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Not too sure.

A Review On: Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1

Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1

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Pros: Extended and ample sub-bass, detailed and somewhat forward lower mids, better vent isolation and ergonomics

Cons: Questionable highs - could go very wrong for some people

I'd like to thank Rhapsodio for sending the 2v1 our way for a tour, along with the Shozy amp. Australia isn't exactly a hot electronics place biggrin.gif

First off - Rhapsodio is a young IEM company from HK. They sell Custom and Universal IEMs and lots of cables, and some DIY amps.
You can read more on their site and Facebook
While I haven't bought their products yet and only tried their review samples, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Charles from Rhapsodio if you have any questions. He's a nice guy and I've had no problems communicating with him over email.

2v1 is a TWFK + 8mm dynamic driver IEM (2 balanced armature + 1 dynamic). I'd say the TWFK is either a different model or is wired differently to the RDB+v1.

The gear is similar to what I used in the RDB+v1 review (MD30, JDS O2, Clip+, Cowon D2)

I've burned the PX-M1 amp and the 2v1 for about 200h now.

I liked RDB+ v1 a lot. I'll probably buy one soon when someone posts some impressions of the new small vent model biggrin.gif (see the v1 thread and facebook for the pic with the vent near the socket. ) (unless AnakChan's was it - re wind noise.) Or who knows, maybe I'll hold out until their 4 or 8BA they've announced they're demoing in their HK shop smily_headphones1.gif (if they can make an occlusion vent for it - think tube going from the sound tubes to the outer shell, sort of like the bass port except for equalizing the pressure for the sealed BAs)

I'm not entirely sure if the tuning of the 2v1 I have and Anakchan's one is the same. The vent looks to be a different diameter, and the cables are obviously different. Rhapsodio say he has a cheaper dimmer sounding cable (perhaps that's why he find 2v1 to be neutral).

Some pics

sorry for the flash dark out of focus pics
2v1 has a lot of positive qualities.

The vent is tiny and near the socket (at first I didn't even notice it was there), I doubt it'll be a problem for wind. (I didn't use them much outside this time but on the days that I was outside there weren't any problems). At the same time the vent equalizes the pressure between the

I find the universal mold used for 2v1 a lot more comfortable and a better fit in general vs v1(stays in the ears without memory wires well, seals and isolates better). It's probably the most comfortable universal mold acrylic IEM I've used.

The shure type sockets seem to be a good practical idea - Can't really comment on the long term use, but they look less prone to cracking or misuse from pin issues. As always - Rhapsodio can make you cable in dozens of different designs - wire material, splicing, sheathed, insulation, plugs, etc.

I had a bit of trouble describing the sound bit by bit.
I'd describe the overall sound as thumping low end, with relatively forward mids and extremely hot portion of the upper mids and treble. (I'm not the biggest fan of the latter)

Let's go bit by bit:

The sub-bass is there. A lot of it. It's thoroughly enjoyable (dance, hip-hop, some metal) (especially if your amp has no bass roll-off biggrin.gif). I still think 2v1 is sub-bass forward smily_headphones1.gif rather than neutral. (in a nice way). Not as insanely impactful as RDB+ or T-PEOS H-200
I couldn't hear any mid bass bloat. I don't think the bass would get too much for many people, at least for me treble volume limited the max comfortable listening volume.

The lower mids seem fuller than V1 but I heard v1 a while ago. The mids lower mids detail and amount are very nice.

Overall for the low end + mid it sounds not dissimilar to Merlin, but Merlin is a bit more.... Lush?

The very top of mids and treble is where I had some problems with RDB+2v1.
I listen to a lot of metal and some of it is slightly prone to sibilance (or rather prominent T and S sounds) or likewise - some mastering is extra happy on high hats and cymbals.

For RDB+v1 - it had a bit of snap on the cymbals and hats and that was pleasant and impactful/synergetic with the bass snap impact quality. There weren't really any problems on those tracks though. RDB+2v1 is different and not pleasant for me.

Generally neither harsh treble nor S or T sounds are a problem on my H-200 or Melin for those tracks either. (on H-200 you definitely wouldn't hear it since the entire area is a notch biggrin.gif ). For 2v1 it sounds like there's excess 4-10k treble energy (which I guess is also visible in the FR chart courageously posted by Rhapsodio) and about 1/5th of my songs are either unpleasant, fatiguing or unlistenable due to treble general harshness, sharp T or S sounds or (various metal, rock, hip-hop, electronic. Classical is ok). Subsequently, soundstage sounds extremely odd to me.

Below is an eq sample of what makes it better for me in AIMP3 music player for most songs (not too sure how wide those are, I think it gets wider the higher we get - the notches are -3, -4.5, -3, -1.5). (edit on second thought I'd probably -2 at 4khz as well) And since my ears hurt after listening to 2v1 a bit louder treble wise than I should've just now, I'm probably overcompensating a bit. When I left them to play in I could distinctly hear sharp treble a few meters away for several particularly 'well' suited and mastered songs.

Tips, cable, etc?
I've tired it straight out of the Clip+, D2, amped with JDS O2, Amped with Shozy PX-M1, mostly that didn't help the treble harshness and some made it worse. Likewise, tips (silicon, hybrid, comply foam) or cables didn't seem to make a difference. (the seal is fine)

I suppose, if you listen rather quietly, you may well enjoy it more and find it more neutral, but if you like to listen fairly loudly, perhaps 2v1 are not what you're looking for. (or you might have to treble shelf them, but even that left some treble harshness I could take out with EQ for some reason). or someone can recommend a matching gear set.

I'd like to really hear some further impressions from other Australian tour participants (and of course the US tour smily_headphones1.gif ), since my opinion or musical preferences/hearing aren't authoritative biggrin.gif. Personally I think you should try Rhapsodio's RDB+v1 instead. or maybe T-PEOS H-200 biggrin.gif

As always I look forward to seeing Rhapsodio's future products, if we get the opportunity to again in Australia biggrin.gif


ps that otter box requires inhuman finger strength to open.
Yeah lol. I have an otterbox and when I first got it, I literally spent 20 minutes trying to pry it open.
on the positive side - it must be 'pretty waterproof ' . second and third times take only about 10 seconds each and wondering if I'll break my finger or nails.
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