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Originally Posted by FiJAAS View Post

For portable use which amp will work better with the HD 650, Fiio E12 or JDS Labs 02?


I would give the Cayin C5 a look too. I just picked up both the C5 and the HD650 and the sound is amazing. I'm not using a high end DAP either; just an iPhone 4 w/ LOD.

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I would answer the iPhone -> 650's question with another question:


If you use your microwave to cook dinner every night, will it taste good?



Pretty much the same answer... if you're someone who appreciates the taste of food prepared properly, you probably won't want to use the microwave for 99% of your meals. If you just want your food to be heated up, the microwave will do just fine. Will it be cooked (subjectively speaking) properly? Probably not... but the microwave works fine to heat certain things up quickly, when you can't be bothered to use an oven or stove top.

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Mixing 650 (a non-mobile semi-open HP for the most part) with an iPhone per se (a mobile source) doesn't make sense to me. Unless the OP wants to feed his iPhone to a portable pocket amp, like X12 or something.

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