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Well, how is FSU's S.A. Nole? Isn't about time the 'noles return to the top tier?

OU's is solid. I wont' say anymore till two or three years pass! The Sooners are a basketball school now anyway. The last two b-ball classes have been higher rated than the respective football classes. Please stay a little while longer Capel!

As far as nationally, I'm really, really impressed with LSU's class and think they're going to cash in more tomorrow. I am of the opine that 'bama Tigers is about to become the hottest rivalry in CF. Yeah, I'm really on the limb with that one! Back to LSU. They have a tremedous recruiting edge. First, they have no competition in state, and Louisiana is chalk full of great athletes, not Cali, Texas, Florida full but plenty. Add to that, they now cherry pick Texas. Look at Craig Loston and Russell Sheperd.

I have long believed that Texas' is the best job in the country (how they don't have even more tradition is beyond me), but with their current situation, I'm willing to put LSU up there.
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Well, how is FSU's S.A. Nole? Isn't about time the 'noles return to the top tier?
For the most part, I'm happy with the recruiting class we have right now. It filled some holes, but I'm still concerned about DT and safety. Jacobbi McDaniel is the crown jewel of the class though, so hopefully he'll be able hold down DT right away.

This upcoming season, I really like some of the pieces FSU has on offense, I LOVE the stable of running backs, and that young offensive line should be a juggernaut. If Ponder makes some progress in the passing game, FSU should put up a bunch of points. Unfortunately the defense will probably take a step backwards, the secondary is probably going to be pretty bad with a freshman at rover, and one decent corner. I do think FSU has a shot at winning the ACC, but it probably won't be a return to the top tier.

I think FSU has a real shot at a return to glory in 2010, based strictly on where the roster looks to be at that point. It'll be interesting to see if Bowden is around for that season, because his presence may hinder that return. And really, it's hard to accurately gauge the future, immediate and long term, until Bobby Bowden leaves, or until Jimbo is at least able to finally fill out his own staff. It's pretty clear there are about 4-6 coaches that will leave with Bowden (some of them, hopefully sooner.)
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Odd bump Nole; is there something going on in college football? I need to look into this.
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I have a pretty good idea how the 2008 season will turn out. In fact, I'm taking bets. Maybe someone would like to start a 2009 thread?
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