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Alessandro Music Series MS PRO FAN CLUB!

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I thought this would be a good time to start a MS PRO thread. I ordered my pair today. I'll be using them with my Creative Vision:M DAP & PA2V2 amp. I'll also use them with my Denon CD player. I understand these Grado style headphones really shine with the use of a tube amp and I have hopes of getting a Mapletree or other amp soon. MS Pro owners feel free to ring in with any break-in suggestions, other input, experiences or modifications regarding these cans. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be up some late nights re-visiting my music collection.

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I´m using the MS-Pro too, since about 10 hours they are driven by my brandnew wooaudio wa6.

couldn´t be happier...
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I've had my MS-Pros for around 3 years now. I've owned and sold a couple of other top end headphones (HD650, k701) and listened to dozens of other at Head-Fi meets. Honestly, I really haven't come across anything that I prefer over my MS-Pros. To me, that is a true sign of satisfaction and not a FOTM syndrome all to common around here.
I'm using it with a Headamp GS-1 amp and a non-oversampling DAC and the setup sound great to me.
Mine are the older ones with the darker wood and different (better looking to me) font...
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Sometime soon i will join this club Right now my RS2's will do me. Arghhhh money money.
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Originally Posted by ToneDeath View Post
MS Pro owners feel free to ring in with any break-in suggestions, other input, experiences or modifications regarding these cans.
You can try the distancer-GS1kpad-mod. Take a look at this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/ale...arning-323271/

The MSpro ultimate-mod is mentioned there.
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Generalizing is easy to do - but, not always accurate across the board. My Joe Grado HPA-1 (a SS amp) finally arrived yesterday, and some light comparative listening has ensued. I have two headphones of the Grado family - a Joe Grado HP-2, and Alessandro MS Pro.
It has become immediately apparent that the HPA-1 does not suit the Alessandro, but is best with HP-2.
So, with the Alessandro MS Pro I'll continue to use ASL mg head OTL/NOS Raytheon 5751, and matched Amperex EL84.........flat earpads.
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MS Pro fan club? Good idea, I join day after tomorrow and fetch mine from the customs.

To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by Noxter's stock MS Pros. A MS1 in high res, nothing spectacular, way too expensive. But after applying distancers and GS1000 pads, it turned out to be the best I've ever heared in the HP sector - and I've heared at least some models in the recent years. Consequently I had to become quite active to get the money together, most prominent being selling my sacred Sony CD3000.

So my MS Pro will definetely look and work like this:
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How do they compare to GS-1000?
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Unknown. Give me a GS1000 and I'll tell you.
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Just fetched my new MS Pro from the customs and took it with me to the office. First impression, out of the box:

What a beauty. Ah, that famous new Grado peppermint smell again!

Quite bright, heavily (heavenly?) detailed. Deep bass almost completely absent. Very neutral, but also very emotional (the latter is the reason why I need such a beast). Allover very coherent, in the same way as K701/DT880/HD650. Typical Alessandro so far, a blown up MS1. Very different from my old agressive MS2i thus.

What I definetely can't live with is that absence of soundstage - only to be recommended for clinical Aerosmith listeners IMO (don't forget the tin beer ). It will be equipped with distancers and GS1000 pads within minutes when I come home. That, together with the burning in, will bring the deep bass to life as well.

I will propably hate that twosided thick "big balls" cable (again). Too bad that a cable exchange is almost unfeasible with the MS Pro.

No greater surprises so far. I got what I expected from the sessions with Noxter's MS Pro.
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Those modded mspros look like compression drivers with horns
Very kewl!
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Nickchen, I thought the MS PRO's had a similar soundstage to the RS1's just not quite as bright. The lack of deep bass is also a concern. I may have to try the GS1000 pads as well. They sure do look comfy. Will you give me some information on the distancers you’re going to use. Did you make or purchase them? If you made them, what material did you use PVC or wood? The spec's I'm seeing on the distancers are 1.3 CM on the height and 4CM on the inside diameter. What is the outer measurement to accommodate the GS1000 pads?

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Ah, you did some reading about the specs in the MS1000 thread. The distancers I use are 100% DIY, the material is linden wood. Outer diameter of the bulge is ~5,4 cm or so.

I'm ready with modding & quite content meanwhile. They obviously need some more days to burn in though, Noxter's sounds much smoother and has more deep bass. To be honest, every new fon I got had that issue of being somewhat shrill and bassless...how indifferent I was with my beloved DT880 and the musical K271 in the first 2 weeks of ownship...

Buying only 2nd hand is much more pleasing somewhat.
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OTOH bass and brightness is taken care of by the flat earpads, and soundstage is helped by using the right tubes in ASL mg head OTL.
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I have it now for a year and still love it, especially for music with warm n intimate side and acoustic guitar.

just give it a well good high end balance system, and you will surprise with her capabilities.........
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