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Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Soaring with raptors

What I do for a living:

Work hard to play harder.

Headphone Inventory

Transplants Mod Pictorials:

Amfiton TDS-15 - Transplanted into Takstar HI-2050 foster fone -

KODA - Repaired, completely re-built, and returned to owner with vastly improved SQ
http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/o... T50RP DBV #3

Fostex T20RP mk2 Transplanted into 'Armaegis' copper painted cups: "CopperHeads"

Yamaha HP-50A Re-cable and modification http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/o...#post_10359028

Yamaha HP-50A - Modification - Completed:
http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/o... See Post #22599

NAD RP-18 (Mylar) Repaired, re-cabled, and re-modified - Returned to owner:

Yamaha YH-1 to Sennheiser HD-600 Transplant - Completed and returned to owner:
http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/o...#post_10402626 See Post #22626

Yamaha YHD-1 to Fostex T10 Transplant Completed - Returned to owner:
http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/o...#post_10387588 See Post #22601

Yamaha YH-1 Modification Completed:
See Post #22634

Planar Magnetic:

Audeze LCD 2v1
Amfiton TDS-5M - Modified
Amfiton TDS-7 - Modified with new pads and cables
Amfiton TDS-15 - Grey, NOS, Great Condition. Gifted
Amfiton TDS -15 - Black, NOS Perfect Condition
Amfiton TDS - 16 (Kiev and Smela versions - 5)
Amfiton TDS-16 (Kiev) - Perfect. 5-pin DIN to TRS - adapter found!
Amfiton TDS-N25 (3) - Retrofitted with current diaphragms and Neo magnets.Perfect and sound great
Audio Technica 705 (NOS) - Need to re-terminate.
Fostex T50RP DBV #3
Fostex T50RP "Radical Russian Roullete" Mod (3 sets in various stages of tuning)
Fostex T40RP DBV #3 variation
Fostex T20RP Mk2 DBV #3 variation
Fostex T40RP mk2 Grodan Rock Wool Mod
Fostex T20RP mk2 Grodan Rock Wool Mod
Fostex T20RP mk2 Paxmate Crosshatch Mod
Fostex T20RP mk2 stock (2)
Fostex T20 v2 stock
Fostex T20 v2 modded
Fostex T10 modded - Beautiful build quality and modified, sounds great
Fostex T10 - awaiting modification
Fostex T10 - For repair of one driver
Fostex T10 - Being modified
Fostex T10 - Gifted 2 sets
Fostex T10 - For repair
SFI 32 and SFI 125 ohm awaiting transplanting and modding
Victor HP-D30 - awaiting modification
Watson Model 930 in trade for Fostex T10- awaiting modification
Yamaha HP-1 - one driver being repaired, otherwise in pristine condition
All Mods Above Are Reversible*

Smeggy Thunderpants TP1 "Double Dragons" Engraved Wood Headphones - Beautiful artwork.


Pioneer SE-700
Pioneer SE-500


Pioneer SE-405 - future foster fone - gifted
Pioneer SE-L401
Pioneer SE-255
Pioneer SE-2
Takstar HI-2050 - odd sound quality, served as foster fone for Amfiton TDS-15 transplant
Koss UR40 - future foster fone
ATH-ESW9 - Chinese "Knock-offs" - foster fone for SFI bipolar 32 ohm - both gifted
Panasonic RP-HT227 - foster fone for SFI bipolar 120 ohm


Shure SE535
Etymotic ER4P/S - Excellent with Knowles impedance filters for less treble and more relative bass:
http://www.knowles.com/search/pro... /> Etymotic MC5 - NIB (5)
PADACS PD114 Aksent High Definition In Ear Earphones - NIB
MElectronics A151 BK - NIB
Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 - NIB
Shure SE425 - Gifted
Monster Turbine - "Boomy Bass Bloat" (BBB) - Gifted
MEElectronics CW31 - NIB
MEElectronics A151P - NIB
MEElectronics A161P - NIB
Panasonic RP-HC55 Noise Canceling - NIB
TDK MT300 - NIB - Gifted
Phiaton PS-20 NC - NIB


Sennheiser HDR-180 + extra HDR-180 headset
Sennhesier HDR-170
Sennheiser HDR-160

Headphones Currently Auditioning, Repairing, and/or Modifying - all in-house for comparisons:

Sennheiser HD-800 - stock with Stefan AudioArts VOICE balanced hardwired cable
HiFi Man HE-6 - stock with A Pure Sound balanced cable
Yamaha YH-1000 - stock, perfect, no corrosion (2)
Fostex T50v1 - stock - Returned to owner
Sansui SS-100 - stock
NAD RP-18 (Kapton) - stock- returned to owner
Wharfdale ID1 - stock - awaiting repairing and re-modding
Wharfdale ID1 - modified by others (2)
Yamaha YH-100 - stock
Yamaha YH-100 - Modification - Completed
Yamaha YH-100 - modified by someone else
Yamaha YH-100 - modified by others, currently being repaired
Yamaha HP-1 - stock- Returned to owner
Yamaha HP-1 - Modification - Completed - Returned to owner
Yamaha HP-2 - stock - Modification - Completed - Returned to owner
Yamaha YHD-1 (2 sets) - stock - One for modification, One transplanted into Fostex T-10
ATH W1000X - Modified - Re-modification complete and returned to owner
ATH W3000anv - Stock - Modified and returned to owner
Canton KE-600 - stock - Modification = No joy. Stock is best.
Aiwa HP-500 - Repairs and modification finished.
Vixen PS1000 - Perfect - Not touching this one
Grado PS1000 - Arrived - Wonderful
Grado PS1000 - Moon Audio Silver Dragon Factory Installed cable - Arrived...More Wonderful.
Darth Beyer Deep Wood Cups - Blown driver replaced and tried many pads. Beyer Leathers sound best...still, they are DARK.
Sony DR-Z7 - Returned to owner.

Headphone Amp Inventory

CEntrance DACmini with 1-Ohm Output Impedance Mod
CEntrance HiFi M8 Portable DAC/Amp
Project Sunrise II
Project Starlight - on loan/auditioned. Returned to Jeremy.
Project Ember - Has enough power to drive HE-6 to 90-95 dB without clipping. Auto Bias and Auto Voltage setting circuits are very nice features.
Emotiva Mini a-100 - Modified by me: http://www.head-fi.org/t/629352/h...
Inbound: HeadAmp GS-X
Custom "Active Filter" for T50/40/20RP designed by Frans to smooth out the FR and built by Jeremy of garage1217<.>com ... Got it...Like it.

O2 + ODAC from JDSLabs - gifted
Magni + Modi - gifted

Source Inventory

Denon 3800BDCI
MacBook Pro
iMac 27"
Technics SL1210-MK2
iPhone 4S
Sansa Clip Zip+

Cable Inventory

Stock cables
Glass optical

Stefan AudioArts VOICE Balanced and with SE adapter
A Pure Sound Balanced and with SE adapter

Other Audio Equipment

McIntosh MX136, McIntosh MC402, McIntosh MC205, Rotel RSX1058, B&W 803S, B&W 804S, B&W 805S, B&W 705, B&W ASW700, B&W HTM7, B&W HTM61, B&W CM Center, B&W HTM2, B&W LM-1, B&W Zeppelin, B&W MM-1, Panasonic 58PZ850U, Samsung LN40A630, Panasonic DMP BD55, Marantz SR 5004, AudioQuest balanced Columbia IC (5), AudioQuest RCA Columbia IC (5), AudioQuest Diamonback IC(5), AudioQuest Mont Blanc, AudioQuest Rockefeller

Audio-Related Tweaks

Headphone FR measurements:

DIY Phantom Power Supply built according to 'solderdude' schematic = $10 and has lower noise floor than my others.
DIY Electret Capsule Microphones: POM 3535L-3-R and Panasonic WM61-A mounted on Etymotic triflange tips.

iWow 3D iphone adapter and software for iTunes and MacBook Pro
Wanted: JRiver for Mac so I can use TB Isone

Music Preferences

Straight-ahead jazz, female jazz vocals, Indie, Alternative, World, Classical, Chill: Patricia Barber (!), Diana Krall, Chet Baker, Monk, Miles, Marcus Roberts, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Stan Getz, Wynton Marsalis, Ellis Marsalis, Chris Thile and The Punch Brothers (!), Gorillaz, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Lissie, Astrud Gilberto, Ivan Lins, Pat Metheny, John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Florence and the Machine, Imogen Heap, Dub Colossus, Nora Jones, Charlie Hunter, Cake, Weezer, Talking Heads, Muse, Coldplay, Cowboy Junkies, Grindhouse, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, and so many more wonderful music makers.

Interests (non-headphone)

Hang Gliding
Soap Making
Beer Making
Whitewater Kayaking
Snow skiing

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

GoPro Hero 2
Flytec 6030 Variometer
Yaesu Ham Radio

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