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Michigan, USA

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About Me:

A geek by every metric of the word. Vintage headphone nut, music lover, and furfag. Call me Tak.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Vintage headphones

What I do for a living:

Woo, unemployed. Trying to find a job locally. Not going very well.

Headphone Inventory


--Apple iBuds
--Audatron SH-608R (modded)
--Audio Technica ATH-6D (modded)
--Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version)
--Dingoo A320 earbuds
--Echo TDS-16 (Smela version)
--KOSS K/6X Plus
--KOSS PRO/4AAA (heavily modded)
--Philips N6330 (AKG K240 Sextett OEM) (<333)
--Pioneer Monitor 10 (<3)
--Pioneer Monitor 10-II
--Pioneer SE-300 (modded)
--Pioneer SE-500 (modded) (<3)
--Sony DR-Z7 (<333)
--Sony MDR-605 (modded) (<333)
--Sterling TE-400 (<333)


x-Audio-Technica ATH-6 (needs new strut/yoke)
x-KOSS Reference One (needs extensive repair)
x-Pioneer SE-700 (needs new drivers and cable)
x-Sony DR-9 (problem with left crossover)
x-Sony DR-M5 (needs a new driver)
x-Sony DR-Z6 (one driver needs repair)



--AKG K240 Studio
--Audatron SH-608R
--Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
--Apple EarPods
--Bang & Olufsen U70 (modded) (bought for a friend)
--Beyerdynamic DT1350
--Echo TDS-16 (Smela version)
--Fostex T50RP (bought for friend)
--Fostex TH600
--Monoprice 8320 IEMs (lost)
--NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM)
--Numark HV-215v
--Pioneer SE-6
--"Pioneer SE-700RP", T50RP drivers in an SE-700 shell
--Sansui SS-20
--Sony DR-S7
--Sony DR-Z5
--Sony MDR-CD280 (given away)
--Sony MDR-CD180 (given away)
--Sony MDR-SA3000
--Stanton Dynaphase Sixty
--STAX SR-X MKIII (bought for a friend for Christmas)
--Yamaha YH-1 (stock)



--Akai ASE-24 (<3)
--Akai ASE-40
--Akai ASE-45
--Akai ASE-50 (<3)
--AKG K1
--AKG K4
--AKG K141
--AKG K145
--AKG K240 Sextett
--AKG K240 DF
--AKG K340
--AKG K500
--AKG K1000 (<333)
--Beyerdynamic DT440
--Beyerdynamic DT48 S (<3)
--Beyerdynamic DT880 S (vintage variety) (<333)
--Beyerdynamic ET1000
--Denon AH-D6 (<3)
--ESS Mark 1 (AMT) (<3)
--Fostex TH900
--Fostex T30 (<3)
--Pioneer Monitor 7 (<3)
--Pioneer SE-650
--Pioneer SE-1000 (<333)
--Rotel RH-930
--Sansui SH-15
--Sansui SS-80
--Sansui SS-100 (<333)
--Sony DR-6A
--Sony DR-15 (<3)
--Sony DR-M7
--Sony DR-6M
--Sony DR-11
--Sony ECR-500 (<3)
--Sony ECR-800 (<3)
--Sony MDR-CD999/Denon AH-D950
--Sony MDR-e282
--Sony MDR-CD5/CD7
--Sony MDR-SA5000
--Sony MDR-R10 (<333)
--Sony Qualia 010 MDR-1
--Stax SR-Omega (<333)
--Toshiba HR-810
--Toshiba HR-910 (<333)
--Yamaha YHD-1
--Yamaha YH-5m (<3)
--Yamaha YH-100
--Yamaha YH-1000 (<333)


Heard (all-inclusive ranked list) (last updated 12/27/13):

?: Sennheiser HD800 (Anaxilus mod v2) (Poorly amped; need to relisten)

1: Sony DR-Z7
2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II
3: Fostex TH600
4: Pioneer Monitor 10
5: Sony DR-Z6
6: Sennheiser HD800 (stock)
7: Audio-Technica ATH-6D (modded)
8: STAX SR-X MKIII (DISREGARD: defective energizer)
9: NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM)
10: Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
11: Sony MDR-CD1700
12: Pioneer SE-500 (modded)
13: Echo TDS-16 Smela
14: Yamaha YH-1 (stock)
15: Sony MDR-605 (modded)
16: KOSS PRO/4AAA (modded)
17: Grado RS2i
18: KOSS PRO/DJ200
19: Pioneer HDJ2000
20: Sennheiser HD600
21: Pioneer SE-300 (modded)
23: Pioneer SE-6
24: Pioneer SE-300 (stock)
25: Sony DR-M5
26: V-MODA M-80
27: KOSS PRO/4AAA (stock)
28: KOSS Reference One
29: Audio Technica ATH-6D (stock)
30: Skullcandy Aviators
31: Sony MDR-X10
32: Klipsch Image ONE
33: Beyerdynamic DT1350
34: Sony DR-Z5
35: Pioneer SE-700
36: Sansui SS-20
37: Pioneer SE-500 (stock)
39: Monoprice 8320 IEMs
40: Sony MDR-CD280
41: Sony MDR-CD180
42: Sennheiser HD380 Pro
43: KOSS PRO/4AAA Plus
44: KOSS K/6x Plus
45: Sennheiser HD280 Pro
46: Apple Earpods
47: Beats Pro == Beats Mixr
49: Fostex T50RP (stock)
50: Skullcandy Hesh
51: AKG K240 Studio
52: Audatron SH-608R (modded)
53: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version)
54: Numark HV-215v
55: Sony MDR-605 (stock)
56: Sony MDR-XB500
57: Sony MDR-SA3000
58: Skullcandy Fix
59: Skullcandy Skullcrushers
60: Apple iBuds
61: Audio-Technica ATH-6
62: All other models of Beats
63: Bang & Olufsen U70 (again, bought for a friend)
64: Audatron SH-608R (stock)
65: KOSS K/6A
66: Feces
67: Beats Tour

Headphone Amp Inventory


--Audio Technica ATH-80 energizer
--AudioQuest Dragonfly
--FiiO E7
--Schitt Asgard v1

--Akai AM-U1
--Lehmann BCL [A1 Clone]
--Objective 2
--Violectric V200

Source Inventory


--Desktop (Custom, see below)
--Droid A855
--FiiO E7
--FiiO D03k
--iPhone 3G
--iPod Nano (4th gen)
--Laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad P500)
--Open Pandora Rebirth Edition
--Samsung Galaxy Note II

--AudioQuest Dragonfly
--Laptop (Gateway NV55S -- you will be missed, old friend.)

--ObjectiveDAC (standalone)
--Sansa Clip+

Cable Inventory

Grado Mini Adapter Cable (Lost; you'll be missed dearly little guy)
Custom 8-strand HPS (high purity silver) cable, hand braided, for my DR-Z6

Other Audio Equipment

Speaker stuff:


--OG-5050 "Power Woofer" desktop speaker system. Decent sound, but not amazing.
--Panasonic SE-3510 Stereo Receiver. Has turntable and cassette deck.
--Zenith ??? receiver. Missing model number. Has turntable and 8-track player.


--Pioneer JB-21

Audio-Related Tweaks

My Pioneer SE-500 has been converted from open to closed-back.
-- Better imaging, better treble
-- Less distant sounstage
-- Better isolation
-- Extremely musical and involving

My Audatron SH-608Rs have had damping and earpad modifications. The drivers were also lifted off the baffle and suspended away from the ear.
-- Opened up soundstage, made sound airy and light
-- Fixed boomy and peaky mids
-- Sound is no longer suffocating and oxygen-deprived
-- Still sounds bad :(

My KOSS Pro/4AAA has had damping modifications. I also cut holes in the earcups to make it open-backed, gave it new pads, completely rewired it and added 3.5mm detachable cables to each side.
--Removed an annoying echo that was interfering with the soundstage
--Evened out the frequency response
--Removed a slight bloom on the low end
--Possibly a slight increase in treble

My Audio-Technica ATH-6D has had additional damping added to the headphone.
--Went from a nebulous cloud of bass fart to a crisp, balanced, detailed sound signature
--A bit of a treble peak was introduced, working on quelling that

Music Preferences

Virtually all genres. Classical, Jazz, Swing, Soul, Orchestral, EBM, EDM, Hip-Hop, Eurobeat, Hardstyle, Breakcore, Metal, Melodic Metal, Rock, Techno, Electronica, Ambient, Industrial, Dark Electro, Glitch Hop, Harsh, Psytrance, Darkwave, Video game, Dubstep...

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Sony PSP-1001 w/ Extended life battery
Running 6.20 PRO-B10 CFW
Sony PSP-3001
Running 6.35 PRO-B5 CFW
HP 620LX PocketPC
OpenPandora Rebirth Edition
My desktop setup:

Intel Core i7 2600 Quad-Core @ 3.4GHz
ASUS P8H67-V Motherboard
MSi Cyclone GTX-550 Ti (OC edition)

Primarily used for emulating Wii games in 1080p

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