Impressions of RDB+ 2v1 (baby bro of the RDB+ v1)

A Review On: Rhapsodio RDB+ Hybrid (2BA + Dynamic driver)

Rhapsodio RDB+ Hybrid (2BA + Dynamic driver)

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Pros: Great value for money, comfortable, compact

Cons: average soundstage, with some tracks it lacking bass



The Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1 (formerly known as RDP+ v2) is the baby brother of the RDB+ v1. It's still a 2xBA & 1xDD but instead of a 10mm driver that the older brother has, it sports an 8mm driver instead. As such the overall shell of the RDB+ 2v1 is smaller. In addition, the sound of the RDB+ 2v1 isn't necessarily a successor of the RDB+ v1. Talking to the makers, the RDB+ 2v1 is meant to have a more accurate sound signature, a goal of which I feel they have achieved.


Design & Ergonomics

As can be seen, this isn't a very big IEM. Used with Ortofon tips, it fits snugly and comfortably in my ears and don't protrude out that much. Despite movement from walking or head motion, the IEM sits in place in the ear. Unlike the RDB+ v1, the bass port is placed next to the cable socket instead. At least for my ears, the port doesn't get blocked. However the IEM is prone to wind noise especially in a wind tunnel situation (subway exits, etc.). On normal days though, isolation is decent. I can hear external ambient noise however are easily ignored and not distracting when music starts playing.


The construction material is the same as other IEMs and seem durable although it seems more recently it's been revised with an even more robust shell. Note also the goove in the nozzle seems to hold the tips reasonably well. Having said that, My Ortofon tip has fallen off twice early on but haven't fallen out recently.



The RDB+ 2v1 is an easy-to-drive IEM which is easily driven by an iPhone or other mobile device. It doesn't require an external amp, however one still can be used to suit the listener's signature preferences. Although not particularly sensitive to hiss, it is sensitive to poorly mastered recordings however not necessarily sensitive especially with live recordings. However, I've not encountered any issues with poorly ripped tracks.


Sound Signature

Tests were all done with the Ortofon tips. Overall, as mentioned in the introduction, I find these IEMs to fulfill it's designers' objectives. The signature is almost somewhat neutral. I'd venture to say that, as per the maker, mostly accurate too. The reason why I mentioned mostly is that occasionally, I find the upper bass/lower mids to be just a tad lacking but not by much. Usually the other positive features of the signature distracts from noticing that lacking point.



I never realised until recently that I'm particularly sensitive to bright trebles. This is coming from someone who used to enjoy the Edition 8's and owned one for 9 months! As such with the RDB+ 2v1, I find the trebles to be sitting on the fence really depending on how the wind blows. Given the right conditions (cable, amp, DAC), it has a very airy and smooth presentation - one of the highlights of the IEM in fact. However with a bright amp + pure silver cables + bright musical tracks, then the trebles could sound harsh. However I don't actually encounter that latter combination that much which means most of the time I'm actually enjoying the airy trebles quite a bit. I also suspect that the mids have a big part at play to the relative perception of the trebles (which is why I may not find the trebles sibilant most of the time).



To my ears the mids are also quite flat except for the lower end where I personally feel it takes a little bit of a dip but not by much. In fact due to the rest of the frequency and the airy trebles, I actually don't notice it most of the time. Vocals sound detailed yet rich and musical. In fact vocal tracks seem to shine with this IEM's signature. Listening to the Norah Jones' Come Away With Me album, there's a lush richness in her voice with an intimate presentation. Listening to Taylor Swift's "Ours" and vocals are great whilst guitars to be quite crystal clear. Similarly with A1's When I'm Missing You, the vocals & guitar at the introduction is quite musical. With Adele's 21 album (possibly more particularly to the "Set Fire To The Rain" track, I personally could do with a little more upper bass/lower mids emphasis. However it's ever so slight that the other positive features of the signature seem to distract me from noticing this little dip.



The bass is an area where I think most listeners will perceive this IEM to be lacking. However what I find rather interesting about the bass is that most of the times when it's truly called for it's there, but's just not forwardly present all the time. Back to the Taylor Swift's track, the bass there fills nicely without being overpowering. However with the A1 track, although the bass is tight, the sub-bass does feel somewhat lacking, therefore lacking the fun-factor too.


Soundstage and Imaging

The soundstage is decent. These days with the likes of FitEar MH335DW or Tralucent 1Plus2 with their supermassive soundstage, the average IEM's pale by comparison. Having said that, it doesn't sound congested by my standards at least. But not exactly super vast either. I feel it performs well amongst its peers. The imaging on the other hand is another forte of the RDB+ 2v1. This is more prevalent with album's such as "This is Chris Botti" with the live recordings.


Airy Presentation, Timbre, & Speed Response

I'm probably repeating the airy presentation again however this is one of the great features in addition to timbre that stick to my mind. String instruments such as violins or acoustic guitars, and percussions just sound so natural with this IEM. I feel they are presented crystal clear and accurate. The response of the IEM also sounds quite fast. Listening to Cher Lloyd's Sticks + Stones album, the tracks don't sound slow at all and keep up pretty well.



Overall to my ears, these IEMs are as what the maker has told me - accurate. To me they also sound mostly neutral of which I'd love to compare them to the UERM one day. They don't have a warm signature, nor are these bassy or hi-fi fun sounding IEMs and if a prospective buyer is looking for those kinds of signature, I'd have to politely recommend looking elsewhere. However if one is looking for a mostly neutral IEM, to my ears they're closer towards being the "monitor" styled signatures - at least tonally. Finally but not least for the price I paid, they are extremely great value for money.


Thanks anakchan.

neutral-flat with good fr balance w maybe slight dip in lower mids and upper bass and still wind noise problems you say?

looking forward to hearing it.

so the wind noise ... better than 1+2?
Interesting! If they could sound like a HD600 in-ear version, or even a HE500 / HE6 ...
To me the wind noise was the same as the 1+2 (based on my dodgy ageing memory!!). I don't think it made much of a difference with the bass port placed in front or on the side.
I've not really heard the HD600 or HE-series. I should give those a shot some time. My gut says I should actually compare it to my SR-009 however I've loaned my Stax gear to a friend since I'm gonna be in Oz for 3 weeks.
Ive tried some dynamic balanced armature IEMs before. To my surprise I can actually feel the ambiance that only headphones can give. 8mms might loose performance in certain frequencies but it is a disadvantage that BAs can solve and together they create a greater dimention i love to call bubble around ears
Thanks for the review AnakChan, I believe my pair of RDB+ here have a slight absence in the lower mids, though it doesn't effect the presentation, actually a fe things you described about the mid range and treble I can relate to with my RDB+ V1 pair, such as the timbre with violins and piano, airiness, Just the bass section rather sounds different. I'm not saying it's the same BA just I can relate to what you're describing.
An excellent review, I am also looking forward to hearing this. How would they compared against the 1Plus2?
H20, that is rather surprising. I would have expected the v2 to have more mids than the v1 that you have. It makes me particularly curious what the v1 sounds like now. Maybe I've misinterpreted the reviews you chaps have written. I'll have to re-read.

A1B, the 1Plus2 does win in most areas. The 1Plus2 in terms of individual factors and audiophile searches for wins in each of those areas technically. I know more recent reviews from others have disagreed with my thoughts but for me with my former 1Plus2, aside from the infamous sibilance, I had coherent issues too. The only logical explanation I can think of now is that the 1Plus2 tour had a much more burnt-in/bedded-in IEM whereas my 300 hr burnt-in pair wasn't enough.
Nice review now i cant wait for you comparison on the V1 ( since i ordered that one ) and now i know their sound signature is different im wandering what kind of cable will have a perfect synergy for them without losing too much of the mids
thanks AnakChan, nice review. i am curious how different sonically 2v1 is from v1? you mentioned 8mm driver instead of 10mm driver, i am not sure how much this can impact sonics?
however for the price it looks like RDB+ is great value when compared to more pricey IEMs like Tralucent. not to forget 1plus2 cost 1200$ which is more than twice RDB+ price... while i am not sure IF this price difference translates into performance difference one to one... hence paying less might be getting more.
i am still waiting for my RDB+ v1, will report my findings when getting them.
what i am curious is how RDB+ compares to HeirAudio similarly priced IEMs.
When I get the RDB+ v1 and after I've spent some time with it, I'd be happy to write something up. Having said that, I'm sure many who have heard the v1 will probably be part of the v2 tour so I'm sure they'll write something too.
Very interesting :)
have just visited their website and very interested in this tiny IEM :)) the customize option for color and faceplate is great <3
yep..and i am part of the tour of the v1 and v2.. =)
Forgive a newbie question, what is the DAP in the first 2 pics?
@AmberOzL: That would be the AK100. He actually had his modified to what is called the RWAK100 named after redwine the folks who did the modification. Please search for AK100 for more info.
Speaking of AK100 can you please let us know how the two paired together? thanks
@audionewbi, thanks man, I was looking for an audiophile level player but I didn't hear many good things about AK100. Unfortunately, removed from the list. The capacity and the black background is awesome though.
I've not had any issues pairing the RDB+ 2v1 with the RWAK100. Actually most of the review I wrote above was with the RWAK100 as the source. Occasionally I did try the other VentureCraft DD Socket 1 & Ortofon MHdQ-7. More particularly I found the MHd-Q7 has a nice 3D imaging which added to the RDB+ 2v1. I may consider coupling the RWAK100+MHd-Q7 for the RDB+ 2v1 after my holiday trip.
And that could be the reason, ehy you found the IEM lacking in bass.
The AK100 has too high impedance for a good bass response with IEMs.
Here paired with a Triple Fi 10 Pro:
@Kornasteniker, Yes that is true, except (and thanks for highlighting this as I've clearly left out the DAP used in the review), but I'm using the RWAK100, not AK100.
Oh, ok then! So you don't have something similar to compare the RDB+ 2v1 with?