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Cambridge Soundworks PC speakers

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Are there any standout speaker systems in Creative's Cambridge Soundworks range?

I can't seem to get a good comparison from Creative's website. There are so many models, they should have "Our speakers compared" section outlining major differences.

I'm looking for both a 2.1 and 4.1 system. The SW320 is cheap (US$40), but is it worth spending a bit extra...
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While I really like their whole line, the SoundWorks and MicroWorks are standout price/performance performers. The new "MegaWorks" have also gotten very good reviews, but I haven't heard them. Too bad you don't live closer -- I have a pair of MicroWorks I'm selling
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try midiland or cheap but good speakers.

my friend has a set.

not great but hey its good for pc speakers
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As far as the new creative speakers go, I have only read about the 5.1 system called the 'MegaWorks 510D', but these are supposed to be excellent.

In the 4.1 category I would highly reccommend the Logitech z-560 4.1 speaker system. These bad boys can be gotten for cheap on Pricewatch and sound on par with the vaunted Klipsch multimedia speakers

Check out pricewatch for all and any computer components, including speakers and any other computer hardware. they always have the lowest price of anything available.

If you'd like to check out some reviews, this is the place to do it 3d sound surge
they have all the latest speaker reviews, and are very very thorough in their comparisons. I personally own the original Klipsch mulimedia v.2-400 and I love these bad boys.

If you're interested in some out of production but excellent sounding Boston acoustics speakers, I just so happen to have a pair sitting here in my room. They're a very simplistic 2.1 setup, and the closed ported sub is, in my very humble opinion, very high quality. I actually prefer the sub's tight controlled bass to that of my Klipsch sub.

Oh, and by the way, midiland speakers are akin to the headphones that come with PCDP.
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I have a system similar to the MegaWorks, the home theater version of it, the MovieWorks 408... it offers a pretty decent sound... the bass does have problems though, I think the megaworks would have a better subwoofer.

I wasn't particularily impressed with either the Klipsch or Logitech THX speakers (nor the Altec Lansing THX speakers, making all THX multimedia speakers)...

Just get yourself some Diva Swan M200s or something, heh
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Oh, and by the way, midiland speakers are akin to the headphones that come with PCDP.
You're kidding right? Their S2 4100 only wiped the floor with everybody else's speakers at their introduction, and set a whole new standard of quality for everybody else to strive to achieve. Which, I might add, nobody else has. I have yet to see a single pair of computer speakers since the S2 4100's introduction way back in 1995 or maybe even before that to even come close to the 4100's build quality.
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Take a look at the Monsoon's.
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The Monsoons are nowhere to be found.

And the Cambridge Soundworks' Soundworks and Microworks series are not available here in Australia.

I was largely unimpressed with the Klispch Prodmedia 4.1. They go plenty loud, but with a rather shut-in midrange to me they sound far from well balanced and "hifi"

Does anyone know how much the Diva Swan M200 multimedia speakers cost?
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Just, plug your hifi into your computer of something If you want hifi
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tktran: take a look at This is the lead distributor for Kloss' Cambridge speakers. I am using the portable Model Twelve as the latest iteration of my cabin/vacation system and have been delighted with it.
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I meant the Klipsch did not sound like they were US$180 speakers. For that price a nice pair of bookshelfs like the Tannoy Mercury mX1 would be a lot nicer for music.

Unless you need huge bass of course. In which case the Promedia would suit you better.
And many will argue that Promedia is not meant for music anyway. Fair enough. Big bass, bright treble. Great for games and DVD but not musical enough to be "hifi"

IMHO of course.
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I thought it's taken as fact that you buy computer speakers if you want a bargain and buy hifi speakers if you want hifi--and expensive computer speakers would always be neither here nor there
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second for Atomicarnage on the Boston; both sets of mine are unobtrusive yet plenty hifi for PC source material. Their construction is nice and solid to boot with automatic switching from your PC. The Cambridge Speakerworks systems sound like they might be overkill for your purpose.
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I have a set of Promedia 4.1 and I think they're over priced. Although I do like 'em for computer use. Very convenient and suits my needs. But I'd probably opt for the boston 560 or the swans.
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videologic! < cost too much though
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