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I just happened to try some narrow bore silicone tips. They weren't too narrow to kill too much bass but they did improve the treble to my liking. I feel a little better liking the more expensive 100 again.
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Finalized mods on some headphones.


1: Sansui SS-100: Rockwool felt and stock damping in earcup. Pads replaced with modified Shure SRH-550DJ earpads. Best of the bunch by a significant margin, very flat and clear. A tiny bit smeared in detail when compared to the ER-4S, but simultaneously more neutral and realistic sounding. Not comfortable. Don't sound good without proper amplification; these might have more room to scale.


2: Etymotic ER-4S: Using the foam tips and orange filters I got from a friend. Much more comfortable and still about the same as the stock frost triflanges soundwise: slightly dark sounding with treble peakage. Detail microscope. Good soundstage. Midrange tone is dead on. Don't play loud very well. Low bass roll off.


3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: Foam frontwave damping (creatology around driver, open-cell over driver). Foam around driver in earcup and crammed into the driver vents. Rear cup covered in foam and poly-fil. Stock pads replaced with Brainwavz HM5 pleathers. Converted to dual entry using parts from a second, broken M10-II. Various cosmetic mods and touch-ups. By far my most involved project here. Sound is like the TH900: Boosted bass and treble but maintains good clarity and detail throughout the frequency range. Probably not as detailed as the TH900. Extremely good soundstage. These aren't bad by any means, but they are quite colored, which keeps me from using them often (these will probably see more work due to this).


4: Toshiba HR-810: Earcups closed with electrical tape from the inside. Felt stuck to rear of cup. Stock pads replaced with decayed and cleaned Pioneer SE-700 earpads. These probably aren't done either. Very good; flat and crisp. However, the lack of seal on the ear side prevents them from pushing bass. I had non-decayed SE-700 pads on them before, which allowed them to physically slam your skull, but one got damaged and as a result I had to change them to something else. Trying to find another earpad that works well before sending them off to their new owner.


5: Pioneer SE-500: Literally the exact same situation as above, to a worse extent. Cups closed with tape, felt layered with that. Pads do not seal and bass does not slam. Quite bright and not pleasant sounding. These have potential, but the problem here is that the pads are an odd shape, so suitable replacements are much harder to find. My only idea at this point is more extreme mods involving converting them to over ear and modifying the yoke structure.

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New IEM rankings.

1.Yamaha EPH-100. Dethroned the Narmoo S1 simply by changing the tips. The S1 has slightly better bass but the 100 has much better treble and has a better fit.

Those original tips are a disaster, at least for me. They don't fit well at all.

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I was using wide bore tips for a while because they fit so well but that made the 100 a one trick pony to my ears. Especially going from a smartphone to a Fiio X1 to an iBasso DX50.
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This is partially based on my setup... HD800, K1000, HE-6, DX1000, TP1, HD600/HD650, Ety ER4B.

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HE-400 modded with grill removal/Audeze pads/Lohb's suspension headband mod fed via speaker taps




Ultrasone Performance 840 with Alpha pads (portable setup is my best basshead combo with Cayin C5)

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