Favourite headphones for outdoor use , great ear muffs for the cold winters of Norway

A Review On: AKG K551 Closed-Back Reference Class Headset with Mic (Black/Silver)

AKG K551 Closed-Back Reference Class Headset with Mic (Black/Silver)

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Pros: Audio quality, comfort, short cable for outdoors, sound control on cable, powerful enough for iphone and ipods, no excessive bass

Cons: If you don't like the Princess Leia look also not suitable for cycling because of safety helmets issue

Built for outdoor use like jogging and walking because of the shortness of the cable and the remote volume control. I enjoyed listening to classical music, folk, rock music with it. Sounds were rich and well balanced, highly differentiated but with  no overpowering bass.


The head phones do justice to Noah and the Whale's music for their complex string orchestra and rock music mix.


Great jogging companion. Some dispute that the grip is too loose and falls off from jogging movements. Mine stayed well on my head and were extremely comfortable. I guess we all have different head sizes and shapes. To see if these headphones fit your jogging lifestyle, the only way to find out is try them on for size and go jogging.



If you like the  Princess Leia look, then it is a bonus for you to put on one of these pairs of sweet babies.


They are excellent ear muffs for the cold winters of Norway.


I prefer it to Senheisser's momentum because of a better sound.


Unfortunately, one cannot cycle with it because of helmet issues


 It ain't good for jogging at all. It has a really weak clamping force that makes it fall off of your head really easily. I wouldn't even think about it if it were for mere walking.