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Originally Posted by skeeder
I just find them right next to the ipod.

Good, but over hyped. I wouldn't buy it since there are better alternatives for the price.
Dem's fightin' words!
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Hi there

I have recently had by audio interest rekindled though reading information on this site.

In my experience the lofty world of the high audiophile is really out of the reach of most. A set of speakers and a pair of cables that would pay half of my house mortgage. But true audio bliss is available at a relatively low cost via a half decent heaphone rig.

I started my search by wanting a good headphone that I could use for Viop, gaming and music using my MacBook as the source. The next move was ebay, highest price function to get a feel for the market, yup Bose was the most expensive, hmmm, I read the literature, reads like these are the go, and I can use the noise cancelling feature when I fly. Cool!!!

Anyway I was fortunate that I discovered this site, I now have the AKG K701s, Prehead MkII SE, Mapletree Ear+purist HD Kit and feel very happy that I have paid for top notch gear at the right price, minus the BS.

I mean, wave radio, why the bloody hell would you want a 5 stack CD changer on a clock radio???

My advice to anyone considering a Bose outfit is very simple, settle on the dollar value that you are prepared to spend on the Bose system and pick and choose components to the same dollar value. 9 times out of 10 you will end up with a far better sounding system.

FWIW if the Wave radio was $300.00 I would buy it.

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I was sitting next to someone with a set of QC2's and behind a gent with a set of QC3's. The fellow with the QC2's pretty much had them on for the entire 3 hour trip, while the fellow took off the QC3's periodically to reveal a pair of red ears

I sat happily with my portable rig
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i don't hate bose; i hate Americans who are dumb, ignorant, and gullible enough to believe their marketing; may sound harsh but to just believe something sounds good because the company that makes it tells you it does, is pretty ****ing stupid
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Back in the 1980s I had a pair of Bose 501 and a pair of 301s.  They were sweet!!!!  When I placed them properly in a medium size room they would sound pretty special.  Its a shame Bose does not produce anything like the 501s of yesteryear.  :frown:

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Bose puts very desirable technology into their products (wireless/bluetooth/airplay capabilities, compact, surround systems), however their sonic capabilities are simply too undistinguished to justify their cost to this consumer, however people pay big money for features, and that is Bose's particular area of expertise.

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