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Music addict...

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Open-source Software, Moutaineering , acting

Headphone Inventory


Sennheiser HD800 modded with "SuperDupont Resonator"
Sennheiser HE60
Kennerton Vali
Stax SR202

Owned or Known or reviewed (experienced during long periods of loan)

AKG K311
AKG K501
AKG K242 "Sextett"
AKG K240 Monitor
AKG K812
Audio-Technica W3000 ANV
Audeze LCD-X (2016 Drivers)
Beyerdynamic DT880
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T90
Blox M2C
Brainwavz B2
Custom Art Music two
Dasetn MX760
Enigmacoustics Dharma D1000
Earsonics SM64
Etymotic ER4p/s
Focal Elear
Focal Utopia
Focal Spirit One
Focal Spirit Classic
Focal Spirit Professionnal
Fostex TH7B
Fischer dba02
Fischer-amp FA-4E XB
Grado RS2
Grado SR80i
Hifiman RE-400
Hifiman HE400
Hifiman HE5LE
Hifiman HE6
Hifiman HE1000
Jays A-jays
Jays V-jays
Kennerton Odin
Kennerton Vali
Koss DJ100
Koss Porta Pro
Koss UR40
Koss ESP950
Musical fidelity EB-50
NAD Visio HP50
Phillips Fidelio M1
Phillips Fidelio X1
Rockit R50
Sennheiser HD580
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD800S
Shure SE215
Shure SE535
Sony MA-900
Stax SR007 mkII "Spritzer mod"
Stax SR Lambda Normal Bias
Stax SR-507
Stax SR-404
Stax SR-303
Takstar HI-2050
Ultrasone HFI-2400
Ultrasone Signature pro
Ultrasone Edition 12
Ultrasone performance 840
Ultrasone performance 860
Ultrasone performance 880
Vsonic GR07 MKII
Vsonic GR07 Classic
Westone UM2
ZMF Vibro X

Headphone Amp Inventory

Currently: Jdslabs O2, DNA Stratus, SRX+ DIY electrostatic amplfier.

Sold/Broken/Lost/known :

DNA Sonett 2
Meier Corda Jazz
Meier Corda Concerto
Audio-GD NFB12.1
Audio GD HE-9
Schiit Vali
Schitt Vali 2
Antique Sound Labs MG head DT/OTL
Ibasso D42
Ibasso Dzero mkI & mkII
Fiio E07k/E09k
Musical Fidelity Vcan I
Chord Hugo
Lake People G103
Stax SRM1/MK2
Beresford Capella
Stax SRD 7
Stax SRM-T1
Tsankov ATL-03mk2
Krell KSA5 Klone

Source Inventory

Currently : Schiit Yggdrasil, Theta Chroma 396, Geek Out V2, Hifimediy U2 Sabre, Sansa clip zip.


Theta DS pro Gen Va
TotalDAC A1
Aune T1
Musical Fidelity Dacmagic
HRT Microstreamer
Sony F806
Sony F886
Audio-GD NFB12.1
Ibasso Dzero mkI and mkII
Ibasso D42
Hifimediy Tiny
jdslabs ODAC
Beresford Bushmaster mkII
Beresford Caïman mkII
Schiit Modi
Chord Hugo
Metrum Octave mkI
Metrum OCtave mkII
Meier Corda DACCORD

Music Preferences

Mainly Jazz , Electronic music and classical but I really listen to everything.

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