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Aiwa earbuds-a pleasant surprise

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This is not a review, just posting some impressions.
Yesterday while at local electronics store in Berlin (Saturn) I picked a pair of Aiwa V400 earbuds. Costed me 20 Euro.
I should say I am very pleasantly surprised by these buds. I compared them to Sennheiser MX500 and Sony 888 and for certain types of music I like them even better than the Sonys. Aiwa has put an air filled silicone rubber ring around the buds, for better seal and bass and it works. There is no need for foamies. Depending on the fit, as with other rubber seals the bass can range from weakish to very strong almost boomy, but if you get it right it is deep and reasonably tight. The mids are a bit colder than on MX500 and not as liquid as on the 888s but not recessed. The highs are in IMO the strongest point of the Aiwa, very detailled yet smooth, better than either Senn or the Sony.
All in all not half bad for 20 euro.

PS: I also spotted some Aiwa CD portables while there which looked interesting, swithcable linear shock protection etc... Will post more when I have a chance to look at them for a longer time
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I agree. Before I had my current rig, I used Aiwas out of my portable.
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yeah me too, i have the aiwa with the silicon rubber thingy, they sound great but i blew the right side i think. they sound thier best when the silicon gets a very good seal where no air can leak out, i find that, that is when the sound is fuller and bass increases a good deal. They sound even better you press the bud down toward the bottom of the ear, i think it just directs the sound better to the ear drum when you press down on it.
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I remember some time ago on HeadWize the Aiwa 16n series were highly regarded. This was before the MX 500 was released. The ones I got are from a new series. They´`re bigger than the old V16n ones.
After more listening I should say that I certainly like them more than MX 500. The sound is clearer and more detailled. For some warmer recordings they even sound better than MDR 888. To me they´re simply the new best cheap earbud. Yet another thing is that they don´t need foamies. For me this is a plus since my ears don´t like the foam for long listening.
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is that v400 uk only??
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In fact, I discarded the package (as smart as I am) and don´t remember the full model number. It´s not written on the buds. Earlier today I checked the Aiwa website but mine don´t appear to be listed there. Anyway I´ll check in the store to give you the exact model # if you want.
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i have one of the older ones cuz i bought mine like a year ago. I too lost my case and the package but all i know is that its old and i got it around 15USD.
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aiwa buds

About 4 yrs. ago I got these when they first came out with the silicon cushion. I don't remember the model # but they are black rather long with gold trim. At the time I thought they were better than most mid priced earbuds. I paid about $20. for them.
I bet they would sound better than the the SEN. mx series especially the high end.
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Does the silicon cushion provide any sound isolation?

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I just saw the VX100 (http://www.aiwa.co.jp/products/acces...p-vx100_e.html). They look much like Sony EX70. I wonder if they provide the same noise isolation. They should be around 20-30 EUR.

It seems to come with a short cord to plug them in MD remote and with an extension ...

Did anyone heard them?

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Re: blr

Originally posted by LTUCCI1924
HI: Are these awai ear buds very big? Like 16 or 17 mm? The size of the senn. mx500?
The buds are actually quite big. The driver alone is listed as 15 mm if I remember correctly.
However, I modified mine removing the silicone covering entirely and putting foamies. The silicon was not sitting firmly in my eares and was quite microphonic as well. Foam is a bit irritating to my ears but at least they fit firmly now. The best thing however is that the sound of these modded Aiwas is amazing. Honestly, my MDR 888 are in the cupboard now and they will not see much use as long as I have the Aiwas, what an amazing value.
If ther is n interest I can post details on the mod and the sound.
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Mine are part of a newer line of Aiwa buds. The model reads something like ED 400. They are the second from the top the top model being the 500s which are basically the same thing but with volume control. Strangely these are not listed on Aiwa site. Perhaps the site has not been upgraded for ages.
The mod I performed is basically removing the silicone caps. This is done by pulling them carefully from the drivers. Note that this is pretty much irreversible. Once you remove them it is impossible to put them back the same way. Any how I never regreted removing them.Underneath you can see the plain plastic housing and the metal (yes it is made of metal) grill covering the drivers. Then I put foamies on and immediately noticed the great sound. Deep bass, smooth mids and sparkling treble. Thesae have the most detail of any buds I´ve heard so far (haven´t heard the Etys though). However, the fit was still not perfect, especially when walking, they´d get loose and this would affect the sound. I then decided to mode them in order to make them bigger and with better fit. I noticed that the sony shape (or what Sony calls a silent cap) fits not bad if not too big. I did something similar. Put a layer of tape cut to the width of the buds outside and glued a thin rubber plate between 9 and 12 o cloock on the circumference of the buds. Thus, if you look at them from aside they´re not circular anymore. Then I put another layer of tape on top and thze foamies on.
The result, simply the best buds I own (and I own MDR 888, Ed 268 EX 70 and MX 500). If I have to characterize them in one word it would be impactful, punchy bass and clear highs, reminds me of the Grado sound. IMO the only area 888s can be better is soundstage. the moded Aiwas do not sound as spacious, but I am more than ready to make this trade off.
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