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An Introduction to the Fostex House Sound

A Review On: Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

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Thanks for the review AnakChan!
Nice to see some comparison.
The music choices was pretty dull but that really don't matter. At least there wasen't some Diana Krall in that list ;)
Great review! Really looking forward to the TH600s :)
Thanks for the review! Making my headphone flagship portable rig setup much easier to choose.
what's the price for these?
Nice review Anakchan. MSRP¥84000 for these. Fostex finally shored up a glaring weakness in their lineup, the mid-upper category. The jump from T50 to TH900 was an Evil Knievel type jump soundwise and pricewise,so these cans are right on time. The TH600 definitely captures the essence of the "Fostex Hi-End Sound". Had a chance to listen to Bjork-Hyperballad( great bass extension ), Massive Attack- Angel ( delivered on that nice earth-shaking low-end rumble during the intro ) Submerse-Tears ( highs were clear without the brightness ). For what they are(not the TH900s), I really enjoyed them. If you're considering the Edition 8s, T1-T5s, ATH woodies(except 3000anv),D7000s, these are definitely worth a look.
84000 yen to AUD = $874.00 No thanks.
thanks for the impressions. Are the earpads real leather?
My guess is tat they do not use real leather as TH900 earpads are made of "protein leather", whatever that means...
Protein leather is made of eggshell extract. So not completely artificial, but definitely not the skin of an animal.
And much softer, and breathes easier, and lighter, and doesn't decay, and doesn't kill animals. Protien leather is much better than real or synthetic leather. I wish it was used more often.
On-topic: Really excited about the TH-600, just wish it was a little more in my price range...
is there any freq response graph for these?
Get well soon Anak.....hmmm...my d7000 is in the balance, if a TH-750 surfaced with wooden cups..:P
Great review anakchan. Have you ever heard the D7000? Keen to know how they compare.
Did you or Bootsy1 use any other headphone amplifiers than the pictured Fostex HP-P1? I wouldn't be surprised if a well suited desktop headphone amplifier does a better job.
I know by own experience that my Denon AH-D7000 does very well with my Grace Design m903. Others have reported the same with Denon AH-D7000/5000 + Grace Design m903/m902 (see appropriate threads). I wouldn't be surprised if Grace Design m903/2 do well with Fostex TH-x00 as well.
Your SigPros sounded grainy? just goes to show Ultrasone QA at its best :/
That said; my pair is perfect, no hint of any grain, i used to think they were too sibilant till i found out it was just bad recordings, some reports of them being too forgiving.
I auditioned a TH900 a while ago and I found the soundstage to be medium, on par with the SigPro
thanks for the review
Great review! Thanks for sharing
nice review.. really wanna try those
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