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Just goes ta show... This place is about information exchange. Good people getting together to share information and experiences. Besides, ya gotta eat... why not eat well?

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see...i knew that was a good question to ask....

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Originally posted by Trawlerman
I can cook Baked Beans, Grilled Bacon, and erm..... toast

There is a real art to GOOD baked beans. You've got to have the right beans, fresh chopped onions, dark Karo syrup, lean thick sliced bacon, brown sugar and plain yellow mustard.

Layers of all the above, lots of onion, with the top 2 layers brown sugar and bacon. Bake at 350 until the bacon is cooked enough to eat and all the flavors properly mixed.

Potao salad is also an art, but we'll discuss that later. And the finest spaghetti sauce you ever tasted. Again, huge quantities of fresh chopped onion are essential. Along with sufficient garlic and chili powder to taste.

Cooking is fun, but only when you have the time to do it right.
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i like to make chilli....actually...my chilli tastes better than my moms ever did....lol.....

i like to mix things up and make a new dish....i usually end up with a food creation no one will even taste..because it looks discusting..but....it always tastes so good....

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Originally posted by ray4jc
.....i like to mix things up and make a new dish....i usually end up with a food creation no one will even taste..because it looks discusting..but....it always tastes so good....

Have you ever noticed that some of the best food either looks, sounds, and sometimes even smells disgusting?

Favorite foods that look aweful: 1)Dirt Cake with a real plant in the pot, 2) a messy omelets

Favorite dishes that sound aweful: 1) Catfish Tacos (a catfish filet and cold slaw in a crunchy corn taco shell), 2)Ham and Pineapple Pizza (actually jalapino's and mushrooms is my favorite), 3) A peanut butter sandwich with corn chips (in the sandwich).

Favorite foods that smell bad if you aren't the one eating it: 1)Chinese once its cooled to room temp and 2)microwave popcorn 20minutes after its been cooked.
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i think you hit that nail on the head.....

gross sounding...smelly..and even discusting (spelling?)......

but ....i'm sure it tastets good to someone....

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My wife can cook, but I think she screws it up on purpose. She knows I like to eat even more than I like to watch TV while she cooks, so if I don't get up and cook it myself, I'm not going to enjoy it.

Add to that the fact that I work at home 5 days a week and she doesn't really believe that's as hard as going to an office every day. Don't ever work at home, married or not. You won't like it.
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Time to revive this old thread. I work at home and it's the best job I've ever had. Also do the cooking. Yesterday was Soup Day. Time to reduce the rest of the bone-in spiral cut smoked glazed ham to Lentil Soup. My lentils got sorted, washed, and picked last night and were soaking until this morning. Ham came off the bone and was cubed. Couple pounds of cubed ham ready to be minced:

Bone went into the pot with the lentils, fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt, dried basil, marjoram, thyme, chervil sage, a bump of fresh grated nutmeg, three bay leaves, Hungarian sweet paprika, worchestershire sauce, vegetable bullion cubes, and water. Here’s the pressure cooker as the Little Engine That Could filling the house with glorious smells:

Cooked lentils cooled slowly until the pressure dropped, then stirred while pulling the hambone and the bay leaves. Pureed in the pressure cooker with a hand blender and a quart of chicken broth.

Minced the cubed ham in the food processor and started browning it in some EVOO in the bottom of my twelve quart soup pot. Cleaned, prepped, and minced the onions, carrots, and celery in the food processor. Reserved the browned minced ham and browned six cloves on minced garlic in the soup pot before adding the other vegetables to soften. Returned the browned ham and deglazed with chicken broth. Added the cooked lentils, some more chicken broth and corrected the seasoning before bringing the hot tub up to a low covered simmer. The finished soup:

Served with big hot crusty rolls and a glass of cab. Yum!

OP’s Lentil Soup: best part of a day in the kitchen (and one knife cut ).

Seven quarts of leftover soup to freeze for delicious fast suppers to come: Priceless!
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I work in a kitchen, and love cooking at home.

Being stuck at home recently thanks to my knee operation meant I had a lot of time to try out some receipe ideas. Managed to work out a really good way to cook Japanese eel.
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cooking is fun but baking is better
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I make a mean omlete ^^
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I cook.
Actually enjoy cooking dinner and such, but hate to cook just for myself. Still cook almost daily, but put more time into it in the weekends.

Massive bump indeed (7 years).
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I'm lazy...if there is someone doing the cooking, I have no problem sitting back and letting them have at it. However, if I have to cook for myself, I actually do have fun doing it and have fun experimenting with whatever may be lying around at the time. Used to bug my sister to no end, cause she knew full well that I was capable of cooking and could cook a few really good dishes quickly, but wouldn't if she was around.
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I cook like a mad.

My locally famous regulars:

Extra Smokey Baba Ganoush
S. Mexico style Ceviche ("Vuelve A La Vida")
Shark fish tacos w/ Cilantro lime sauce
Traditional Iraq Style "Tepsi" (google it)
Garlic and Spinach Tofu
And last but not least, Garlic/Chipolte Hot Wings


I'm sorta Internationally inclined as you can see. Have a wide assortment of friends who I've picked stuff up from.

Tonight I had Taco Bell, though.

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I love to cook. I'm pretty good at innovating dinner based on the ingredients at hand. I'm also good at recreating meals I've had in restaurants.

I always make Thanksgiving dinner - my wife lives for my dressing. I only make it once a year, though. My wife tries to to cook, but she's just not as good at it as I am. (Her Mom is a terrible cook, so she never really learned how to do it right.)
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