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That sounds really tasty!


Recently I have been experimenting a bit and doing some improvised foods/decorations. Here are some of the results:








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Originally Posted by Beyakusenn View Post

That sounds really tasty!


Managed to convince my friends I was totally not a one-protein pony :D Of course the real reason is that I didn't have time to go get steaks, as decent quality beef isn't as easy to find over here. Not the steak parts anyway.


Of course I had them try my chicken before and it was a hit also:


Grilled Chicken


2 Chicken leg+thigh quarters, preferably large and fatty (just multiply this along with other ingredients proportionally)


Basting oil/marinade oil

2 cups palm oil


100g Annatto

50g chili flakes

4 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped



100ml basting oil

100ml Kikkoman soy sauce

100ml sweet American BBQ sauce (ie what someone from NC would use on pork if he had to get it from a grocery, but I use Napa Jack's, Hunt's, or Lucille's)

25ml dark cane vinegar

Sriracha to taste

1sprig Rosemary

10 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped


Tortilla wraps

1/2cup red rice, cooked as per package instructions before grilling

4 tortillas (or more)

Kimchi (or picked papaya aka atchara, or sauerkraut)
Shredded mild cheddar

More of the BBQ sauce (if you won't eat them wrapped in tortilla feel free to use honey, molasses, orange juice concentrate, etc instead)


Basting oil

1. In a sauce/saute pan or wok, heat the palm oil over low heat.

2. Once the oil is around 75C (if you don't have a candy thermometer, you should be able to feel it's too hot to touch with your palm 3in away).

3. Take off the heat and drop in the annatto, chili flakes, and garlic. Stir gently and let cool, then set aside in a jar.



4. Score the chicken thighs and leg with a very sharp knife (totally forgot to do this as in the pic), one deep slash through the skin on the thigh and one on the leg near the joint

5. Mix all ingredients in a ziploc and mix, place cold chicken inside. Massage the marinade around and onto the chicken, then place in the fridge at least three hours.



6. Remove chicken from fridge and let the marinade drip off and pat dry, then season the skin with a little salt. Allow salt to draw out more moisture through the skin. Return the ziploc with marinade into the fridge.

7. Prepare the grill for indirect cooking; roughly 150C on the hot side with your choice of woodchips, with a sheet of quality tin foil over the direct heat half with some over the edges that can be sandwiched by the cover (this will direct heat and smoke more towards the chicken on indirect heat).

8. Shake off what you can of the salt, and pat the skin dry. Using two basting brushes, baste the flesh with some extra marinade and then season with salt and pepper. Then baste the skin with the basting oil and season with pepper.

9. Place chicken flesh side down on indirect heat, cover on. At ten minute intervals, brush oil on the skin. After the third baste, turn chicken skin side down to further crisp up the skin. Once crispy check the meat visible through the cut. If it's white, the chicken is ready.

10. Rest chicken under tin foil before skinning and shredding the meat.


Tortilla assembly

11. Place a loose line of kimchi on the tortilla (not a lot or pickled veggies will overpower everything else), then the red rice, then the chicken meat, a line of BBQ sauce over the chicken, then the cheese, then the skin.

12. Serve, fold/roll tortilla and enjoy.


Note: You can also roast the chicken in the oven, just replace the grill prep steps with an oven and a hot cast iron pan. Also add a few drops of liquid smoke into the basting oil.

Originally Posted by Beyakusenn View Post



Or you can have the grilled chicken like this, just mix the shredded chicken meat with hot BBQ sauce or Sriracha. Grill the tomato and avocado and toast the bread on the grill while the chicken rests.

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