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1) t1 beyerdynamic
2) um miracle
3) lcd 2.2
4) ultimate ear trifi 10
5) bw p5
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1) Sennheiser HD598

2) Fischer Audio FA-011

3) Ultrasone HFI-780

4) TDK WR700

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Sennheiser HD580s

Shure HD840s

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sony MDR- D66SLs (Eggos)

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Originally Posted by DjSkeleton View Post

1.Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80ohms

2. going to buy Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro 250ohms or Audeze lcd-3


Get the LCD-3 :)

Then get a DNA Stratus to drive them.

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1. Yamaha HP-50S

2. AKG K 250
3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 (1980s)
4. AKG K 241
5. AKG K 240 DF
6. Pioneer SE-90D
7. KWH HOK 80-1
8. AKG K 141 (1970s)

10. AKG K 160

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Revised list.


1) Audio Technica ES10 - amped or unamped, these cans are still clearly better than the ones mentioned below. Bass hits harder than HD 650.

2) Sennheiser HD 650 - sold after a short while of owning. Sounds a bit too dark for some of my tracks. But nice bass impact. Main reason for selling: I don't like the way they look on my head.

3) Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm - sold when I decided I liked the tone of the DT880 more, but I missed the bass impact of these cans.

3) Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm - sold now as well. Used to be my general-purpose cans. ES10 dethroned them easily.

4) Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 - these sound like portable HD 650... but smoother and don't require an amp. Plus they look awesome!

5) Audio Technica ATH-ES7 - I think these come very close to being like a portable closed-back version of the DT880. Except that their midrange is a lot more forward.

6) Audio Technica ATH-M50S LE - my entry to low-end, and now I'm climbing up the ladder

7) ...random headphones that I should try to consolidate at some point as the stack is growing.

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Sooo who wants to go through the whole list and count how many #1 spots each headphone took



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Alessandro MS-Pro YAY!

Earsonics SM3 (Might purchase again later on <3)
Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 (Seriously miss these, but they had a terrible fit :( Plus they stuck out soooo much)
Sennheiser IE80 (Good times...)
Denon D2000 (Decent)
Alessandro MS1 (<3 nostalgia, probably my most used headphones)
Head Direct RE0 (didn't particularly enjoy them, they were decent, maybe because they were one of my first in-ears and I really didn't have a reference point..)

VSonic GR02 (decent)

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1.) HD-800


Soundstage and detail retrieval can't be beat. Most comfortable headphone I've ever used. The sound signature is a bit bright with less bass impact than I would like, but I've found them to be very responsive to EQ. Those who dislike the default balance of these cans really owe it to themselves to listen again the help of some EQ, anaxilus mods, or careful component matching because when you get the tonal balance right you're left with a technological marvel. The biggest downside is the sheer amount of poorly recorded music that is borderline unlistenable under the HD-800's microscopic gaze.


2.) LCD-3


I don't think many will argue that the LCD-3's have the best bass performance you can get in heaphones. You could describe the LCD-3's as smooth yet visceral. Slightly uncomfortable for me, but they are getting easier to wear as I adapt to them. They're more forgiving than the HD-800's, and easily the best cans for electronic music or the 'harsher' genres. I think the LCD-3s fall behind the HD-800s when it comes to the very best recordings though. When I switch from the LCD-3 to the HD-800, I find myself missing the low end performance and impact, but the increased detail and soundstage is more engrossing to me and I miss that more when I go back to the LCD-3. I enjoy the LCD-3 a lot more when I'm not comparing it against the HD-800. The reverse is also true to but to a far lesser extent. If only I could have it all!


3.) AH-D7000


The D7000 can make even the worst recordings sound good, very, very "fun." Technically soundstage isn't as good as most fully open cans, but is interesting to listen to thanks to the semi-open design. The HD-800 outshines everything else completely in this regard, but the D7000 is actually my second favorite in soundstage -- and that's just down to the fact that it's so much different than anything else. The fact that they kind of isolate is an added bonus. Despite all of this, the Denon's can't possibly hope to beat the above two cans working with good quality material, and that puts it squarely in third place. The worst thing about the D7000 is the fear you get whenever you pick them that they will fall apart in your hands (had someone else's D2000 fall apart on me during a meet, not a pleasant sensation)


4.) K-702


Basically a subset of the HD-800. Good, but everything the K-702 does the HD-800 does better. Despite that, this is probably the best headphone in the world for competitive gaming thanks to it's imaging. Imagine a straight line through your head from ear to ear, extended just as far as the HD-800, but with very little in the front. Makes for an unnatural musical presentation, and despite it's width I'd actually rank the K-702's as second last for soundstage. For gaming it just works, and that's what I use the K-702 for.


-tied with-

5.) HD-650


Easy to listen to, non-fatiguing, and the shape makes it very easy to wear while lying in bed. That being said, if I'm not lying in bed I'm probably going to listen with something else. Soundstage is good, and despite the fact that treble is rolled off there is still sparkle and very little sibilance. The high frequency presentation means you aren't engulfed by detail at every moment but you appreciate it more when you find it, if that makes sense. The real bummer for me is the bass -- a little bit too muddy, a little bit too "one-tone," and that's what keeps me from really falling for these cans.


-tied with-

6.) HF-1 (headphile mods, woodied, C-pads)


Colored and unnatural for sure (big bumps in mid-bass and mid-treble to my ears), but on some music it just works. Worse than the HD-650 and K-702 in practically every techincal way, but a much better foil against the top three and thus gets more head time. These are my "The Police" headphones. Is it a bad sign when you have headphones for individual bands? tongue.gif


7. HD-272


Easily the worst of the bunch. Sometimes you just need isolation though, especially when you're a musician, and these isolate exceptionally well. When I'm jamming on my TD-20, I use these. They aren't bad, but are clearly outclassed by everything else. I wouldn't call them "fart cannons", but things are leaning in that direction. Bass is big and somewhat muddy, highs represented well enough but feel spartan -- there is never any sparkle to them. Mid range is decent, but not creamy or lush, and the bass is intruding and polluting the region. Soundstage is nothing at all to write home about. A dependable workhorse, but nothing I'd use if I wanted to enjoy listening to music.

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Originally Posted by machoboy View Post

Sooo who wants to go through the whole list and count how many #1 spots each headphone took



Ho my God, lol.


That's an idea

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I think the HD 650 might very well have it. I see tons of lists with the 650 at the top. A few less with hd 600 at the top.


Anyway here's my own list:

1. Shure SRH840

2. AKG K 240

3. M-Audio Q-40

4. Ultrasone HFI-580

5. Grado SR60

6. Sony MDR-V500


In the mail and likely to land in the top 3: NVX XPT100


Just got rid of: Q-40s, HFI-580s

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1) Bifrost->Lyr->Telefunken PCC88/7DJ8 tubes->HE-400
5) Bifrost->Lyr->GE Stock tubes->HE-400
6) E17->HE-400
7) E17->TF10
8) E17->HD-598
9) E17->D2K
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Originally Posted by Sonic Defender View Post

I have more time with my DT 880 600ohm so I will currently place them above my new HD 650s which I can tell are very special. Once I finally get my Auditor here I will really be able to listen to these headphones, but for now anyway:


1) DT 880

2) HD 650

3) DT 770 Pro (80ohm)

4) Koss PortaPro (still really good value for the money I think)


If you had to recommend a headphone to buy for someone that listens to mostly pop, light rock, trance, etc...


650 or 880



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Originally Posted by Jodiuh View Post


If you had to recommend a headphone to buy for someone that listens to mostly pop, light rock, trance, etc...


650 or 880



I know u didn't ask me, but HD650 all the way.  Dt880 is more of an all rounder, light, airy, neutral but a bit bass anemic w/o J$ pads.  650 meatier, dark side of neutral, better bass.

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*****HE-6s Rule*****

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