i'm kinda leaning towards the v6 since even on the bad reviews they mentioned the sound quality is superb,

btw does anyone know a website that i can buy headphones from and offers extended warranties? thanks
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wow no one?
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I want to add K271s if you can find them for under $100 (I got mine for $60). They are often used in studios and they are ok for gaming too.
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hm i'm not familiar with that. how does that sound compare to the sennhersier and more importantly the sony v6. so far from what i gather its

sony v6>hd 555> 280 pro. can some one confirm this? thanks
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I personally would avoid sony just because it's sony, and they make everything. Who wants to support a company that's trying to take over the world? I can't believe that they make headphones better than a company that specializes in at least audio... but I do respect Boomana's opinion, so...
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I hate Sony as well but my V6s were pretty good until they fell appart. I suppose that Senn. HD25-1s would be too expensive?
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until they fell apart? can you give me some examples so i may avoid anything in the future.

i'm not really into the conspiracy thing, but i do care is which headphone is the best bang for the buck. as of now i'm very leaning towards the sony v6 and will probably order it tomorrow since i'm start to grown rather tired of my total crap skullcandy G.I headphones.
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I don't think they would fall apart. I played around with one in a Sony store but didn't bring my dap. I would think it goes like this fwir about the others.

K271>>Burned in HD280>>HD555>>V6>>>>>>>>>New HD280
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ok. i'm now officially more confused. i'm getting so many mixed reviews its driving me nuts. i honestly don't know which one is better than the other.
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i would second the recommendation for the Audio Technica ATH-M50. you can get them for around $100 new on ebay. i just ordered one and it is to be delivered today. i went to a local music store and tested the M50, the Audio Technica m40fs, and the Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80s. the M50 sounded best to my ears unamped, which is how i will run them. the DT770 also sounded good, but imo they really need a headphone amp to get a great sound out of them. the M50 sounded clearer and more detailed.
my needs are similar to yours - practicing along with music and mixing/tracking.

i discounted the HD280 and the HD555 because of the reviews the HD280s got here and my need for closed headphones (HD555 are open). i didn't get a chance to compare the sony's.
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